June 21, 2016

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing this letter to you because there are a couple of issues that concern me and wish for these issues to have a solution. One issue that leaves an impact in my life is minimum wage. I come from a city where there is a lot of diversity and poverty and raising the minimum wage will bring a lift to millions of people out of poverty not just in my community. Raising the minimum wage will mean higher earnings for people which means that poor people will have more money to spend on basic everyday needs and will help sustain them economically. Not only will raising the minimum wage will benefit working class people but, it will also benefit businesses because the demand on products will increase meaning businesses will be able to profit more making the economy better.

Another issue that affects me and other people of color is Police Brutality. During the past 20 years, police officers have been aggressive against people of color and some of those people who were victims of police brutality did not get justice. Some may say that police brutality arises from misconduct but in reality it is the authorities themselves that take advantage over the power they have as police officers. Lastly, the main issue that concerns me the most is the fact that there is a lot of kidnappings and murders happening in various parts of Mexico that leave many families in mexico in fear. I believe that you should work with the country of Mexico  to have more patrolling officers in places where there is the most kidnappings and murders. In my life, I worry because I have family in Mexico and knowing that in some part a lot of these things happen.


Miguel Junior Hurtado-Gonzalez


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