Dear, Mr/Mrs. President

Immigration has been a problem for quite a while and it really needs to be looked into more than it is. I don’t get why mostly every person thinks that those coming into the U.S without documented papers are bad people. Majority of the people come to this country to get a better life because the life they had in their home country was probably not very well or they were just treated bad. I am saying this because of experience and for the reason my parents came to this country. My parents are hard workers and they have been telling us since little kids to go college so we don’t have to go through what they went through. College has been a priority to get done for my siblings and I. I have two brothers and two sisters. All of us were born in Mexico except for one sister.  We became citizens of the U.S and now have been living here for around twelve years. We pay taxes and are going to vote as well.

Just because you are from a foreign country doesn’t mean you are a bad person and just came to cause bad things in the U.S. All the people here should be granted amnesty instead of being deported back to their home country. I can see why immigrants get bad things said about them. Those that are illegal don’t have to pay taxes and supposedly take social services for granted. Many people say that they are using up their tax dollars on something that should be stopped and that is using it for the health care and other social services for the rest of the people in the country. Yet I’m pretty sure if all the immigrants here in the United States were granted citizenship, they would have no problem of paying taxes and then registering to vote and do any kind of civic duties any other citizen would.

Another reason why many say immigrants are no good for the country and all that is because supposedly they are taking “the whites” jobs, but nobody was really born into their job. You have to work to get to where you are or going to be. Immigrants start businesses, start businesses, hire workers at a higher than the native-born Americans according to a Census Data in 2007. Immigrants come to the U.S because in other countries it may be difficult to get a job or the pay just isn’t good for them to live off of so they want to come here to make more money and just have a better life in general. Immigrants are willing to work anywhere no matter the condition because they just want to work so they can support their family and have a better life than what they had before. Many Native-born complain but you don’t see them working in the fields, or in extreme weather conditions just so they can feed their family. Not all native-borns think that way but everyone just needs to understand that immigrants are good for the country because it helps economic growth and work the jobs no one else will.

Many people believe that immigrants are way more inferior than the Native-born and that all the immigrants do is feed off of the social services the government provides.This is something I have heard a lot of times and seen it on the internet by random people that don’t care at all for minorities. Undocumented immigrants already pay millions and maybe even billions of social security taxes but are ineligible to receive any help from it. They would help the Social Security services by a lot. If amnesty was granted to all those that are already in the United States it will help the economy and even the government to probably get out of debt. A study in 2013 showed that if immigrants were granted citizenship would help increase net contributions to Social Security by over $486 billion dollars, and that would be only giving citizenship to 60% of immigrants.

Not all immigrants are bad. Many are families that want to give their kids a better life and the U.S is probably the best country to that that in. Just like my family brought us here to give us a better life and make us go to school to get degrees and have a job where we would be in an office or building instead of being outside in the harsh conditions. They don’t want that for us and that is why we became citizens of this country. Just because I am from a different country and race I want to prove that not all Latinos just come to the United States to sell drugs and commit violence like how many think. I want to graduate college and get a job the in field that I have chosen to major in.

Sincerely, Diego Torres




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  1. Ijanae 4 years ago

    Hey Diego, this is an amazing article. This actually taught me some things that I didn’t even know about immigrants.(i.e being denied government services). I also think that the controversy about this subject is very diverse. Our founding fathers actually came into this country as immigrants and I think the government often forgets that. Though there are some immigrants with bad intentions, the majority are just in search of a better life. They can’t say that immigrants are taking all of our jobs because there are jobs that only immigrants have the drive to do. There is so much to be done in effort towards a better America so maybe creating more jobs would solve that problem. They sell America as the “Promise Land” but find it hard to let people in, thereby contradicting themselves. Though, there is a process for converting immigrants into citizens. I just think that the process is long and dreadful. I don’t get how they want us to look at the Police Department as non-corrupt, beyond the few that abuse their power; But wont look at all immigrants as human beyond the few terrorist and criminals. We all deserve a fair shot.

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