Dear Mr. President,

I have taken the initiative to write you this letter due to the oppressive ways and institutionalized racism many minorities face today in this country of ours. The dehumanizing concept of racism has taken a toll in my life and the lives of many of my loved ones. I have came across far too many cases of a “person of color” being deprived of their human characteristics simply because of their skin pigmentation and culture. One example of this structurized racism is the fact that for every White individual incarcerated, six Black people are imprisoned. Many will argue that these statistics are the way they are simply because the Black community has grown accustomed to committing crimes and has created a culture out of it. But if you put a cat with a pack of dogs it’s whole life, it will be convinced it is a dog. In other words, living things are products of their environment and if a person’s environment is somewhere deep in the ghetto where criminal activity is the only possible source of income due to a lack of opportunity, more than likely they will do just that. Ironic isn’t it? A lack of opportunity in the land of opportunity.

Opportunity comes with privilege, and white people have plenty. One example of white privilege is how cocaine is known to be a white man’s drug and crack is known to be a black man’s drug, they are essentially the same thing but yet the sentence to crack is worst than that of cocaine because of the fact that crack is so popular in the black culture. This gives the judicial branch the legal right to punish black people, but only under the radar.

I am asking for only more opportunity and resources to those who were not born into financial wealth or certain privileges. In this case, offering more jobs around areas with a high percentage of drug sales would be key to slowing down the rate of black people going to prison. If this were to be a true capitalistic country of equal opportunity, then people would not begin the “race” with a head start nor a fallback.

Sincerely, Cesar Ruvalcaba.


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