To: Future President

From: Nhia Thao


Dear Future President,


As my graduation has recently passed on June 2nd, 2016, I looked at my financial aid for college and wondered, “How will I get through college with only this much financial help?!”. Coming from a lower class family, I have thought and thought if going to college will be worth it with statistics showing that student debts have increased over the years. I would like to know what you can potentially do to better those who have problem with money for college.


Student debt has increased to a dramatic $33,000 with the total student debt being an enormous number of 1.2 trillion dollars or should I put it as $1,200,000,000. There is also a known $3,000 accrued every second for those students with loans. “The latest studies say that 70 percent of college graduates leave school with student loan debt that in 2014 averaged $33,000.” by America’s Debt Help Organization. Closely related this is The Institute For College Access & Success, which provides with nation wide student loan debt ranging under to $28,950 which is lower, but it also says that it depends on the state and college. Also, The New York Time’s A Student Loan System Stacked Against the Borrower said that the student loan debt has raised from an amazingly low $13,000!.


People go into college to get a college degree, but come back out with lots and lots of debt and no experience for a degree they have earned which they loaned money for. From The New Year Times, A Student Loan System Stacked Against the Borrower,  a story by Patrick Wittwer, 31 years old, had to pay back his student loan of $50,000. Which he included that it feels as if he was setup to fail in the first place. Furthermore, student loan services are not making it of ease for those who are borrowing loans to help pay for college. Some services go against the borrower and set up a plan which is only consisting of high interest rates and which can only help destroy their lives after college. A quote from the article says “Mr. Wittwer said he is currently paying $756 a month on his student loans, the minimum amount.” which is awfully high for each month when someone is barely surviving on a month’s pay.


Coming from another country, trying the best a person can do in school, just to be in debt is not the goal I am trying to reach. I’m looking at my financial aid and comparing it with the needs to live on campus, tuition, food, and other necessary needs one must have in college. I wonder to myself, if it is possible to go on and earn the degree I want to earn with something I have to pay in the future. Also, I am currently working for a couple months now and helping pay bills in my family. The money I earn usually is spent on expenses that are necessary. With working and trying to balance school is really hard for someone who works as many hours as someone who works full-time. My daily routine consists of school and work, but I do not mind doing it since it is necessary for me. Something discouraging to me is that one of my professor is still paying off her loan which reach a high of $140,000 after interest accumulating after a long time. After hearing her story, how would an upcoming college student feel about going to college and earning a degree only to be paying off student loan for life? Even a student closely watching his or her budget can fall into these circumstances and fall behind emotionally and be unstable about if they can keep going in college to do what they have always planned to do since they were a kid.


College should be something a person can go to earn a degree in what they love to do since childhood or even if they decide to change it over and over again as long as dedication is put into. I have thought and thought about this for a long duration of time now. I came up with a policy in which can be put in is to let college be free of charge as long as you pass your classes. Otherwise, if you fail you would have to pay that class because failing shows that one is not dedicated into it. If college was to be free, I would have less homeless people, less people stressing out in life worrying about how to feed their family when they have to pay off their debts, less people dropping out of college, and we would have more of people who attend college more for what they love, people who can be of help to society more because they have less stress, and for those who cannot become something they want because money is a problem for them. College is the hope and faith of our new generations proving to those generations who have worked hard for them to have opportunities.. Thank you for your time.




Nhia Thao




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