Dear President,

Congratulations on winning the presidential election. As you may very well know being president comes with a lot of responsibilities. Taking care of problems we have as a country should definitely be a priority.

My issue that should be solved is discrimination. Specifically discrimination in the workforce. What is discrimination? Discrimination, for the purposes of employment law, is any workplace action such as hiring, firing, demoting, and promoting based on a prejudice of some kind that results in the unfair treatment of employees. Discrimination will always be around in the society. People have the freedom to think what they want and for the most part say what they want. Therefore, discrimination and racism will always be a part in  our society, because one can’t change a person’s mindset and their own personal beliefs. But one type of discrimination that should be stopped is discrimination in the workforce.

I fully understand that there are laws specifically to prevent discrimination in the workforce. Laws such as the Affirmative Action in 1965 meaning that a company must take steps to increase the participation of protected groups in its workforce and also the Equal Pay Act in 1963 to eliminate the pay wage gap between men and women. The laws enforced by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC) are meant to prohibit discrimination in the workforce. Some types of categories prohibited using these laws are age, disability, equal pay compensation, genetic information, nationality, race/color, pregnancy, religion and sex. Although these laws are in place they still, not all the time, prevent people from discriminated. For example, I was recently reading something about how a Muslim woman was denied a job because she wore a religious head piece. That is prime example why something as to be done furthermore to prevent these things from happening.

Being so that this is still ongoing, even with efforts to prevent them, it is a big problem. Employers might say everyone has an “equal” opportunity to get a job but that is not always true. When applying for a position one should get that position on not the way they look, their gender, and/or their ethnicity etc. but rather by their credentials for that position. Even once that person gets the job, they’d still be discriminated by co-workers etc. As I said, you can’t change someone’s views and beliefs therefore you can’t necessarily eliminate discrimination. Some ways to help prevent discrimination are to simply have employers and coworkers become more informed and to hopefully gain an open mind to be proactive. Being informed and with these laws in place will still not be enough. You should consider more laws, laws that a more strict on this topic. Such as, making the consequences worst and enforcing these laws as strict as possible. As I’ve said previously there will always be discrimination and that’s just the way it’ll be. Hopefully with these laws in placed and helping people in the workforce being more informed and try to open their minds to different ideas and people would eventually eliminate discrimination from the workforce.






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