Dear Future President,


My concern and my question to you is if climate change is ever going to be focused on like it should be. The topic of climate change has been taking really lightly throughout other presidential reigns, it concerns me that we aren’t given it the focus it deserves, climate change has the capability to overheat earth and cause a global warming where most of the population will departure. I myself living in a low income community see the affects it has on people and the environment, many of my friends and family members develop asthma from the air they breathe in. Which I find ridiculous because in order to live we need to breathe in oxygen, but if that’s becoming a health concern and giving people permanent chronic disease that’s affecting their daily life is insane. One of my closests friends developed asthma around the age of 15, no one in his household smoked tobacco or in general, however he did love the outdoors and he is very active so most of his time was outside his house or in a local park for hours. He later on developed asthma which now limits him from doing the activities he loved doing. That is unfair and he’s paying the consequences for something the government can stop, but choose not to. We have plenty of other energy sources that we can transition to, but for some odd reason we are choosing to move forward with the ones that are harming earth. The methods that we use for energy like burning coal, oil and gas that release carbon dioxide, and fracking are very harmful to the air and communities where these methods occur. Americans and Chinese, whose countries have the highest overall carbon dioxide emissions, are less concerned about climate change.                 


Carbon Dioxide the serial killer itself is one of gasses that gets released when the burning of carbon is in process. Carbon Dioxide is slowly overflowing the air and it’s polluting the air that we need to breathe in to survive. Breathing in air that is filthy because corporations and businesses are the cause of it and we are the ones affected by it, so we suffer the consequences because of something that we have no control over doesn’t seem very fair. All we can do is elect a president that tells us their policies and hope that he backs them up or lets us down which has happened in countless years. Living in a low income community you are surrounded by all these different corporations and all these forms of transportation releasing these toxins, and the city is so overflowing with population that it just keeps adding to the problem. We need you to reinforce the transition to solar energy and natural gasses. The U.S has waited to  long its time to finally take a step for a better future.



Oscar Bonilla


CC BY-SA 4.0 Lets Focus On Climate Change by Oscar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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