Dear future President,

           My name is Alexis Vargas I’m 19 years old, I’m from Inglewood,CA. I grew up in low-income community and seen it all from drugs to gangs to murders. Today I am writing to you as a concerned U.S Citizen, and I will be addressing several topics I believe need attention and recognition as they are controversial.

I will start off with the issue of corruption in the police force with police brutality and racism. The police force in my opinion should be strictly for keeping the peace instead of destroying it. In today’s time, particularly in low-income communities with minorities, police brutality is at an all-time high. In some neighborhoods it is not even safe to be a minority, and yes not just African-Americans are minorities , in my city, Inglewood there are other ethnic groups mostly Latinos. Being in Inglewood it can be unsafe at times walking down the street being a Latino or African-American, but it applies more to African-Americans, because of a fear of being arrested simply because you are a minorities and police are racial profiling. Police tend to pull over or arrest minorities more than any other ethnic group simply because of the color of their skin. When they do arrest a Latino or African-American they tend to use intimidation into forcing oneself to admit to a fault, while also using excessive force to which they are innocent of. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a one city thing, it’s all across the United States. Police Brutality is becoming an everyday thing and it has to be stopped considering some police altercations with minorities particularly African-Americans are leading to someone being hospitalized or even death at times. This is one of the many issues I wanted to address. This is an issue very important to me because this happens very frequently in not only my community but also other communities around me and I think it has gotten out of hand and is steadily becoming a bigger issue.


But also I want to address the issues of excessive college tuition and expensive student loans, I think we as a country have to figure out how to save our youth which is our future, from a life-long debt. This in my opinion can be done, considering we bailed out the banks in 2008. I think it’s fair to say it is time to bail us out, the students, the future of the United States. I think it’s a safe investment to put your money on, and also well-deserved, considering most college students are very well-educated and well-spoken as well as responsible. This issue is not only important to me but it is also very important to the millions of students around the United States. Not only should this issue matter to us, but also it should be of great importance to you Mr./Mrs. President. Imagine a country where people aren’t educated? We all know that those who are not-educated tend to be more misinformed/misunderstood and confused leading to chaos/riots and even in some cases death. This would be my second concern, my third concern would be over expensive healthcare.


Healthcare can very expensive and even more expensive if you aren’t covered for it. I don’t understand how a 1st world country hasn’t figured out how to have free healthcare covered, considering how some other countries have, such as: Austria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom have figured it out. As President I believe you should use your executive powers to expand with the Affordable care act or possibly even lead us to a country where healthcare is a right not a luxury, because at this time, only the rich have the luxury of paying their health care while the poor are struggling with bills and anxiety. A thing that would be fair is to charge a person  a reasonable price based off of their income and family size rather than per/session or per/member. Another thing you can do is lower the prices on drugs and prescriptions, because at this time they are overly expensive for a good majority of us. This influx in prices on prescriptions and doctor sessions can lead to injury/death because some people can’t afford a doctor’s services. I’m sure you as a president do not want illnesses happening to your people, do you want us to suffer or are you willing to help?


Now for my final issue I will be talking about gun control, gun control like religion is a very controversial topic. I think gun control should be examined very carefully because it can lead to a violation of our 2nd Amendment but also we do want to protect ourselves and our children and family. I think we should still definitely be more strict on how we just hand out guns by doing all sorts of checks before the weapon is disbursed. But I also think that the government shouldn’t take them from us either. I think like alcohol and drugs, people should get more educated about guns and how to use them responsibly. People should learn what are their legal bounds and what aren’t, and I think the government should provide this funding for the teaching of this information. In my opinion if people are more educated on guns and the abuse of it, there will be less of it, hence people will have their own weapon to defend themselves. An example I could use for this is like when we were in the prohibition era and the government banned the consumption and selling of alcohol through an amendment. The prohibition era was undertaken to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, reduce the tax burden created by prisons and poorhouses, and improved health and hygiene in America. But instead what it did was cause more harm than good. Certain groups such as the mafia and gangsters were running illegal alcohol operations and were making very good money off of this. Prohibition then failed because it gave rise to tremendous amounts of organized crime. This is related to gun control because in my opinion if the laws for it where looser, there would be less violence and crimes simply because the fact that people would be able to defend themselves and their family. Although I still believe everyone should be screened/examined before they are able to purchase a weapon and responsibly own a weapon.Gun control is a very delicate issue I think you and your peers should break down the issue of gun control to agree with both liberals and conservatives ideology and to make sure no one’s rights are not infringed in the process. I am sure this is of great importance to you future president and is a topic that will take long to address and must be addressed to both keep the peace and to protect our rights. I wish you the best and good luck with your presidency.


~Thanks you for listening to my issues Mr./Mrs. President.~



Alexis Vargas




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