Dear Future President,
I am a college student writing this letter to you to talk about some of my thoughts and feelings towards immigration. Many first generation students have immigrant parents who parents have never attended college because they didn’t have the opportunity to do so. My parents barely finished 6th grade. I just graduated from high school and will be attending college, I want to go to college and get a degree for my parents who have worked so hard to give my sisters and I what we have. Many students whose parents are immigrants chose to go to school for their parents because our parents never got that opportunity and we want to pay them back with an education. Immigrants should get some type of permission to stay here in US and not have to worry about getting deported. Immigrant parents should not be deported just because it’s not fair that they came here for a better life for their children and then they get kicked out. It’s not fair for citizen students to have to see their parents be taken away from them, when they are their #1 supporters and they are the reason why their are becoming successful students. Our parents taught us how to get to the top and work hard for what we want. A lot of the farming and agriculture is done by immigrants especially in California.
Immigrants work hard since they step into this country, you never see us asking for money on the streets, it’s the other way around we look for a way to make money even if it’s just selling fruit on the corner. Many american’s look at immigrants as being horrible people that just sell drugs and are harmful, but that’s just not true. Just because it is happening where they came from doesn’t mean they are the same. They come to have a better life and be able to survive. They look for whatever job they can get. If our parents are treated like they are worthless, it hurts us. We want our parents to see us succeed and walk across the stage holding a degree. Everything we do is for our parents and we want them to see that but, because of immigration our parents live in fear everyday that they wouldn’t make it to that day. All I ask and hope from you as the next president of the United States is that you think a little more about how immigration is hurting families today.


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