Dear President of the United States,

Before I begin my letter I would like to congratulate you for taking such an important role in becoming president of the United States. I believe that you will do anything in your power to satisfy the most important needs of the American people. One of the issues we face today is immigration. According to Pew Research Center over 400,000 immigrants were deported in 2013, many of which were convicted criminals. Research also shows that many of the immigrants who were deported had no criminal record. These people worked hard, followed the law, and for the most part just wanted a better life for their children.

Grandparents, parents, children and even our own friends who work hard every day to support for their families were taken away from “the land of the free”, where they had their whole life. Brave parents who walked miles, crossed rivers and risked their lives to come to America for a better future were taken back to their birth land– not their home, because America was their home. It was the place they felt the safest, the place where their children would have opportunities they never had. I don’t believe that families should be separated just because they aren’t citizens of the United States or don’t have a green card.

America wouldn’t be America if it weren’t for immigrant workers who sacrifice so much in a country that most often does not accept them. Immigrants start businesses which create jobs for American workers. Immigrants boost earnings for American workers and demand for local consumer goods. Research shows that if all immigrant workers were deported not only would it cost around 200 billion US dollars, but also in the long run it would affect the American economic system. Economic output would be reduced by 1.46 percent per year (Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, Political scientist, UCLA). Seventy-eight percent of US agricultural workers are undocumented. Now if 78% of undocumented immigrants were deported that would impact the US immensely. The US would lose billions of dollars due to not having enough workers.

Many say that immigrants don’t pay taxes and although that might be true for some it’s not true for all. According to the American Immigration Council millions of immigrants use the ITIN, Individual Tax Identification Number, to file their taxes without a social security number. The reason many immigrants don’t pay taxes isn’t because they don’t want to contribute to the US economy or because they’re lazy. It is because they are afraid; millions of immigrants live in fear of being deported. They believe that if they make one wrong move or mistake that will be the perfect reason for immigration officers to find them and send them back to their countries. Just because some immigrants are criminals it doesn’t mean every other immigrant is. America portrays itself as the most friendly and accepting to every individual, yet so much hatred and judgment happens within our borders that other people do not see.

An immigration reform would let thousands of families finally feel safe and not have to worry about being deported and being separated from their children. I understand that it would be hard to give citizenship to every immigrant so that is why I have thought of a solution to this. All immigrants with no criminal background and that have lived in the US for at least 6 years should be considered for this reform. The reform would create many jobs and it would also increase America’s GDP. The pros outweigh the cons in this situation and I believe America would benefit so much from this reform. Thank you for your time and I hope you will take my letter into consideration.

Respectfully Yours,

Maria Corona


CC BY-SA 4.0 Humans not aliens by Maria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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