Alfonso Caldera

June 21, 2016

Dear President,

One problem that a lot of people have is living in an apartment complex because it is not big enough for big families.  It may not be a problem for some people but for families with five member or more its a problem due to not enough space to move around or feel comfortable.  The issue with owning a house is its more expensive because you will own on compared to an apartment which is less but after paying each month you won’t be able to be a landlord.  Also depending where you live Each location has a different price for homes and apartments depending the location.  If you Live In a city where you can only afford  an apartment and a house is to expensive to rent/buy, you may be able to buy a home in a different area that may not be like a city type and more like a small city where there’s more space and privacy. This issue is important to me because I live in  an apartment that is not that big and in a city where Rent is expensive even for a small apartment. Depending on the person’s preference on privacy they might choose to live in a city where there’s a lot of apartments close or a home where there would be more privacy.  My experience regarding this issue  There’s an issue of families that have many kids living in a small apartment, The kids who grow up living in small apartments don’t really have much space to move or do much.  If i was given 10 minutes with the next president i would question him about the Beliefs that he proposed when he was doing campaigns.  Given not enough time but good amount of time to ask him what he will implement for us to have a better country.  The president can make some kind of a change to the issue because he can get more funds for low income housing and it’ll be better for low income families to get situated in a home where they can feel comfortable.

Sincerely: Alfonso Caldera





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