Dear Future President,

The lines are blurred for Americans. The extent of the Second Amendment is being compromised as a distinction between terror and the right to bear arms is quickly tearing people apart. Opinions are thrown left and right ultimately coming to the usual debate between Republicans and Democrats. I acknowledge and respect your political preference and the beliefs of the Democratic Party of reasonable regulation and background checks, as well as the Republican ideology of a God given right of self defense. The Second Amendment made in 1791: “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This was a time when the British were a threat with muskets rather than AK47s.


The three branches “believe” in safety for citizens but the changing world brings nothing but fear mainly brought upon by rising gun related tragedies. Referring back to a quote on social media stated how Sandy Hook changed the course of American’s opinion on government after no action was taken to bring justice to the young children who were killed. The 1,065 people killed since Sandy Hook in gun related tragedies still have no justice. Over just the past five years, lawmakers have introduced more than 100 gun control proposals in Congress and not one of them has passed. I question the Senate, as their opinion on gun control has never changed and why they continue to value an individual’s right rather than an individual’s safety. It seems as if children being killed was not enough to take necessary measures. The result will be that voters will start elevating the issue of guns on their priority list and start kicking out of office senators who vote to hand terrorists guns, who voted against requiring that criminals go through a background check, we will have the ultimate decisions at the polls. Bills are being introduced and killed, ignorant to the fact that as they’re in committee simultaneously hundreds have encounters with guns that prove fatal, dangerous and traumatic.


Coming from a small agricultural based town, it is not uncommon to hear about hunting during duck season and many community members are opposed to gun control measures. The involvement of hunting and a majority Republican population calls for varied opinions. Personally, I am for gun control and the safety of my family and of others. I do not want the President to not want to make a change and ignore safety for Americans. Former President Obama had tried to pass bills for gun control and blasts the Senate for the failed votes, it is almost exemplary to propose such a controversial topic continuously and should be followed through to your presidency.


In this generation that is continually more politically and globally aware and concerned about current events, our voices continue to be drowned out. The attacks on Pulse and Christina Grimmie affected us in how we are young people and Christina was a young lady who followed her dreams and was killed when doing what she loved. I perceive this generation as mostly accepting and the attack targeting gays creates a terror for not just young but older people who have accepted their sexuality and now have fear. It was a handgun that was used to kill Christina and in the Orlando shootings a high-capacity, quick-reload weapon was utilized by the shooter. I ask for you to be understanding and to be considerate, continue to pursue a change, in the hopes of a better future for us as young adults and generations to come to feel safer in our country, to feel free to follow our passions and to accept ourselves without being afraid of guns.


Janely Amador


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