Dear President


As we all know, this world is not perfect.  It never was, but let’s talk about gay people and the freedom they are given as human beings to be what they are and be accepted.  How is it that gay people are being judged, discriminated against, bullied towards like they are not just as human as we are?  Why is there so much hatred against gay people?  Being gay is not a choice but yet people are still blaming them.  People are born with this in their blood, it was handed down in their genes from their parents. Now don’t you also think it’s weird when parents don’t accept their kids?  Did the parents really think it’s the kid’s fault for being gay?  It’s not fair.

Many gay people have being killed or committed suicide because people just can’t seem to accept the fact that they like the same sex.  Gay people should be given the right to be whoever they want to be.  They should be given their rights as individuals to live normal.  

Gay rights and marriage are not accepted by the law and I feel it’s a good idea to support them and their movement.  If people are not comfortable with having them use our bathrooms, why not push through with the idea to build their own bathroom?  My concern is that some people are so ignorant, they don’t get how hard gay life could be.  The struggle of a gay life can start from trying to come out, coming out, and trying to move on with life.  Having you as our generation president, please do something about it.


Sincerely,    Me


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