Dear future President of the United States

My name is Jorge Lopez and I would like to take this time to tell you how I feel about education in our nation. College tuition should be free for a plethora of reasons. For instance, it allows a major part of a state or the country to be more educated. Some may argue that taxes might be raised in order to pay for tuition. However, from my personal experience,I got to meet a friend from Norway and Switzerland which gave me a more broad view as to how the other half lives.I took some points into consideration, like free medical care and free college education. I am aware that all these things come with a price, but if we look into it, it all comes down to a more successful future for everyone.

Its beneficial because the students who would have not been able to continue their education after high school can now have an education and an opportunity for a better life style. The government should consider that it’s not easy to attend college. It’s not mandatory, it’s a choice to attend college, meaning that we want to be here, we want to succeed, we want a better lifestyle for a better future and our next in kin.

Although i’m just one college student,I strongly feel that i’m speaking for most college students who are also financially struggling and don’t know about the resources that can help us with your consent. If you truly consider this we won’t just appreciate it, but be eternally grateful because you are making our dreams come true. We won’t have to worry about fees and large expenses. Thus, allowing us to go in our field of study worry-free and straight into the industry well rounded and open minded on what’s ahead.

If you take some time to look into this dilemma, you’ll notice that most college graduates can’t find a job within their field. To top it off, they’re already to their necks in debt with the government in loans. This will be the next step onto one successful nation and a much brighter future considering we’re the tech era. Together we are strong, together we are one big voice, together we can direct the world towards the brightness of our intelligence.

One of this year’s politicians claims was to help with student and lower tuition, which the media responded with excitement and in a sense of relief. That was a great day in America. A day where everyone had the pursuit to achieve something to become educated. Its promises and beliefs like this that are a great example as to how to fix the economy, considering the surplus of debt that the country is in due to amature spending on warfare that we really don’t need. Why not use those trillions for the education of our people? For all those students with the hunger to study and continue to study but can’t because of their financial needs.



Jorge Lopez



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