Dear Future President,

I just graduated high school and will be attending Chico State University this upcoming fall. I’m just a teenager who’s trying to get my degree and move on with life. I got accepted to my 1st choice but due to the cost of tuition I had to turn it down. I didn’t want to be in debt when I’m 21 years old so I accepted Chico State offer. Chico State has my major and there’s a police department down the street from the college, and I’m hoping to take an internship at the department. However it’s painful to turn down something I’ve worked for because of how much it cost. Chico State offer me more financial aid than any of the college I consider. Would you pay thousands and thousands of money to go to college? Do you want to be in debt? Is it worth it?

Every college in America has a different cost of tuition and college students tend to choose the cheapest. Money doesn’t come easily. We have to work for everything and it could take years to pay off loans and college expenses. College student work a lot of hours and attend their classes but it’s never enough to pay for everything. My AP Literature teacher still pay for his college tuition and he went to UCFC. I don’t want to be in debt when I’m 50 years old. There’s so much going on in our society that need to be resolve. The United States is very powerful and they have the power to give us free education.

A lot of countries has free education such as the European countries. The cost increases every year and not a lot of people want to attend college due to the cost. We shouldn’t pay for tuition but pay for our rent, books, transportation, and other personal stuff. It could save us a lot of money to use for other important things. I know that you might not agree with me but think about how many people could’ve been in college. Think about how many students that will become a big role in our society. We have the power to follow our dreams and make a big difference in our country but paying for college is making things difficult. There’s 40% of low income high school students who got accepted to college but struggling to pay for everything. Many of the college students pay for their own college tuition (81%) and barely half of the students attend college. It’s difficult to get good grades and work to pay for everything. I believe that you can help me solve this and your citizens will be grateful. I know I will.  



Mele Vaivai



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