Dear Future President,

How do you feel after becoming the president of the state? Have you see any political or economic issues that you think can be solve with the government’s help? I am sure that you’ve been through high school and college in order to get to the position that you are now in and I would like to discuss a few issues in high school and college that I think should be change to help the next low income students and the ones after that. First, I will like to talk some issues on how the government is supporting schools, second college tuitions, and lastly the safeness on college campus.

First, I think that the government’s help in education is still at a pretty low percentage because education in most high schools are still very poor and most students learn less on the things that they need for college. For example, the help of the government to educations is only about 8.5 percent. In addition, instead of making new buildings or construction roads, why don’t use those money to help high schools and colleges to have classes that they needed. Based on my experience, I’ve come to a college from a high school that doesn’t have much ROP classes and I wasn’t able to experience the on-hand work. With this less percentage of the help from our government I believe that the younger generations who are low income will have to spend a longer time in college because of not enough education in high school.

Second, I think that college tuitions is a bit too expensive for college students because going to high school was free and now going to college we’ll have to pay for school supplies, food, bills, and tuitions. For example, books for college classes is pretty expensive and in my generation everyone have a phone and we do have to pay for it’s bill too. Another reason is that with a number of tuition, us college students are afraid to do somethings that should be done. For example, living in a house that always have problems can make us students have a hard time in college and that makes us wants to move out but we can’t because we have school supplies, food, bills, and tuitions to pay for. This is two reasons why I think that college tuitions is expensive because students have too many things to pay for and were not able to do other things they would want for the good.

Lastly, the safeness of all college should be even more strict for the saftiness of all students. For example, in one website it says that in each year about 60 victims were raped on campus. Another reason is that there should be more police officers on campus to protect students. Based on my experience, while walking around Chico State campus at a dark time I can see that there’s no police officers around the campus and it makes me feel unsafe even if I was with my friends. Not saying that I am scared of my friends but it’s because we’re all women. This is the two main reasons why I believe that it should be made to keep the saftiness of women and men.

Now that I’ve told you all of the things I think that should be change for high schools and colleges, I would like you to think about what changes you should make to make the life of the younger generations’ easier for them. Thank you and have a very nice day.

Sincerely, Kabao Vang    


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