Dear Future President,

Growing up in a small town where the majority of the population is made up of immigrant families, has really made an impact on my educational success and the understanding of the whole concept of voting to make a change. When telling others the town I come from they often have a strange reaction because of the type of town it is. It is often looked at as a town that is known to have lots of street violence and drugs. What the people don’t know is that it also has people that are looking for a change in life. For example, an abundant of them go ahead and continue their education to come back to the community and show them that anything is possible no matter where you come from.

The upcoming generations are so open minded and look for changes in the government, yet they don’t put themselves in a position that can help make a change. Some of these often look for a change with the immigration system, tuition for a college education, and the concern of buying weapons.  I myself come from an immigrant family who came to this country to live the American Dream. My grandparents’ perception of living the American Dream included the ability to have the right to a free public education for their children so they wouldn’t have to work in poor quality conditions. 

This perception of the dream applies to many other families as well, some actually have more visuals to it, for example, owning their own home or car. Another visual for some could be simply as living without having to worry if they are going to have enough money to provide food for their families. Some of the young adults often don’t appreciate what their ancestors did for them when coming to another foreign country that they knew nothing about. They don’t seem to realize all the sacrifices that were made and the lives they had to leave behind, just because they were thinking in the future for their families. 

It seems like the media nowadays only likes to discuss the bad flaws of a particular group of people or just any subject. Immigrants are often looked down upon and are generally stereotyped. If one person does something wrong the whole group of people is given a title and misunderstood because of one mistake that comes from one individual. 

Generally, when talking about immigrants people automatically assume all immigrants are Hispanic, which is not true. There are many different people that migrate to this country from all over the world like Asia, Middle Eastern countries, and South America. This country is fulfilled with all kinds of different backgrounds and cultures that should be more appreciated and not underestimated. We should have laws that protect samaritans from being verbally abused with racist comments. These comments can eventually lead one to depression and low self-esteem ,which then can possibly follow up to self-harm.

In my past, I have gone through several situations that have had a negative impact on my life but I didn’t let them impede my goals. I do consider myself strong because a lot of people tend to just stay where they’re at instead of overcoming the problem. I guess coming from a small town where our voices aren’t heard has really motivated me to be a better person and soon help make a difference. 

So to whoever this may concern, Mr. or Mrs. president it would really be an honor if you were to consider all these struggles that immigrant families and  Americans as well go through in this country. We hope to see a change in this country that we call home.

Sincerely ,

Briannah Birrueta




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