English EOP Letter

June 23, 2016


Dear Future President,


During the past couple of years, deforestation have been a major problem in our planet. Even though our planet is covered by more than 10 billion acres of forest, 15 million acres of these forest are being cut down at a rapid rate per year just in order to make room for developments, such as roads, buildings and other man-made structures. I respect your decision as our future president but I think you should address this issue more thoroughly.


These forests have been here for a long time even before we were born. If we were to completely deplete them all, think about all the consequences that will occur once they are all gone such as the extinction of undiscovered species or the elimination of resources that can be used for things like medicine.


Deforestation is dangerous and deadly. I believe you can have the power to stop these damages and make things right again for us and our planet and to encourage the world to not use so much paper, stop building any unneeded buildings, and just plain pay attention. We could use emails, renovate buildings we already have, and educate people on the importance of forests.


For example, there have been some major issues in the tropical rain forest in South America due to deforestation. This process is seriously bad because it affects the habitats, causes global warming, and also taking away the trees we need because they reduce the level of carbon dioxide in our air and we know that a lot of carbon in the air can cause a major threat to us and to the planet we love and cherish and call home.


I hope this letter has encouraged you to consider the real problem of deforestation and has addressed the impact you can have on helping this problem. It doesn’t just affect us humans but everything else on this planet.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.    


EOP Student




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