Dear Future President,


My name is Chelsea Williams and I am a current incoming freshman at CSU, Chico in Chico, California. Who would love to inform you on some of the youth complications that are going on in our natural world today, which pertains to some of my realities and my peers realities of life also what we are faced with. The election this year is at a high peak I genuinely did not want to vote in this election because I honestly don’t know too much about politics plus I don’t really like any of you guys as candidates for the primary. But I believe  it’s in my best interest to do so in order to address some of the issues that I am concern with, which pertains to my future. Issues I want to address in this letter Mr. or Mrs. President is a  range of many different things, views on world wide problems are affecting us as a nation such as global warming, police brutality, immigration, voting, healthcare, college tuition, gun control and many more problems of society.


The problems stated above are moving our country towards destruction. While in high school a couple of weeks back, I watched a video about global warming and I learned that when oil is took from inside of the earth it makes the earth heat up, which is killing off our some of wildlife with the temperatures and the degrees. If we can only make cars that will not need fossil fuels such as more electric or cars that run on some type of other fluid such as a reusable water we can have a healthier world. I plan in the future to protest for that major cause if you will not do anything about it because I know gas is the biggest money maker in America. I know that the government has a very big interest with making profit but we should be more worried about “ We The People”. Shell and Chevron are making billions everyday. I want to be able to live a long healthy life and I’m sure my fellow peers do too. I want to be about to see my kids grow up and my kids kid’s grow up.


There are countries around the world that offers higher education for free, people just want to get a higher chance to achieve their goals. So why is the cost in the United States so expensive? I know as a country we are in debt, but as an American I know the government and its officials can help us out a little. Free college can be more like a safety net for Americans just how the government provides for the disabled and unemployed people of this time with money and food aids. Higher education for free is going to help this nation become more powerful, create more inventions and new technologies, and for the love of the government you guys probably will be sending out less unemployment and food aids because people will have good paying jobs.  I’ve always wanted to be a doctor since I was younger. It’s my dream my lifelong goal. But recently my thoughts have triggered because college tuition is to high and I will be in debt by the time I’m out. Financial aid is a little help towards my college tuition but it’s not enough.  When I have to keep taking out more and more loans in order to get the education that I am striving for.


I believe all lives matter, everyone is human no one is better than one another no matter if they have more or less. That’s how I feel no matter what skin color you are, whether you’re male or female, sexuality nor religion. All lives matter but police officers of our nations need to be set straight. It’s pretty outrageous,  that almost everyday social medias such as facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being flooded by videos that views harmful conceptions with Americans and the Police of almost every state in America. I would appreciate if you can make some changes in the world when you are elected or since you are elected. But if not I will fight for what I think is right. Thank you for your time Mr. or Mrs. President.



Best Wishes,


Chelsea Williams

Current CSU Chico EOP Student

Email: Cw4162@gmail.comsave america


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