Dear President,

The cost of higher education is a huge issue and needs to be addressed. This is a problem here in the U.S and needs to be fixed.

Higher education has always been a no question about in my family. My older brother wasn’t really interested in school and didn’t go to college. My parents were so disappointed. Ever since then my parents always pushed me to pursue college however, they would rarely help me with my school work since they were always so busy. Throughout my years of school, I’ve struggled to keep up with the other kids in my grade. I love learning, I just take longer to comprehend the subject than everyone else and so I never looked at college as a realistic option. Even though, my parents wanted me to pursue college because they never got the chance to complete their education, so I decided that I was going to pursue college and I graduated from high school and accepted into a university but my biggest fear was having to drop out of college because of the cost.

“Sixty eight point three percent of students who graduated in high school in 2011 were enrolled in college and about forty three percent of these students are enrolled in community colleges”. College is an opportunity where the public have access to a higher education for those who have the money, however, not everyone is able to afford college therefore not getting a higher education. To survive in this society, a well paying job is needed, most well paying jobs are labor or require higher education but if jobs require higher education these people who are not able to go to college are not going to be able to move up in this society without well paying jobs.“Sixty percent of all college students receive no financial help from their parents”“The average Class of 2016 has $37,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from last year”, these two quotes explains how much the amount of money that students have to pay to be able to get a well paying job with no financial help from the their parents or the government therefore, they get loans and put themselves into debt to be able to get higher education. “A high school graduate earns eighty four percent less than a typical graduate from a four year college” this shows how without a higher education you will not be able to make a honest living with mediocre wage.

There are resources to help the public go to school but it is not enough to cover the large amounts of money that college cost just to attend. These people are not just a couple, there are thousands who wish to be able to attend college and expand their knowledge. It’s just such a tragedy for all those who wish to attend college and are not able to because of their income, the school should be available to anyone who seeks to learn.

Therefore, I wish that you as a president will make a difference or even provide an alternative for everyone who seeks a higher education and make it a more affordable choice. I hope you will see the struggles that college students encounter while seeking a higher education.




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  1. Maddie 4 years ago

    I agree with you that college costs are high and shouldn’t be as high as they are, but there are many options for financial aid to help people who can’t attain the education otherwise. There is nothing wrong with going to a community college versus going to a regular public college or private university, and community colleges are much less costly. People of all social classes could have an oppuritunity to make it into college and succeed in college because colleges want to help students and they want people to succeed in life. I don’t think it is necessarily fair to say that only the wealthy can go to college and move onto better things in life because there is a great number of people who come from “nothing” and make something of themselves. I do think costs should be lowered so things are more attainable and so that tax money is going to something that matters, instead of things that could arguably be seen as unnecessary. In my opinion, money should not be being spent on people locked away in prison. If more tax money went into colleges, it could be looked at as an investment. Saving Americans millions of dollars and making their futures a little easier and lacking a ton of stress.

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