Cost of college is too high

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you as a college student out of Oakland, CA, currently attending Chico State. The tuition for college is just too much. Quality education isn’t attainable like it used to be. People aren’t going to the college of their choice or even college at all because they can’t afford to attend. Not having money is part of many people’s lives, but it shouldn’t automatically be a problem in someone’s life when they go to college. According to Jarrett Moreno, the cost of college today is much more than it was 30 years ago.  With the current minimum wage, a person would have to work full time, for a full year to pay an average cost of attendance at a 4 year university, which is $14,000. Thirty years ago, the tuition at the University of California was about $700. At that time, minimum wage was $3.35 part time job could help people pay for college. When students can’t work or pay for college on their own, they resort to loans which are an easy option, but are a detriment to students with the high interest rates. According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, college graduates are paying back loans with interest rates that are 7% and above. This is a problem because this makes it difficult for people to get educated and have the skills necessary to be escape poverty and be successful because they have to take out loans.According to Time Magazine, the average graduate makes about $45,000, which can not be enough depending where they live and if they have to pay back high interest loans. Some have to choose between surviving and paying back those loans. For example, according to US Today you would need a salary of $95,000 to be able to live comfortably in the state of California. A college education is attainable, but how you get it will determine what you choose to do with it.  

I myself had to take out loans to get to be able to live on campus, get a decent amount of meals, and get educated. A person in jail can commit a crime and receive more federal aid than I would. A criminal can be a detriment to society, but a college student can always be an asset. I’m not a criminal, but when the government is paying more to incarcerate people instead of educate them it makes me wonder if the country is all about the profits instead the of the citizens. Colleges are good for the country, but prisons are very profitable, hence the reason for them being built faster than colleges as of lately. America maybe the land of opportunity, but it’s staggering prison population may make into the land of incarceration.


Chico State EOP Student



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