Dear Future President,                

Please take this topic into consideration; College tuition has been a huge controversy since it was first enacted into colleges and universities in the United States. The big question is, why do we have to pay college tuition wherein other countries like Slovenia and Germany, there is no cost of attending college there. College free tuition will allow more students who actually want to go to college to not worry about getting loans to where one is in debt for 10-20 years after college.

According to “ tution”, the average cost for college tution for an in state student is about $8,000. For an out of state student it is about $20,000 and about $28,000 for private schools.It’s not fair for an out of state student moving to a new state or heck, moving to a new country to have to pay close to triple the amount that an in state student has to pay.

The high price of college tuition is of bad news for the economy and the colleges/universities. It’s bad news for the economy because more money than necessary is being used for college tuition (Books and supplies, Fees, room and board, ETC…) it would be better if money were spent for communities that are in need of help instead of college tuition. The high price of college tuition is bad for colleges itself because if the tuition keeps on rising, more and more students will avoid going to college due to the fact that it costs to much.

Riots and movements have initiated due to students being in debt and well, just the cost of college tuition. On November 12, 2015 not to long ago, college students across the country rallied to protest student debt at the Million Student March; in total 115 colleges were expected to participate in the rally. Their demands were that they wanted cancellation of all student debt, tuition free public colleges and a $15 minimum wage for campus workers. I am gonna be a freshman in college and I have came to realize that I am going to be in debt after I leave college. I don’t want my younger sister, and many other upcoming college students to go to college and worry about being in debt. The United states is the richest country in the world and yet students have to take on a debt in order to get a college education. I hope you think about all the lives (students) you will change in a positive way if you do decide to take action against college tuition and abolish it once and for all. 


Ivan Murillo

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  1. Matthew 4 years ago

    Hey Ivan,
    I think the ideas you present in this letter are very valid and important concerns in American. However, I do think it is an oversimplification in some terms, and this may provide an interesting thing to consider. I certainly do agree that college tuition is getting out of hand, but I think other solutions could be reached. Thanks!

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