Dear President

We have a big problem that been going around so long already. And it seems the last president


didn’t do there job they had. I need to see you change stuff for us. We voted for you we are


trusting in you.anything or at least to busy but we need your help for real though. . Our  tuition for


school is serious sir. My cousin owes around 80k in loans she took out. She works at the hospital


saving lives, helping people the community. We need to be able to afford school we work hard


we want to be prepare and help but some if us are very hard and try but where do we get the money


from and i’m speaking for everyone not just for myself. It matters to me because i’m one of


those people that need to take out loans and even loans with interest. I’m going to owe so much


money the government can’t tell me you guys are broke you people have so much money and


even waste money in dumb stuff when the real problem is school i haven’t even heard a


university getting build just damn new prisons open up  new schools give us more free money


we need help. Your daughter/sons Mr.president you know there study won’t be cheap and there


very very every smart also but imagine they the most smartest girls which they basically are but


can’t afford to go to school stink that in your head and tell me what would you do tell me please I


wanna hear what you going to say because you may afford to pay for they want and needs


classes,book etc. but I can’t WE can’t. I have a dream to be a police officer a F.BI but it ant


cheap i lost my little brother in a accident and he was just 5 years old i was going to be a


freshman in highschool. At times i still can’t even believe he gone.he was locked for a month


paid a fee and got out. Like what in the heck. I see some fake police officers also. That made me

snap and think and about what i really want to be and do when i grow up i have a dream. Please


make my dreams peoples dream come there. The average cost for are tuition is around 25k 80


percent owe so much money and hardly make a living even after working as thereir major because


of the money they need to give back every month every single paycheck it’s like winning 10


bucks and hour might of well not even went to school right? But we just really want to go for are


goals in life. Yes community college is basically free but what if you got accepted already into a

university please take your time and think about the problem thanks.


CC BY-SA 4.0 college tuition by Mario is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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