Dear Future President,


I have a few concerns about child support, and I understand with children there should be some financial help; but if both parents are in the picture you shouldn’t need to pay. For me, I barely lived with that parent, so the child support was unnecessary. I also never really saw the money. There should be a way to keep a record of how the child support is spent. There might be kids that are being treated badly and their parents take the child support money and waste it on themselves. I understand if you gave children the child support money they might waste it, but I was thinking you’d be able to put that money in an account that will build interest over time and either give it to them when they move out, or save it for their college fund.

Some may end up having to pay or deal with child support until that child graduates from high school or until they reach the age of 20, whichever comes first. If the parents are on good terms, they’re less likely to request child support or at least ask for a lower payment than parents who don’t necessarily get along after a separation or divorce. One of my parents would ask for more support than needed just because they wanted to have my other parent suffer. When they would go to court the one that wanted more money would try to convince the judge by either crying or making people feel bad for them. The amount being paid is also often chosen by the amount of income that parent brings in, just to make sure they can still live off what they have left after paying the child support. My other parent eventually went to court to get it lowered, then this year they went back to court and settled on stopping the child support because I didn’t need it, seeing I moved in with the one that was paying. They talked about the fact that I lived mostly with that parent who was paying it, so the judge saw it fit to end the child support.

There are families that need child support and I know that you can’t look at everyone’s specific situations, but there are ways to see if they actually need it. You could have someone check on the living situations and find out if both parents are in their child’s life, then decide if child support is necessary. You can also look at their finances and income to see if they are able to make it on their own with the child. Some parents will split up and one will be stuck struggling financially to take care of the children while the other leaves completely or are around less. Child support is made to take care of the child, but if the child is cared for by both parents there’s no need to have one parent struggling by paying extra unnecessary support when they’re already supporting that child or children.

I’m thinking most children or teens won’t really care or think about child support this way, but those that do will probably take an interest in the topic. Some children of divorced or separated parents might understand the money that goes into child support and don’t want their parents to struggle financially. In California I’m guessing at least half of the families are split up, and child support usually comes along with separation. There are laws that say child support is the way to go to keep the child supported; however, some families may not want the support. So they probably decided to not bring it up or to at least document a 50/50 custody so it shows neither has more time with their child or children, allowing no child support payment to occur. All I’m suggesting is to find a way to determine the need for child support in families that won’t be too difficult to accomplish, but is effective.

Thank you future President for taking your valuable time to read this letter and I hope to see something about a change in child support laws in the future.



Maya Hernandez


CC BY-SA 4.0 Child Support by Maya is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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