Dear Next President,

Congratulations for being elected the new President of the United States.Thanks for giving it your best effort in running for this election.

Throughout my childhood, my parents didn’t go to school growing up because they worked in the fields at the age of eight , but they always taught me to be respectful and to be hardworking, so that I never dropped out of school . They shared personal experiences with me that will always stay in my head forever, and because of that I know the do’s and don’ts in this world in order to be successful.  I really appreciate my parents for raising me differently than my other friends that lived in my neighborhood. My parents worked hard in order to get me out of the horrible neighborhoods we lived in. My dad luckily got a better job because of his hard work and dedication in the Landscaping field, so they moved him up into becoming the foreman. Since his new job position, he bought a house in the better part in San Diego, California that enabled our family to be away from drugs, gangs, and people who are bad influences for my brothers and I . This did help me in the long run, because I stayed away from the horrible streets, but at my public school growing up I still saw those people. My parents always told me to not get in the wrong crowd, but unfortunately I didn’t listen. I learned the hard way until my eleventh grade because my grades weren’t the best, and teachers were really worried about me because I was at a school where everyone had high GPAs and I was in the ten percent of kids who had below a 2.5 GPA. I focused so much on sports and what people thought of me and never pay attention to the most important thing which was school. My parents were devastated and really disappointed at me, so in the eleventh grade I decided to attend after school tutoring and do my homework more frequently.  I was already in the  varsity soccer team, but I never played because of my grades, so I  got my grades up to a 3.0 average, and I was able to apply for CSU colleges and be involved in many activities in high school. I applied to UC’s colleges and many of them denied me, and I only got into two and those were CSU’s . One of them was CSU Chico and I knew I still had a chance to change my life around if I came here and put in the hard work. My parents weren’t happy for me because they expected me to go to UC San Diego at my hometown. This hurts me more than not being able to go outside and play basketball because I got homework to do. Only thinking about my parents and where they come from motivates me to be the best student I can in college for the next four years.  So my goal is to finish my last fours of education, and once I get my bachelors degree I will probably cry so hard in my parent’s arms, and that will be the best feeling ever in my life. I am grateful for having strict parents who always taught me to be hardworking and respectful. My dad always told me if you aren’t working everyday, then you are wasting your time in this world. He always taught me by pointing out the kids in the neighborhood who didn’t study or end up going to college, so since I have the opportunity to change my life around and not struggle financially in the future, I am honestly thankful and blessed.  If people had more motivation in low income communities and made public schools have more power to be able to enroll their students in rigorous classes, so that they have a sense of college work then that would be a big positive factor in a lot of kids lives going into the college world. So, I need to work really hard and pay my parents back for everything they gave me in this world because honestly I probably wouldn’t be writing this essay right now if it wasn’t for them. Education is really important and should be available to everyone in the world whether you’re poor or rich because knowledge is the most powerful thing that no one can take away from you.




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