Dear Future President,

Abortion has been happening for a very long time and everyone has their own opinion on whether it should be legal or illegal. I am very against abortion. I never really thought about the issue until I found out I was going to be a mom. I had options for what I wanted to do. It’s not the baby’s fault for whatever reason that you ended up pregnant; they’re just an innocent baby. There are so many things people can do to take care of themselves and if it ends up happening that they become pregnant they have options– they don’t have to kill an innocent baby. I see this as a big problem in the world because there are people murdering other people and everyone should see that abortion is the same way. They’re killing a fetus.

“Just look at yourself” your mother could have thought about having an abortion. Someone could not be here because of a choice that a mother has; they have the power to kill their baby or give it a chance. Even if they think they’re not ready, they have options like giving the baby up for adoption. There are so many families out there wishing and praying they could have a baby to love to care for, to show them that there’s something in the world and to give them a chance. There are lots of families out there waiting to get the news that someone is giving a baby up for adoption. All that those mothers have to do is give the baby an opportunity.

I can relate to this because I had an unintended pregnancy while I was still in high school recently and abortion never really crossed my mind. I knew I couldn’t do that to a baby because it was me being irresponsible I knew the consequences that could happen. It would never be the baby’s fault they are just so new to the world they don’t know about problems and why things happen. Now that I have my baby girl I see light at the end of the tunnel, and if I would have had an abortion that would scar me for the rest of my life. Knowing that I killed a baby and having to live with that would probably haunt me forever. There is 12% of teen pregnancies that lead into abortion in 2014. That’s a lot of babies being murdered; that’s something they don’t deserve.

Mr. Future President I hope you take this in mind and actually think about all those babies that are being killed. A girl may not want to have baby but they made a careless decision and their way out if it is by killing their innocent baby. To me abortion should illegal because it is very wrong. There is lots of help to try to get contraception and to prevent these things from happening. I think just letting the word out more of how many babies are being killed each year and how these things can stop by just simple choice. Even just having an open heart and thinking about how their decision they’re making because that decision stays with them their whole life. Thank you for your time and you get a chance to read this.



Leslye Rincon-Magana



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