Dear future president

I grew up in Orland, CA. It is a small town in northern California and because of that the people here are very conservative. I grew up in a democratic household and although I don’t really identify with a party right now I would say I am more liberal. With all this said I wanted to talk to you about an issue that I care about and that is abortion. I strongly believe that abortion should be legal. Recently there have been ideas about possibly closing abortion clinics. Many women have been looked down on for getting abortions and I think that is a decision that women should be free to make without feeling ashamed about that choice. I know that lately there have been thoughts about closing abortion clinics all because some people do not agree with the idea of abortion. Every time I’ve talked about this issue with people in my community they’ve always told me abortion is wrong and they don’t agree with it. Something that I am always told is that there is no need for abortion when there are families who would love to adopt a child. They’ve told me that even if you don’t want a child there are options. I understand this and see where they are coming from but abortion is also a choice, it is an option that should be available for women. Sometimes having an abortion is the best option because I believe a child shouldn’t be brought into this world to suffer and always wonder why their mother didn’t want them. Many times women are looked down on for being young mothers or sometimes they just don’t have the money or support to raise a child. We never know why a woman decides to get an abortion but we are always so quick to judge them on their decision. I believe that if getting an abortion will help a woman feel confident and safe we should be there to support them. Ever since abortion was legalized by the supreme court there have been many attempts to limit a woman’s right to get an abortion. Many laws have been passed in different states that have made it very difficult for women to end unwanted pregnancies and I don’t think this really helps anyone. Before the supreme court legalized abortions women would have illegal abortions which meant they weren’t getting proper care and this resulted in many deaths. I think this is something that we can prevent if we just support women and their choices to get abortions. Abortion was legalized over 40 years ago and I think that we need to stop making so many laws to prevent women from getting the care they need. I believe abortion is up to a woman and her partner and other people shouldn’t tell a woman if she can get an abortion or not. I am pro choice and believe we should support the women who choose to get abortions by helping them to not feel ashamed of their choice and not making it more difficult for women to get abortions.


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