Dear Next President,
My name is Maria Sabrina Contreras and i’ll be a attending Chico State University this fall. I want to start off by expressing my thoughts about some issues which I hope you could take into consideration. As a country we are suppose to keep this country safe however, we have things such as police brutality, forcible rape, gender inequality, and discrimination. As a nation, we are supposed to build and help each other out, but most of us preferably choose power. We were once told we are “all created equal” yet some people are more equal than others.
Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. Women and girls these days are discriminated against health, education, political representation, and labour market. They often get negative outcomes for development of their ability and their freedom of choice. One main topic that mostly all women get judged for would be getting an abortion. Women should have the right to control their own bodies. Another issue in gender inequality would be rape. 90% of rape and abuse victims stay quiet rather than to face trial by ordeal. Some victims are being threatened if they ever speak up, so instead they stay quiet. But the main reason victims don’t say anything would be because they believe no one would listen them. Many women speak up of rape and little of them get get their voices heard. Women’s voices should be heard because we do matter.
Police brutality is the deliberate use of excessive force, usually physical, carried out during law enforcement activities with the population. Police often abuse power by taking advantages of others who can’t protect themselves. This also relates to discrimination because many police treat a person or group differently from other people or groups of people. Like for example, report found black killed at three times the rate of whites or other minorities. No one should be treated differently just because they are from a different race, color or region. We are all humans and should have the same equality as everyone else.
Maria Sabrina Contreras


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