Dear President,


The Welfare programs use a big portion of government spending and therefore should be abolished. There are many American Citizens that take advantage of these Welfare Programs and instead of looking for a job to provide their family with, they rely on the government for free money. There are many young people who are able to work but they would rather sit at home watching TV and getting free money. Welfare encourages Americans to be lazy rather than hard workers. There are currently 41 million people on Food stamps and 110,489,000 people  on Welfare in America and this number is quickly rising over the years. The Welfare Programs are transforming the once hard working country into a lazy and dependent country. Instead of trying to solve their own financial problems, the citizens go to the government. Even though there are a few families that actually need the financial assistance, there are many families that cheat to get free money from the government. People  get paid under the table and then get the maximum amount of Food Stamps and Welfare. One example of people cheating to make money off of the government is that of Lina Taylor the “Welfare Queen” who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the government through the use of Welfare programs.  This is a problem that affects the U.S. as a whole. The government is wasting necessary money and is not helping the people that actually need the help. The government should either abolish the Welfare programs or place restrictions. People should only be given welfare for three months. Three months is enough time for Americans to find a decent paying job. There are plenty of jobs available, especially in the fields and fast food restaurants. Also, most of the people on Welfare are either criminals or drug addicts. Some of the people don’t use the money to provide food for their family, but to spend on drugs. The hard working U.S citizens shouldn’t have to pay for the lazy Americans who are capable of working but simply don’t want to work. As a soon to be college student, I wouldn’t want to work really hard, and then get money taken out of my paycheck to pay for lazy people. Some Americans work hard to earn money and provide for their families, and  it’s not fair that their money is thrown away by having to pay for the living costs of  lazy people. The U.S. government needs to stop wasting money on Welfare and commence to use that money for education.







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