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Dear Future President,

First off I would like to congratulate you on becoming president.  Now I understand that you are a very busy person and have a lot of responsibilities but there is one issue that I would like you to consider and maybe take a second look at. My name is Kianna Beltran, I am 18 years and I’m a incoming freshmen at California State University Chico. In our generation, diversity holds a lot of attention the community. There are tons of communities where they don’t have a diversity. So let me ask you: what makes a normal person? Is it the way we dress? Color of our skin? In our society being normal is being white.When different races come to the United States they are labeled to be “different” from others because of the stereotypes people have on them. For example, when you see a mexican person, people always seem to assume that they are an immigrant and so forth with any other race. We seem to have stereotypes for everyone, and the only way to change these stereotypes is to become more diverse and not to label anyone just by there skin color. It doesn’t have to be just their skin color but could be their religion.  I think that anyone should have the same privileges as any other human because we all are “regular” people. Diversity is already a big issue around the world and one way that we can prevent hate towards the gay community is to become more diverse and just to accept them and spread love. Love is love no matter what race, gender, religion and so forth. People need to realize that we are all made differently but no one should be treated differently. Thank you for your time and I would like to congratulate you on becoming president. Each president leaves a mark on the world whether it’s  good or bad but I hope you leave something good for the world to look up too.


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