June 22, 2016


Dear Future President,

Hello my name is Petetoria Arafiles and I am a freshman at Chico State University. Recently I have been studying ‘gender equality/women’s right” and I have become particularly interested in how unfair the gender equality law fails to offer women the same rights and opportunities as men. The gender equality law is meant to protect both women and men’s rights instead neglects to give women the same rights as men such as equal pay, respect, employment opportunities, unfair treatment within the justice system, stereotypes and the shadow of tradition following them everywhere they turn.

Women have had to follow a specific tradition for many years whether it was to be a mom, care and nourish one’s family, cater to husbands needs or simply be a housewife. The question that needs to be answered is, why do women not have a choice of whether one wants to be a lawyer, doctor or housewife?  Women are more important than what other may portray them as and they don’t get the recognition one deserves. Women have been seen as property to their husbands and fathers not having the ability to branch out and pursue one’s own dream. Women should not be limited to just one dream or ambition because they should be treated equal. Equal rights amongst men and women does not exist. Women hold a key part in communities, society and the world as a whole. Women unlike men have the ability to birth, nourish and make history. Women in the past struggled to be one’s true self and be accepted in the world. Due to the use of traditions women were not able to vote having no say so in issues going on in one’s state, city or community exemplifying how unequal women are compared to men.Women are always getting judged for wanting to pursue a  career for one’s self because of the traditions we as a country follow. Men are supposed to be the “breadwinners” in the house not the women but in this lifetime women play both roles the breadwinners and men of the house in certain situations which is ironic and a eye opener. For instance,” For every dollar a man makes a woman makes .77 cents which is a .33 cent difference.” Demonstrating that even a little amount as .33 cent can affect how unequal the role between women and men is unfair.

Men are masculate and hold a lot of power in the order of how the world works and the idea of women taking over and pursuing a career in any field is not only threatening but a challenge of their authority. Women can one day be equal to men but it starts with you. Now some may say that women have rights and are equal because they have come so far from the 1920’s which is true but however women are still struggling to get society to respect them as humans in the working field. Judgement will always be a issue not matter one’s gender or ethnicity but you can change the way women are treated unequal regarding the way women are payed and treatment in the work force. As the president of the United States you have the power to make this change not only through laws but also through your actions as well. People all around look up to you not only as their leader but for guidance as well, with that you not only have their attention but a influence in how one thinks and acts. I have faith that you will do the right thing and make a change not only for women but the world as a whole.



Petetoria Arafiles     




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