All it took was an application.

Then an interview.

Met my mentor.

Then went on my first trip.


I was never really a traveller.

I’ve been as far as LA.

I was the quiet one.

I knew no one.

Everybody seemed to make friends quick.

I felt like an outcast.

I was considering to even leave home.


It took me around four days of the two weeks to make friends.

Honestly it felt great to make new friends.

Honestly you just have to open up to people and get to know them.


The whole trip was better with these new people I met.

We still contact each other to this day even if our trip was two years ago.

We all felt like we were there for around more than two weeks.


The whole trip was backpacking in the woods.

I felt more connected to the earth and realized that backpacking is fun.

When you release yourself and go out there you appreciate a lot.


This trip taught me about myself.

It taught me to be independent.

To be caring of the environment.

ALso to build friendships and to say yes.


My second trip taught me about community.

That’s because it was in another country.

Costa Rica.


We started in the city.


We walked around looking at how the city was then we went to Alajuela.

Alajuela was more of a farming place.

They relied on what they grew and tourism.


Now making friends this time was more easier.

On the first day we stayed in a hotel there we had not paid attention that we had the use of Wifi.

We played cards for hours getting to know each other.


We took a bus to Alajuela.

A 4 hour drive of sightseeing around different areas of the country.


We got another hotel yet this hotel was different.

It had small houses instead of little rooms and they were caring about the environment.


The beaches were amazing nothing like the ones in the US.

The activities we did were great like surfing.


Our project is what made the experience unforgettable.

We planed to make a whale made out of water bottles.


It sent a message to the community.


We hit the news.


Once the word got out everyone wanted part of it.


One day we came back from an activity and we went to see the whale.

We saw like around every person we meet in the community.

Even the little kids we played soccer with one time.

We stayed and helped and we almost missed dinner.

Actually one of the owners of a pizza place who helped brought some for everyone.


All in all the people were nice and had a nice bond.


I’ll never forget these two trips as they built so many memories of mine.

I just know that when im older ill be back and the memories will start to build more.

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March 11, 2018 6:37 am

Geraaaaaaa my friend!

I think this is the most I really her you talking about your trips, and what it meant to you. I love how you open up, and how you have realized how it has changed you into a better person. I’m glad you feel that traveling could be something good for you and that you are ready to get more out of up coming trips. Those days will definitely come! 🙂

March 9, 2018 7:02 pm

Dear Gerardo,

I really like your memoir piece “2 Trips” because I got to know you a little better from reading your piece. I never knew that you were a quiet kid because to me, you are very outgoing. It seems that these trips really helped you step out of your comfort zone. I really liked that you helped others and that you enjoyed doing it. We need more people like you in this world. Awesome job, and keep on writing about your life experiences.

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