The environment within our family, in which we spend a lot of time around, deeply influences our emotional development. The article I read, explains the way our behaviors, mentality, and impulsivity are affected by our family environment and the experiences we have with/around them. I am interested in this question because I am strongly dependent on my family members sometimes, and they are the largest part of my life. I want to know the true effects that this has had on me, as my own person. This article states, “supportive parenting and parental involvement play an important role in the development of emotional competence in adolescents.” I connect to this because I can tell how much happier and stable I feel when I know my parents are in support of my decisions.I also read, “harsh parenting and lack of parent involvement are associated with impulsivity, aggression, noncompliance, moodiness, and low self-esteem among adolescents.” I can also connect to this as I have been in many large fights with my parents before, and each time it only makes me more angry, ignorant, and weak. 

I have always been interested on the psychological reasons behind why some children become so dependent on their families love, support, and connection. I myself, am very attached to my family members as they have always been there for me and wanted the best for me. I understand that this generosity may influence my mentality to want them to stay and stick around by me. I further understand how the negativity from parents drive me in the opposite direction, not wanting their presence and support around me as much.

After reading this article, it has helped me come to an understanding that the authenticity, love, and history in my family is what drives me to be so dependent on them. It is the fact that they have always been a great support system in my life, and never truly failed me.

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December 12, 2023 5:14 pm

Dear Magnolia,
Your post made me think of how society’s parental styles are affecting kids today like with technology. I think parents are be more on the uninvolved side of the article letting their kids on the internet all day. Something I wonder is if our family influences is what start general trauma.

November 27, 2023 8:17 pm

Dear Magnolia,’
Your post made me think of society today and how they are influenced by their parents. I think it´s really important for people to make their own pathway. Something I wonder is if you have ever felt like your parents have influenced a decision you have made.

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