To begin, the novel 1984 connects to 2017 because of the changes that the dominant group inflicts to try to make their society a “better place”. In example, when Winston was reading the book that Emmanuel Goldstein wrote, he read, “These new movements, of course, grew out of the old ones and tended to keep their names and pay lip-service to their ideology”(203). The keywords chosen in this quote are “new movements” and “their ideology” because they explain how the dominant group, the Party/Big Brother, changes the society so that it fits their ideological world. In this dystopia, Goldstein notices that the structure around himself is changing for the purpose of trying to become an utopia. The larger message to this quote is that the usually the dominant group, so Trump and Big Brother, try to manipulate their subjects into thinking that doing something their way of leading is better or superior. Additionally, when Winston was trying to remember back to his childhood, he realizes, “Everything had been different then. Even the names of the countries, and their shapes on the map, had been different”(32). The relation between Oceania, the setting of this book, and our society today is that many things are changing under the orders of a dominant person. This shows coercion because of how the more dominant group is changing the structure of society to make it a “better place”. This relates to how Earth used to be Pangea but then the leaders that came along have tampered or changed what used to be Pangea to “Make America Great Again”. In conclusion, 1984 and 2017 are similar because of how they both are constantly changing to turn their dystopia into an utopia. During these changes, they are also shifting the structure of their societies.

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Onyu Pak
March 10, 2017 2:03 pm

I really enjoyed reading your post. It is very well summarized.

February 23, 2017 3:45 pm


Thank you for your enlightening post. It really draws a strong parallel to the fiction and the nonfiction (reality) of today. It is a reminder of how important literature is, especially literature inspired by history, to help teach us Empathy and remind humans of our capabilities of coercion and corruption. A line that really stood out to me was: “This relates to how Earth used to be Pangea but then the leaders that came along have tampered or changed what used to be Pangea to “Make America Great Again.” Your use of the Trump slogan in your discussion of 1984 really creates this parallel. I am also wondering what other language in the book, mirrors the political language today. Are there any direct quotes? Recently, I read V for Vendetta and found direct quotes I recognized from the election in the novel. This graphic novel is also a dystopian, similar to 1984, and it reminds us once again how literature is encapsulating the lessons we should remember, but someone who as humans we repeat our mistakes.

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