While two lives altered the path of history, history has not revealed anything about this history of bloodshed. Shining shoes for a living, and now he has to deal with a conflict being fought over the color of his skin. Dick Rowland, a black 19-year-old, fell, and Sarah Page, a white 17-year-old, shouted. The Tulsa Black Wall Street Massacre started out in a rage that hoped to end all of our lives. Unexpectedly, as he balanced himself, two bodies came into contact, causing a scream and a panicked reaction. The oxbow incident came alive with overt bigotry as the man fled the building for his life. Whoever would have thought that taking an elevator to a separate bathroom that they designated for us would be a war cry. They said that I attacked Sarah Page merely to get my daily water relieve while traveling to coloreds. Our nation’s anthem for murder was born when word spread about my passion for the white girl, who was only seventeen years old. When they announced that a black man infant had been born, I was afraid and arrested, and my spirit reached to the end of time. Armed with the freedom to bear arms, solidarity fought for fair justice for our brother. His acts make the accusation of civic disturbance and the abolishment of dreams sound inferior due to the color of his skin. He groped for his mother’s voice, caged and imprisoned in his head, and heard her lynch him for his life’s sin. In the Tulsa Black Wall Street Massacre, “Greenwood” was hit by firebombs and irreparable bullets. As they agitated for more bodies to be buried alive in agony, shouts of “burn them alive” were sung. When they appeared, they shifted from the corner of the death row and ascended to the corner of being willing to kill them. As they faded into obscurity, Tulsa Black Wall Street Massacre burned with white pride. Hospitals, schools, and banks that we skillfully built were built on the ashes of crushed dreams. What once thrived like Wall Street NY is now surrounded by the nocturnal hatred of eyeballs in the form of death’s ashes.

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