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Article 1: 

The 2022 world cup in Qatar is the most controversial world cup to date, and possibly one of the most controversial sporting events in recent history. Qatar was first awarded the opportunity to host the world cup back in 2010, being the first country in the middle east to host. Immediately after it was awarded to them, there were suspicions and rumors that Qatar had bribed others to vote for them for hosting rights to the tournament. Whilst these rumors were shot down by Fifa, there has been no definitive investigation into the voting. Another aspect of controversy is corruption and human rights violations in the country, such as women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and the welfare of migrant workers during the construction of facilities for the World Cup. 

Article 2: 

The 2022 world cup in Qatar is a large scale event that will bring more pros than the world thinks. With the new construction and infrastructure built around the world cup, it is expected to create more than 1.5 million new jobs. This will also have a large benefit on tourism in Qatar and it will bring many economic benefits. These factors will allow Qatar to expand it’s international profile. 

AI Summaries

Article 1-

The 2022 World Cup has caused much controversy due to suspicions of bribery connected to Qatar’s successful hosting bid, as well as the country’s record on human rights and labor rights. Despite denials from FIFA, there have been no investigations into the voting process. This has led to dissent from people all over the world regarding Qatar’s treatment of women, LGBTQ people, and migrant workers stuck in a system designed to exploit them during World Cup construction projects.

Article 2-

The 2022 Qatar world cup is expected to bring many benefits, including more than 1.5 million new jobs and a boost in tourism, improving Qatar’s international profile.


  1. What biases seem evident is what is and isn’t in the AI summary?

The AI summary left out some points in the summary, but it is basically just a more condensed version. 

  1. What do I notice about my own viewpoint after comparing it to the AI summary?

I noticed that my summary was unbiased and that me and the AI made very similar points. 

  1. What questions do I have about the original articles?

I have no questions about the original article. 

  1. What questions for further research do I have about the issues raised by these articles?

Is there civil unrest in Qatar? Are they going to recover economically? Was the World Cup positive or negative for the country?

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