Because of Kanye’s outspoken hate speech towards the Jewish population in the United States, many different companies he was partnered with have cut all their ties with the rapper to save their own image. Kanye has come out with many negative things about Jews and has said: “Everyone has some value, especially Hitler.” This is one of the latest of his racist statements. Kanye has been slowly losing every aspect of his life that he cares about because of his actions. At first, he lost his mother which probably had a deep effect on Kanye. Then he lost his wife Kim Kardashian. Then he lost his friendship with other celebrities. And recently he has been losing all of his brand deals and ability to use certain social media. Kanye was originally banned from Twitter before Elon owned it. He was temporarily unbanned when Elon purchased twitter. But after only a few weeks was re-banned because of some of the things he has been saying. He lost his brand deal with Adidas. And they have been attempting to remake the yeezys brand without the backing or symbols of Kanye. He lost his brand deal with Balenciaga. Kanye West supposedly went missing for a few weeks recently. This rumor was started by his ex-manager claimed he had gone missing. He has been showing up again for a few days. Many people believe most of his actions are due to him refusing to take the medication for his bipolar disorder. His personality has taken a complete turnaround since he was younger. He used to heavily condemn nazi sympathizers and advocate for social justice. Recently he has been doing the complete opposite and has been doing more harm than good. 

  1. What biases seem evident is what is and isn’t in the AI summary?
    THe AI didn’t pick up that Elon and Kanye were friends before his behavior.
  2. What do I notice about my own viewpoint after comparing it to the AI summary?
    iI notice that both me and the AI understand that his behavior is completely un acceptable.
  3. What questions do I have about the original articles?
    Why does Addidas insist on keeping the Yeezy brand without Kanye.
  4. What questions for further research do I have about the issues raised by these articles?
    How long will this last before Kanye calms down and goes back to being himself.
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