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Discouraging Migrants 

Children in the Mcallen,Texas border were found in a freezing cold environment, prevented from sleeping and bathing, and were starved.  Although they were constantly being tortured, this was their normal. Some have been there for over a year because of legal issues and being separated from their families after attempting to cross the border illegally. 

Trump felt it was best that he make the immigrants feel uncomfortable, fearing there would be a separation, so they wouldn’t go where they don’t feel welcome. Where a policy is justified to rip children away from their families or holding them for a long period of time. This can cause serious trauma to these children. Yet, Trump allowed the government to detain the children in immigration camps for an unlimited period of time. The older teenagers would look after the younger ones in the group.

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December 14, 2020 3:07 am

Dear Kayla,

I agree with your post “Children Ripped Away From Their Families”, because the way kids at a young age are being ripped from their family which later on in their lives can create trauma and create dysfunctional family.

One sentence that stood out to me was: “…Trump allowed the government to detain the children in immigration camps for an unlimited period of time”. This statement was so disappointing that the president would allow something like this that can severely affect lives that are yet to develop, but are ended just before they even get a chance.

Thank you for your writing and will look forward to see what topic you wrote about.


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