10 Questions – FD by Foster

October 17, 2016


10 Questions – FD

10 qs about yourself

-Why am I in Utah?
-What is my best characteristic?
-What will I do in the future?
-When will I succeed?
-How much money will I make?
-Will I have a family?
-Will I play sports?
-Where will I live?
-Can I meet an Olympian?
-How many kids will I have?
10 qs about the world
-Why does there have to be taxes?
-How many governmental parties will we have?
-Can we find world peace?
-What will happen in 2017?
-What is the worst natural disaster after 2016?
-Can we stop world hunger?
-Will terrorism be thwarted?
-Will Harry Potter make a comeback?
-What is the biggest economy in South America?
-How big is the Tea Party?
In this discussion I hope to figure out a few details in our world. I think what we all need to learn more about is the world around us. In particular, understanding political theories and sciences is vital to choosing who to vote for, what political ideologies we have, and how we live our lives in general.                     plant photo