10 Question About Yourself

1.Why am I aggravated so easily ? ( anger, thoughts, control, inner peace, mindfulness )

2.Why am I so addicted to my phone ? ( boredom, no life, communicating skills, shy, zombie)

3.Will I ever learn self love ? ( esteem, encouragement, #begoodtoyourself, positive mindset,  )

4.When will I stop being a lazy bum ? (health, boredom, motivation, #schoolisboring)

5.When will I realize that not everything will be perfect ? (real reality, acceptance, patience, grass is greener)

6.Will I ever open up ? ( communicating, trust, true friendship, freedom )

7.Will I learn to be patient / not to give up ? (grit, frustration, impatient )

8.Will I learn to control my big fat smart mouth ? ( tone, self control, sarcasm,  )

9.When will I learn to have a positive attitude?  (optimism, sunny side, glass half-full, patience, )

10.Will I ever face my fears ? ( self esteem, brave, triumph, dread )


10 Question About the World

1.Why is the world such a dangerous place ? ( discipline, laws,unstable,viperous )

2.Why are things over priced ? ( taxing, living cost, bigger city, competition )

  1. Is the world really more dangerous/violent, or does social media make us believe it is? (perception, marketing, capitalism, fear, confirmation bias)

4.Will the world ever accept people for who they are ? ( acceptance, tolerance )

5.Will health care ever be cheaper ? (affordability,budget,low-cost,infirmity)

6.Will we learn to keep the earth clean ? ( Neat, pollution, health, responsibility, extinction )

7.Will a woman ever be president ? ( equality, misogyny, the future is female,  )

8.Will the world really end ? (termination, confine, foundation)

9.Will our future be nothing but technology ? ( new inventions, the end of natural world,  

10.Is heaven and hell real ?( religious beliefs, culture)


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October 3, 2018 12:35 pm

I really like your post. I thought that the questions you were asking were interesting and thought provoking. Most of the questions you brought up I was able to ask myself. My favorite question that you asked was “Will I learn to be patient/ not give up?” I liked that question because for me it’s hard to stay calm and not give up. I liked how you also expanded outside “Questions for Myself” and asked questions about the world such as “Why are things over priced?” and “Will a woman ever be president?” Overall, I really liked reading your post I think you did a really good job creating these questions.

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