10 Gun Control Questions by Owen

September 29, 2020


10 Gun Control Questions

  • Topic: Gun Control
  • Questions:
    • Why are gun crime rates significantly lower in states where gun ownership is more common?
      •  (NRA, Wyoming, Gun Crime, America, and Concealed)
    • Why aren’t gun owners expected to be just as responsible as those who conceal carry?
      • (Concealed, Responsible, Owners, America, and Expectations)
    • Why are most people worried about guns? Are they afraid of the people who are not responsible, or are they afraid of guns?
      • (Worried, Afraid, Responsibility, Guns, and Unanimous)
    • Will gun laws become stricter in the future?
      • (Strict, Laws, Utah, Future, and Decision)
    • How will the government mandate what is good and what is not?
      • (Mandate, Government, Good, Bad, and How)
    • How will these potential laws affect the lives of those who depend on gun sales for their way of life?
      • (Potential, Laws, Depend, Sale, and Consumers)
    • If there are gun restrictions placed on owners, will illegal imports of gun parts and weapons become a larger problem?
      • (Restrictions, Owners, Illegal, Imports, and Weapons)
    • If laws are placed over nonresponsible gun owners, will they become more responsible with their ownership, or will they become less responsible with their ownership?
      • (Laws, Nonresponsible, Responsible, Less, and More)
    • Will gun owners sit back and watch their second amendment be stripped from them, or will there be a revolt that causes potential government reform?
      • (Watch, Second, Amendment, Stripped, and Revolt)
    • Will people who aren’t gun owners be happy when there are restrictions on guns, or will they want more? Will they want guns to be completely removed from the American public?
      • (Happy, More?, Removed, American, and Public)
  • Gun Control
    • This article was published in February of 2019, by Matt Vasilogambros. It essentially starts with a list of changes that are already being made in the United States. It shows that laws have been put in place to prevent low age gun ownership, access to people who are prone to domestic abusers, and access to people who will harm themself. Gun control groups outspent the NRA by nearly 2 million dollars. “Red Flag Laws” are more likely to succeed with the growing support of the party against guns. On the other side of things, there are gun rights groups. These people are protecting their second amendment right to bear arms, and treat it as a first-class right, while others are treating it as a second-class right.