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  1. Andrea Schooler and Katelyn Icke 1 day ago

    Dear Nick,
    After reading “Should College Athletes be Paid”, our group decided that college athletes should not get paid. Here is why: it costs too much to pay college athletes. $200 million dollars would be spent towards these athletes to play sports. It also may be a problem that some athletes get paid different amounts because of the different sports or how big their college is. Also paying college athletes may cause a cut somewhere else. Some schools might not even have enough money either. By athletes getting paid to do sports it will most likely distract them from there work. For example, as the star basketball player at a big university and a player for the softball team would be paid very different amounts due to the amount of income and eyes they bring to the university. This creates a problem for universities because only small fraction of Division 1 schools make a profit off their athletic program. Lastly, playing a sport is a privilege. If you want to play a sport then you shouldn’t be there for the money but there because you want to play the sport. When reading top 10 reasons why college students shouldn’t get paid from, they agreed that you should play a sport because you want to, not to get paid. You could argue that colleges athletes should be paid their athletes because they spend more time practicing the most people spend in a week. Being a college athlete is like having a fulltime job. Athletes aren’t able to make money because they spend so much time practicing and having class work and they don’t have enough time. But this claim is weak because athletes are saving money by not having to pay for school because the receive scholarships. And most colleges have sponsorships that pay for there sports.
    Alex. “Should College Athletes Be Paid? (Part 2).” Youth Voices, Youth Voices, 20 Feb. 2018,
    Andrea Schooler and Katelyn Icke

  2. Jordan and Christan 1 day ago

    Dear Nick,

    After reading your post, out group agrees with you that college athletes should not get paid. You made a great point when you said “it takes the focus away from class work, and pushes these athletes to only focus on their athletic careers.” It was important to note, that they wouldn’t be responsible with the money this is shown by, “78 percent of professional athletes will go broke within two years of retirement (Harnett). Who is to say that it won’t be the same case for college athletes.” With this fact is in mind, all thought they won’t have much time to get a job because of all the practices, they will blow the money on not very important things. According to the article, “2.9 billion dollars are given a way to 150,000 NCAA college athletes “ showing that they already give a lot of money for those students to be there, and the college gives each player scholarship tuitions.”If colleges were to pay their athletes, there would not be as much money to go around for any of the other things like the facilities or the coaches.” states Maurice Jones. Also many students who earn money would probably not want to go to class and do their work because they are already earning money playing basketball. “seems completely unreasonable and near impossible to pay every student athlete, considering that there are a total of 20 sports combined between men and women in Division I.” showing that the colleges don’t have enough money to pay everyone in every sport. Therefore, I agree that college athletes should not be paid because the student will not be smart with the money, the college already gave the student a free tuition, they wouldn’t want to go to class, and it would be really expensive for the colleges.

    Works Cited
    jones, maurice reed. “Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid.” The Odyssey Online, 7 Mar. 2018,
    Nick. “Should College Athletes Be Paid?” Youth Voices, 22 Nov. 2017,

  3. alexa 2 days ago

    Dear Nick

    After reading your post, our group agrees with your post about college athletes to be paid. Throughout your post you had many solid claims. My group strongly likes how you use many different facts and details. For example, when you say “ 2.9 billion dollars are given away to 150,000 NCAA college athletes”, It really gives you an idea of why they shouldn’t be paid. Our group think that Athletes shouldn’t have different rights than everybody else. If college athletes get paid, then why don’t other college students get paid? Our group thinks that it is unfair to other college students and to other people in their position if they aren’t getting paid and only people in sports are. Like if you aren’t in sports and you don’t get paid but because of the fact that other people are in sports they get paid, it isn’t fair or logical. In the article it says,”If college athletes were paid, It would shift this level of play to be more focused about money, and getting an education and becoming better” this is trying to say that they could just get money and not worry about anything and they think that they don’t have to work as hard as everyone else. All and all our group decided that college athletes shouldn’t get paid because its not good for education purposes and its not fair to people who aren’t in sports or who aren’t athletes. It not only causes conflict but it isn’t fair to all, and it should be fair. This is why our group thinks that college athletes should not be paid.

    Kyler, Brianna, Alexa

  4. Andrea Leiva 3 weeks ago

    We spent months talking with teachers across the
    country and researching some of the biggest issues on their minds. We
    crafted a Parent Teacher night gone wrong for a short film that has
    played at major film festivals around the world. The directors have won
    awards from Sundance and SxSw. Yesterday, we got to release that film for

    We would love your help sharing Parent Teacher with your
    audience. We created this film so that it could help build more
    conversations on what we need to be doing next in the American education system.

    Please, let me know if you have any questions for our team!


    PS: here’s a really fun GIF from the short film that got over 1.5 million views yesterday:

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