Youth Voices Finding your voice in conversations about your passions Sat, 04 Apr 2020 04:30:24 +0000 en-US Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Youth Voices Finding your voice in conversations about your passions Youth Voices clean Youth Voices Dear People Against Gun Violence Sat, 29 Feb 2020 02:17:43 +0000 Janet #GunViolence,#speakout,Health Sciences High and Middle College Dear People Against Gun Violence,

To teens, adults, parents, teachers, high school students, and etc. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done before the next generation goes through the same thing our generation is going through. To the people who have seen someone they love get killed right in front of them due to gun violence can eagerly relate to this and even to the ones who did not experience this. Just imagine one bullet leaving you damaged for life. It sucks going to school not feeling safe. This needs to change. We need to be able to go to school feeling safe and getting an education without having to feel frightened. My purpose in writing this is for change to be made before this gets out of control.

I have read this amazing book called, “Long Way Down” by Jason Reynolds. This book made me really look into the serious side of gun violence. In this book, he talks about losing his brother to gun violence. A 15-year-old kid is willing to pick up a gun to get revenge for his brother. This is harming the youths’ knowledge about the consequences that come with picking up a gun. When you read this book it emotionally makes you feel what he felt when he lost his brother. There was a part when he says, “Gunshots make everybody deaf and blind especially when they make someone dead”. When you read that line what does it make you feel? Have that thought for a second.

I got the chance to watch the video, “Teens On Guns in America” by NPR.  This video encouraged me to write this open letter. The video got me angry, not just angry but eager to make a change even if this doesn’t reach many people at least people will see this. This started after the shooting of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Fl. You can hear the hurt of these teens all over the world after the incident. 15 teenagers talked about something that happened in their life in relation to a gun. Some talked about the family members they lost and honestly, it was heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking that these students were in a situation that almost risked their lives and killed their classmates. Sadly this is what this world has come down to.

I read an article called, “Parkland Shooting: Where Gun Control and School Safety Stand Today. Something that stood out to me is when one of the students that survived the attack said this,“In the course of the next year, students would change the way the nation handles mass shootings, spurring new gun legislation and school safety measures, and holding to account the adults they felt had failed them”. This stood out to me because this is from a school shooting survivor. He felt this way and he spoke up about it bravely, hoping for people to understand him. He talks about students making a change for the nation about gun rules.

Overall these are some of the articles, books, and videos that touched me. In my own perspective, I  don’t think I would be able to move on with my life after someone got killed in front of me. These kids are strong and deserve much credit for what they are doing for the world that many adults are not. I hope this open letter gets people to really realize what these kids are doing for the world and elevate them. If a difference would have been made many lives would be saved and the next generation will grow up not feeling the way I feel.

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Park Slope Then and Now Wed, 10 Jan 2018 16:20:41 +0000 Manuel Park Slope Collegiate Throughout history, Park Slope has experienced periods of highs and lows and we are going to study them by the voice of people that have been living here since the late 60’s until now.  Change is what makes everything interesting – if it wasn’t for the changes that happened and the changes that continue to happen, we wouldn’t be exploring this question.

We will be interviewing residents that have been living in Park Slope for a long period of time. We will also be comparing the old Park Slope to the new Park Slope.

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Rape Culture is Unacceptable Wed, 02 Nov 2016 14:15:11 +0000 Hadley 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

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Creativity In The Classroom Wed, 02 Nov 2016 13:12:02 +0000 James 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

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YouthCast: Salt Lake City, Okemos (Streamed Live on Oct 28, 2016) Fri, 28 Oct 2016 16:57:25 +0000 Blake 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

Let’s connect around Letters to the Next President or any other project we are working on.

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YouthCast: C.U.4C. Repentino #lights4girls (Streamed live on October 27, 2016) Thu, 27 Oct 2016 16:43:51 +0000 Abby 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

Join youth from Eastern Ohio and Mexico City as they continue to plan to make and to collect short videos for “A Day in A Girl’s Life, and as they work together to assist youth in Bumpe, Sierra Leone.

clean no 31:20 Abby
YouthCast: C.U.4C., Repentino., Coppell, Texas, and Okemos, Michigan (Streamed live on Oct 20, 2016) Thu, 20 Oct 2016 16:35:20 +0000 Abby 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

Join us for a more planning around the CU4C project to raise awareness and money for the girls in Bumpe, Sierra Leone.

Take action with us:

Make a video “A Day in a Girl’s Life”

Raise money and contribute to:

Comment on Abby’s post:

Contribute to Repentino.’s zine as soon as possible. Just add a post on Youth Voices, and use the Category: Repentino.

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YouthCast: CU4C, Coppell, Texas, and Mexico City (Streamed live on Oct 13, 2016) Thu, 13 Oct 2016 16:22:40 +0000 Abby 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

Join us as Abby Henry from CU4C continues a project she started to record everyday routines, connecting to a group of students form a school in Sierra Leone.

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YouthCast: Tampico and Mexico City, Mexico and Coppell, Texas (Streamed live on Oct 6, 2016) Thu, 06 Oct 2016 14:55:49 +0000 Paul 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

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YouthCast: Okemos and Judge Seniors discuss Jacob’s survey about politics (Streamed live on Sep 30, 2016) Fri, 30 Sep 2016 14:46:29 +0000 Jacob 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

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YouthCast: Connected. United. 4 Change. + Repentino. + New Tech High (Streamed live on September 29, 2016) Thu, 29 Sep 2016 21:56:26 +0000 Abby 2nextprez,Rape,rape culture

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YouthCast: Why are’t the candidates talking about inequality, college costs, and tax policy? (Streamed live on September 12, 2016) Mon, 12 Sep 2016 17:31:26 +0000 Paul 2nextprez,College,election,Inequality,tax policy Our first Hangout of the 2016 academic year. What the seniors in Okemos, MI and Salt Lake City, UT ended up talking about in their first YouthCast on Sept. 12 was Inquality, the price of college, and tax policy. These are the issues that they think should be in the presidential campaign.


Photo by DonkeyHotey

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Don’t Forget Thu, 04 Aug 2016 16:15:11 +0000 Randy Alton Sterling,cops,Hip hop,Trayvon Martin What is the world coming too?

How ya got money for gunz but not for food?

How ya try to play us like we some fools?

Man, stop that cause we aware and we not scared,

But we all know ya don’t care.

The way ya treat us, it’s not fair,

Killing us for no reason like life comes in pairs.

I’m not gonna lie. Ya had me a little scared,

But not no more. We gonna stand together like the Panthers.

We gonna show ya we not really gangsta.

Ya try to label us and put us in a box,

But that ain’t stopping us from going to the top.

Let’s take it back to 2012 real quick. The way the system

Did Trayvon, man, that made me sick.

Ya had the proof. Ya had the gun.

But still no charge. If it was on of us

We would have been behind bars.

What about Alton Sterling?  

They took his life, left his family mourning.

The cop said he had a gun, but where it was at?

We saw the video. Ya really want us to believe that?

If we catch you off duty, and do you that?

You ain’t even think about his family. How can you do that?

Photo by ™ Pacheco

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Mobile and Web Apps for Change with Andrew Millman from Blueprint (Streamed live on Jul 20, 2016) Wed, 20 Jul 2016 18:56:44 +0000 Paul Alton Sterling,cops,Hip hop,Trayvon Martin
+Andrew Millman, the Vice President of Projects at Blueprint will be joining us on tonight, 7.20 at 6pmPT/9pmET. Bluprint is a University of California, Berkeley nonprofit organization that develops mobile and web apps for other nonprofits – all pro bono.
Some of their past partners include Re-volv, which has just raised nearly $90k for solar energy projects nationwide, and Project Homeless Connect, which has served thousands of individuals in San Francisco experiencing homelessness.
Andrew writes:
Both were able to accomplish what they did with the help of applications we engineered for them. To find out more, you can also read about our projects with SAGE Mentorship or our partners last year We hope to continue project success this year.
We will be talking about whether we might not become one of Blueprint’s partners soon.
Two weeks ago on TTT/Youth Voices LIVE! we had this amazing conversation with young people from three different youth-led organizations.
If you have 8 minutes, please take a look at this portion of that conversation: — in which a student from connects with a “java-smart” young man from the Baltimore Algebra Project and youth from a new group, Connect. Unite. 4 Change.
We want to continue this conversation tonight at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern at Join us!

 Chat on July 20, 2016

20:47Paul Allison: Here’s where to join the hangout:
20:56unnamed: Hey folks.. checking in from Los Angeles
20:56Joe Rodriguez: Joe Rodriguez
20:57Joe Rodriguez: Looking forward to listening in.
20:57Joe Rodriguez: Getting close to dinner time on the West Coast 🙂
20:58Paul Allison: Joe will you be joining us?
20:58Andrew Millman: Hello!
20:58Paul Allison: Hi Andrew.
20:59Joe Rodriguez: Kind of busy around the house tonight. I’ll listen in
21:00Joe Rodriguez: Looking forward to learning more about the work Andrew is doing and how the youth groups can work on connecting
21:02Joe Rodriguez: There you are.. live.
21:04Joe Rodriguez: Very cool… Seems like they are doing awesome work.
21:31Abby Henry: To learn more about our work the cu4c twitter and facebook is @cu4cissn, our gofundme is, and our email is
21:57unnamed: This is so inspiring.
21:58unnamed: Wow, Hebh! So well said!
22:05karen: Thanks all.
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Organizing for Change (Streamed live on Jun 29, 2016) Wed, 29 Jun 2016 18:22:55 +0000 Paul change,youth TTT turns the hangout over to youth on Wed June 29 at 9pmET/6pm PT Youth Voices LIVE! will welcome:
— youth from along with Sarah Zapiler and Sarah Camiscoli 
— youth from along with +jay gillen 
— students who have been working this summer with +Jose Rodriguez  and others to design “a youth network around global education action.”
Like Facebook page for CU4C   
Come learn what +Hebh Jamal and +feyisola oduyebo  have been doing to research and fight for integration in NYC schools. And what+Abby Henry, +Andrei Mejia and the CU 4C team have in mind.
Join +Karen Fasimpaur and +Paul Allison  as we help youth organize around #stuvoice this summer! We’ll put a link for you to follow to join the Hangout On Air on a TitanPad that you can find just before the conversation begins at Join us on Wednesday, June 29 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.

Chat on June 29, 2016

20:38Paul Allison: Here is where to join us:
20:53Joe Rodriguez: Checking in from Los Angeles.
20:53Joe Rodriguez: I’ll be in the chat tonight 🙂
20:54Karen Fasimpaur: Hi Joe. We’re just getting the students set up.
20:54Joe Rodriguez: Lots going on in the house tonight. I’ll participate in the chat and watch the here
20:54Joe Rodriguez: cool.
20:58Joe Rodriguez: Hey Dan.. great seeing you here tonight
21:00Peggy George: Hi everyone!
21:01Joe Rodriguez: Hey Peggy..
21:01Peggy George: HI Joe! Great to see you!
21:02Peggy George: I’m running on fumes tonight because of so much activity in my life with #notatiste16 but it has been awesome!
21:02Joe Rodriguez: Yeah.. I tried to keep up a little with Tony Vincent’s Periscope. It was pretty awesome
21:03Joe Rodriguez: I’ll have to go back and slowly go through the twitter hastag
21:03Peggy George: I was one of his notetakers so that kept me really busy.
21:03Joe Rodriguez: thank you so much.. the poster sessions looked pretty amazing
21:04Peggy George: The easiest way to capture highlights is to use the Livebinder that Barbara Tallent and I have been curating.
21:04Dan Bassill: The info on the web site very good. Hope to learn how they are sharing this w the 17 million living in NYC region.
21:04Joe Rodriguez: let us know when the live stream is on.
21:04Joe Rodriguez: I hear you guys
21:04Peggy George: We’re still adding resources to it but it has all of Tony’s Periscopes and many live broadcasts
21:04Joe Rodriguez: congrats Paul
21:04Peggy George: hearing great!
21:05Karen Fasimpaur: Greetings, all. Some minor tech challenges tonight…
21:05Peggy George: Hi Dan and Karen 🙂
21:05Karen Fasimpaur: There’s now a spot open in the hangout if someone wants to join.
21:05Peggy George: That’s a huge panel of guests! Fantastic!
21:06Karen Fasimpaur: Cooper Union rocks
21:07Peggy George: so glad Paul asked that question–what does that stand for 🙂
21:07Peggy George: Connected United 4 Change
21:08Joe Rodriguez: Great to to see the CU4C team I met them in Cleveland last week.
21:08Peggy George: are these two groups working together?
21:08Peggy George: Exciting Joe! Why were you in Cleveland?
21:08Joe Rodriguez: The CU4C was a week long project design camp
21:09Peggy George: aha! and you attended that camp? 🙂
21:09Joe Rodriguez: I was there as part of The Global Education network. It was my introduction to the network
21:09Joe Rodriguez: I will be working in one of these schools starting in August
21:09Joe : Hi all. So glad to listen in on this conversation.
21:10Joe Rodriguez: Hey.. welcome
21:13Joe Rodriguez: I saw the video produced as part of the integration initiative.. pretty impresive
21:13Peggy George: That’s terrific Joe!
21:13Joe Rodriguez: Our cities are segregated.
21:13Joe Rodriguez: I do see scanners in South Los Angeles.
21:14Joe Rodriguez: same in Los Angeles.. it is a race issue here too
21:15Joe Rodriguez: Murals are an effective way to communicate big ideas.
21:16Joe Rodriguez: you see them a lot in East Los Angeles in public buildings and schools
21:16Karen Fasimpaur: yes, in all cities I think
21:17Karen Fasimpaur: How’s the “school within a school” thing going in LA, Joe? When I was there, it didn’t seem very successful
21:17Joe Rodriguez: very cool.. are for with social justice themes
21:17Joe Rodriguez: It is still a model that is promoted. A lot are going back to comprehensive high schools
21:18Joe Rodriguez: I am in a site with 6 different authomous schools sharing one site
21:18Karen Fasimpaur: Those big high schools seem disastrous, but the school w/in a school thing didn’t seem like the solution… not sure…
21:19Joe Rodriguez: you are right… smaller is better but separate
21:19Peggy George: Love their vision for this!
21:19Joe Rodriguez: The CU4C team concept was developed as part of the design camp.
21:19Peggy George: very impressive!
21:20Joe Rodriguez: they organized themselves with a teacher led.
21:20Joe Rodriguez: lead
21:20Joe Rodriguez: I wonder how they can incorporate these big ideas into specific local issues?
21:20Joe Rodriguez: like those presented here tonight
21:22Peggy George: do they have a plan for that?
21:23Joe Rodriguez: I saw the video the Algebra Project produced a lot against testing…
21:23Joe Rodriguez: I like that focus on student led.
21:23Dan Bassill: Is there a Google+ group or slack group where these groups could be talking to each other?
21:23Joe Rodriguez: @Peggy I think that is still in the works
21:23Joe Rodriguez: @Dan what are slack groups?
21:24Peggy George: they have a facebook group but I don’t think that will be their primary form of communication
21:24Joe Rodriguez: The Algebra project has it together!
21:24Joe Rodriguez: I saw they invest a lot of money in hiring youth
21:25Peggy George: What kind of funding do they have for this project?
21:27Peggy George: that makes sense to start it and spread it in their own schools first
21:28Karen Fasimpaur: Jose, is this the model your new school is following?
21:28Joe Rodriguez: All these schools are part of
21:28Karen Fasimpaur: ah, thanks
21:29Joe Rodriguez: Yes. It’s the Global Education Network my school is k-5 but at my site there is a sister school 6-12 following the Global Education Competencies
21:30Dan Bassill: Here’s the Slack site I’m part of 3 groups that have some pretty strong conversation going on. It’s by invitation. One is a White House Opportunity Project group.
21:30Joe Rodriguez: There are about 50 schools in the US. in California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, New York and other
21:30Joe Rodriguez: Thanks Dan
21:31Joe Rodriguez: @Dan I really admire the work you have done in Chicago
21:31Dan Bassill: Thanks Joe. I keep trying to find partners in other cities.
21:31Peggy George: Joe you need to get in the hangout for a future show to share what you’re doing with your school 🙂
21:32Peggy George: Thanks for the Slack site Dan!
21:32Joe Rodriguez: Sure.. I am excited.. I start in August. I do have a project in mind. KidsRadio L.A.
21:33Peggy George: What a perfect project for you Joe!!!!
21:33Joe Rodriguez: Kidcasts.
21:33Joe Rodriguez: I submitted my K12 online conference proposal with that theme
21:34Karen Fasimpaur: Yes, that looked great. Fyi, we’re currently reevaluating the conference format for this year so stay tuned for more updates in a couple weeks.
21:34Dan Bassill: One of the slack groups is the Chicago Hack Night group, with several hundred technologists involved. Recently they started using another site to support group decisions. Here’s the link. Sites like Slack and Loomio might be useful for these students.
21:35Joe Rodriguez: dope it is. 🙂
21:35Peggy George: What about something like Twitcast for connecting and communicating?
21:36Joe Rodriguez: wow.. pretty innovative idea for the app.
21:37Joe Rodriguez: the civil rights movement lives on
21:38Peggy George: what about dotstorming for decisionmaking? I really like it! We used it to select sessions for EdCamp
21:38Joe Rodriguez: the adult as a coach
21:38Peggy George:
21:39Joe Rodriguez: btw..when do you have an edcamp in Arizona. I would love to come over
21:39Dan Bassill: I’ve heard the youth-vs-adult conversation for 40 years. Problems are complex. Youth become adults. We need to finding ways to get people involved when young and keep them involved for a lifetime.
21:39Joe Rodriguez: The feds are listening now. 😀
21:40Joe Rodriguez: I agree Dan. It is a very complex issue we all need each other #bettertogether
21:41Joe Rodriguez: Paul is old like me
21:41Peggy George: Our edcamp in Phoenix (but for around the state) is usually at the end of February on a Saturday
21:42Peggy George: Loomio looks really interesting!
21:43Joe Rodriguez: I’ll try to make it in.
21:44Joe Rodriguez: We had someone come in from Pheonix for our local edcamp here in Los Angeles
21:45Joe Rodriguez:
21:47Joe Rodriguez: block parties are very cool. More than just 4 of July but around social issues
21:47Peggy George: that would be fantastic Joe! Start following our hashtag as the time gets closer (early Feb)
21:47Peggy George: we have block parties regularly in our neighborhood 🙂
21:48Peggy George: we call them “popup parties” and invite everyone in the neighborhood to come
21:48Joe Rodriguez: very cool
21:48Peggy George: always great conversations focusing on things we can do to support each other in the neighborhood
21:48Peggy George: many local issues get addressed this way 🙂
21:49Peggy George: they’re doing some great things with their block parties!
21:49Joe Rodriguez: I agree. A different type of meetup. More organic and local.
21:50Peggy George: I think building those kinds of relationships go a long way in gaining support for projects when you need it
21:51Joe Rodriguez: That tap in the shoulder goes a long way. Like Paul said F2F does a lot also
21:51Peggy George: yes
21:51Peggy George: having trouble understanding her right now
21:51Peggy George: hebh
21:51Peggy George: very muffled and it wasn’t before
21:53Peggy George: how do you sustain go fund me projects?
21:53Peggy George: they are usually fairly short-lived
21:53Peggy George: could you post that link here in the chat?
21:55Peggy George: I found it on their Facebook page
21:55Joe Rodriguez: dinner is calling. chicken tacos 🙂 gotta run folks. Congrats to all the youth groups
21:55Joe Rodriguez: thanks Paul and Karen as well as all those participating here
21:56Karen Fasimpaur: Good to see you. Have a nice night.
21:56Peggy George: bye Joe
21:56Karen Fasimpaur: I like that — food connects
21:56Dan Bassill: bye Joe
21:56Peggy George: love the idea of an International Spaghetti Dinner night 🙂
21:58Karen Fasimpaur: community foundations
21:58Peggy George: they are learning so much as they develop their ideas and plans!
21:58Dan Bassill: I can’t tell you how many grant request I wrote from 1990-2011
21:58Peggy George: very time consuming!!!
21:59Karen Fasimpaur: This is making me think of Harry’s project where youth write grants for their projects
22:01Dan Bassill: If these kids can connect, and organize, they have huge potential.
22:03Peggy George: I agree Dan!
22:04Dan Bassill: Need someone to create a cMOOC that draws similar youth together, with maybe us old folks allowed to share our own experiences
22:04Peggy George: that is awesome that they are making connections for the future right here in ETT!
22:04Peggy George: good idea Dan! 🙂
22:06Karen Fasimpaur: Thanks, everyone. Good night.
22:06Dan Bassill: Thanks for tonight’s session. Good night all.
22:07Peggy George: REally enjoyed learning about these projects! Thank you all!
22:07Peggy George: good night everyone!
22:07Peggy George: love the energy!!
clean no 1:03:30 Paul
Immigration and Remembrance (Streamed live on Jun 8, 2016) Wed, 08 Jun 2016 16:00:38 +0000 Paul change,Immigration,youth Youth from across the country, including a group who are currently visiting the border, will be talking about immigration.
How has immigration impacted your life?
Participate by sharing YOUR STORY and talking about how immigration is affecting our country.
What reform is needed, and what can you do to work for reform??
Watch this video made by +Karen Fasimpaur , and plan to join us on Wednesday, June 8 at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central/7PM Mountain/6PM Pacific.?
For more information, visit

Chat from June 8, 2016

20:46Karen Fasimpaur: If any of you are joining the hangout, click the link above.
20:46Karen Fasimpaur: Lucy, you have the hangout link?
20:47Joe Rodriguez: I’ll be listening in from here.
20:47Karen Fasimpaur: Cool
20:50Karen Fasimpaur: Joe, the students from LA are on. Yay!
20:50Karen Fasimpaur: Lauren, Sally and Arin, can you click to get in the hangout?
20:51Joe Rodriguez: I saw documentary on Pilgrimage for redemption. It was awesome!
20:51Joe Rodriguez: Great to hear Karen..
20:52Karen Fasimpaur: Thanks, Joe. It was a lovely project to work on. We went out on another cross planting this morning. So sad.
20:53Joe Rodriguez: Wow.. I do have a family story.. 🙁
20:53Karen Fasimpaur: it’s a heart breaking situation
20:53Joe Rodriguez: My dad’s younger brother got lost on the border in 71..
20:54Joe Rodriguez: at 18 years..we never heard from him again
20:54Karen Fasimpaur: tragic
20:55Karen Fasimpaur: Joe, if you want to join hte hangout, there’s room
20:56Joe Rodriguez: the youtube stream starts automatically right?
20:56Joe Rodriguez: I’m ok here for now.. willing to jump in later
20:57Karen Fasimpaur: cool
20:59Peggy George: Hi everyone!
20:59Karen Fasimpaur: Hi Peggy
20:59Karen Fasimpaur: Ann, are you in the hangout? Can you hear us?
21:00Joe Rodriguez: Hey Peggy
21:00Ada Okun (watching): Hi, I’m excited to listen in.
21:00Karen Fasimpaur: Hi, Ada. Great see y ou.
21:00Peggy George: not seeing the stream here yet. have you started it?
21:00Joe Rodriguez: don’t think so..
21:00Karen Fasimpaur: not sure
21:00Peggy George: Hi Joe! Great to see you again!!
21:01Joe Rodriguez: Awesome show on Saturday..
21:01Chris Sloan: I liked your video Karen
21:01Karen Fasimpaur: Stream is going live now
21:01Peggy George: seeing it now 🙂 thanks!
21:01Karen Fasimpaur: Thanks, chris. It was a labor of love.
21:01Joe Rodriguez: oh yeah.. can hear it now
21:01Karen Fasimpaur: thx peggy
21:01Joe Rodriguez: cool… a packed hangout
21:03Peggy George: wonder if Lucy has a fan nearby?
21:04Joe Rodriguez: a very complex issue.
21:04Karen Fasimpaur: I’ll mute her when she’s done talking
21:04Peggy George: ok thanks 🙂
21:05Joe Rodriguez: My granpa and brother crossed the border in 1943… to work unloading railroad trucks in Pittsburg
21:05Joe Rodriguez: grandpa
21:06Peggy George: that’s what I thought! a fan 🙂 I’m sure it’s hot there!
21:06Chris Sloan: You called it Peggy. You’re such a pro
21:07Joe Rodriguez: I remember webcasting in 100 degrees plus with no fan 😀
21:07Allison Fay: I’m from Wilkes University too!
21:07Joe Rodriguez: a great assignment
21:07Peggy George: I have turned my fan off on any occasions too and I know how hot it can be!
21:08unnamed: also from Wilkes University!
21:08Peggy George: Karen I think Lucy’s mic is still active or her video wouldn’t keep popping up.
21:09Gail Desler: 8 minutes in – and this is already such a powerful ttt session.
21:09Chris Sloan: Hi Gail
21:10Peggy George: Hi Gail! So glad you could join us! I agree! Awesome group of people tonight!
21:10Joe Rodriguez: Hi Gail.. great to see you here
21:10Karen Fasimpaur: Hi, Allison. Great to see you all here
21:11Joe Rodriguez: Wow.. such a powerful experience.
21:11Karen Fasimpaur: It is super hot here right now
21:12Gail Desler: Thanks Chris, Peggy & Joe. Such an important topic for educators.
21:14Joe Rodriguez: Experience with a powerful way to get educated… to walk in the shoes of others
21:15Peggy George: so true Joe!
21:16Joe Rodriguez: Immigration reform is very complex.. it is more than pure economics.. there are so many social issues involved also
21:17Joe Rodriguez: What about being a Dreamer? Growing up American and realizing you don’t have access to the American Dream
21:19Gail Desler: In response to current climate, I’m trying to document the coming to America experience:
21:20Joe Rodriguez: Looking forward to reading it @Gail
21:23Karen Fasimpaur: HI, Gail. Ditto
21:24Joe Rodriguez: There are far more economic gains from migrants than any kind of cost to society
21:24Peggy George: these students are so articulate! making great points!
21:24Gail Desler: Would like to add this ttt session to the Time of Remembrance On Coming to America resources
21:26Chris Sloan: The Time of Remembrance page looks really interesting Gail.
21:27Joe Rodriguez: Labels can cause a lot of harm.
21:27Allison Fay: We as humans tend to need to put people in certain boxes.
21:27Joe Rodriguez: I like migrants.. it transcends borders
21:28Gail Desler: It’s in response to some very real concerns about challenges refugees/immigrants in the Sacramento area are facing.
21:28Joe Rodriguez: yep the distinction is importan
21:28Joe Rodriguez: the move west.. the okies coming to California as migrants 🙂
21:29Karen Fasimpaur: “Migrants’ is a common term social justice organizers here use, but I rarely hear it from anyone else
21:30Karen Fasimpaur: Its a lot safer here than in LA where I used to live 🙂
21:31Karen Fasimpaur: Link from what Moira was talking about – see esp last few paragraphs
21:31Joe Rodriguez: I had not really come across it in this context
21:31Allison Fay: I’ve recall reading that biologically we tend to judge people/label immediately as it calls back to a time where we needed to make snap judgements in order to survive. Being able to see the complexity behind people and issues speaks to our evolution. Some are more evolved than others…
21:32Karen Fasimpaur: Similar issues with other labels
21:32Joe Rodriguez: Great point Fay, sometimes we are segregated in our cities and it’s hard to understand other’s point of view
21:33Karen Fasimpaur: that sounds familiar…I never really learned to navigate that very well
21:39Joe Rodriguez: I agree Paul Immigration is part of a larger converstation around social issues.
21:42Karen Fasimpaur: There’s another big federal ICE crackdown targeting families. I just don’t understand that
21:43Joe Rodriguez: I remember growing up in the 70’s in an immigrant family in this situation. There is a lot of fear and stress..
21:45Joe Rodriguez: Easier said than done…
21:47Joe Rodriguez: Interesting term.. your status
21:47Joe Rodriguez: out of status..
21:48Sister Lucy: Veronica said she is joining–I invited her–from Milwaukee
21:49Sister Lucy: please invite her to speak when appropriate
21:49Karen Fasimpaur: Here’s the link to the Kalamazoo Promise
21:49Karen Fasimpaur: “The Kalamazoo Promise is for ALL students of the Kalamazoo Public Schools”
21:49Karen Fasimpaur: Will do Lucy
21:49Gail Desler: #Stop ??? didn’t catch the whole term
21:50Karen Fasimpaur: Yulin
21:51Gail Desler: Thanks, Karen.
21:51Karen Fasimpaur: The militarization of the border here is frightening to me
21:52Karen Fasimpaur: empathy
21:53Peggy George: that daily fear is so real! I am familiar with it first hand in my own family. For an adult just driving down the freeway causes fear that they may get stopped for some reason and get deported as a result.
21:54Karen Fasimpaur: Yes, and there’s been a lot of issues lately with AZ law enforcement trampling rights on this issue (esp re: traffic stops)
21:55Karen Fasimpaur: “Hispanic”…another label
21:55Karen Fasimpaur: hard to avoid but also damaging
21:56Chris Sloan: Kudos to Notre Dame High School for providing such a powerful education experience for the students
21:57Joe Rodriguez: @Chris I agree learning by doing
21:57Gail Desler: Agreeing with @Chris. Would love to see a write up on the Notre Dame program.
21:57Karen Fasimpaur: And also kudos to the group here on the border that host so many groups like this. It’s powerful and meaningful work
21:58Joe Rodriguez: We need to have more of these classes available to youth.. love the idea of social justice curriculum.
21:58Peggy George: telling their stories is not as easy as it sounds because their parents have warned them that it may cause problems for them which could lead to deportation
21:59Joe Rodriguez: The Zinn Project seems to be doing a lot
21:59Chris Sloan: And if you haven’t yet, check out Karen’s video
21:59Joe Rodriguez:
22:00Gail Desler: “Finding ways for people to share their immigration stories, so important” – Agreeing with Paul.
22:00Peggy George: thanks to all of the students and guests in the Hangout for sharing your experiences and advice! Outstanding conversation!!
22:00Gail Desler: Yes, an outstanding conversation!
22:00Karen Fasimpaur: From Moira “People need to understand each other. Misunderstanding is always one of the main reasons of discrimination or something like what I said”
22:01Karen Fasimpaur: Thanks to everyone in hte chat room for being a part of the conversation here.
22:02Joe Rodriguez: Thanks folks it’s been thoughful conversation
22:05Karen Fasimpaur: Joe, thanks for helping get the LA students here with us!
22:05Karen Fasimpaur: From Moira: “Be sure to check out my page, The Movie Destroyer We have new stuffs on movies maybe every month My sci-fi book, Miracle Line, is possibly that will publish next year. If anyone is interested, please search for Miracle Line on Facebook”
22:05Joe Rodriguez: I am glad Andres was able to bring his students into the conversation
22:07Peggy George: Karen, that was a great point about how the border patrol policies are forcing them to cross in very unsafe places leading to more deaths in the desert. I hadn’t been aware of that.
22:08Gail Desler: Night all. Great conversation!
22:09Joe Rodriguez: good night all…
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