Taxes between rich and poor

The rich 1% own up to 35% of the nation’s wealth while the 88% of the lower class holds 11% of the nation’s wealth. Because the rich made so much money and owned so much, they were able to afford to pay taxes, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the wealthy had to pay up to 91% taxes but today that has gone down to less than 43% leaving the middle and lower class to pay most of the taxes. As of today, many of the lower classes are contributing to the taxes paid in united states than the upper classes men.

I don’t think that it’s fair to those that aren’t able to afford having their paychecks deducted greatly to make up for the money not being paid by the rich. The upper class should be the ones to pay more taxes because they wouldn’t be losing much to the point that they won’t have to worry about putting food on the table. By charging the lower class up to 12% of taxes and the higher 1% only up to 1.2% taxes, we as an economy are losing trillions of dollars each year because the money used by the wealthy is not going anywhere and is not helping the economy in any way.
Based on CNBC “, the poorest 20 percent of Americans paid an average of 10.9 percent of their income in state and local taxes and the middle 20 percent of Americans paid 9.4 percent. The top 1 percent, meanwhile, pay only 5.4 percent of their income to state and local taxes. Washington state had the most regressive state tax system, taxing the poorest residents at 16.8 percent while taxing the top 1 percent at only 2.4 percent, the study said. Florida ranked number two, with the poor paying 12.9 percent of their income to taxes, while the top 1 percent pay 1.9 percent. Texas ranked third, with the bottom playing 12.5 percent and the top 1 percent paying 2.9 percent”.

According to bloomberg politics “Americans in the top 1 percent, and especially the top 0.1 percent, have seen their wealth and income multiply in recent decades as the rest of the country’s share of the economic pie shrank. Since 2000, a recent study found, the top 1 percent have made those gains almost entirely on income from capital, especially corporate stock—not on labor income. One reason may be the financial options of the wealthy: Business owners can lower their tax bills by paying themselves in dividends rather than in salary, for example.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury is expected to run a 2017 deficit of $693 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s latest estimate, some $108 billion more than in the 2016 fiscal year. As baby boomers retire and health-care costs rise over the next few decades, the government’s fiscal situation is expected to worsen.”





Should the United States decriminalize Drugs?

The United States does not tolerate drugs at all, since Ronald Reagan started the war on drugs. If someone is using drugs they are not scared of the consequences from the federal government, they are just thinking of the best way to hide it from authorities. More people are being incarcerated for petty crimes that involve drugs, than any other crime combined. Almost 50% of inmates in federal prisons are in for drug offenses, and in state prisons 16% of inmates are in for drug offenses. That is about 207,000 inmates in federal prisons, and just about 1,400,000 inmates in state prisons. Putting these people in prisons is not doing anything to stop the drug issue in this country.

If the United States is to follow the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Italy in decriminalizing drugs, it would benefit us more than ever. People are being saved by special works in place that make sure no one overdoses on drugs. The country would be much safer with less violence. We would have more money to put toward much more important things, more space in prison, and no need to build new ones. The UN has partnered with many different organizations, including health groups, like the red cross and the American Public Health Association, which all have endorsed the decriminalization of  drugs. Why won’t the US government, stop looking at what will benefit them the greatest, instead of what will benefit the citizens of this nation the greatest.

Lets Talk About The Homeless..

Dear Mr.President,

According to, they said the following statistics are alarming: 564,708 people in the U.S. are homeless. There’s no way those many people suppose to be homeless in the so called “Best Country in The World.”This means that there are many people out there that is just out on the street and have no where to stay. Having shelter is a need and it’s something you just have to have. Nobody wants to just not have a home . Especially when most people has one.  Someone from a different country would be shocked once they see the seriousness of our homeless situation.


According to The GDP of America is an astronomical $18 trillion. So we have this much money and can’t get shelters for the ones that need a home? Or we can’t find a different way to get people off the street? We don’t want homeless people sleeping on the ground. Plus only a certain number of people can be in the shelters we have. says 68 percent of homeless people were provided with emergency shelter, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.This means a little bit more than half of the homeless people are in the emergencies shelter.This matters because we need more homeless people off the street. Big time cities would have homeless people sleeping on the ground and it make those cities look bad. How can only some people have somewhere to stay?



Ja’Kavien Lewis

College Tuition

college tuition photo

Dear Future President,

Think about you and your family. How would you feel if your kids had to struggle to get the money needed for college tuition, or simply just gave up and didn’t want to go anymore because of how high the tuition was? This is what many kids go through daily. Some may try to find a job to try to help, but some aren’t capable of finding a job as easy as others so they decide to just not go which that should never be an option for anyone. College tuition should be based off of people’s income not where they live or the college they want to attend. Everyone should be able to go to college without having financial problems, everyone should be able to continue their dreams at being successful with no problem. The lower the college tuition the more kids that’s in college and not out in the streets. Lots of people believe college tuition should be lowered for the better of their kids education.

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Liam Colyer



Child sexual abuse in foster care

Dear future president,

A topic that needs to be more discussed and problem solved, child sexual abuse in foster care. “As many as 75% of all children in foster care, will have experienced sexual abuse.” “ About one in ten children will be sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday.” A topic as disturbed as this does not create a comfortable atmosphere for discussion, but there are barely ways to stop the problem after the assault let alone to prevent it from happening on such a large scale.


The number of identified incidents of child sexual abuse decreased at least 47% from 1999-2006. This percentage makes it appear as if something is helping to prevent it, but only about 38% of child victims disclose the the fact that they have been sexually abused. It is so common that nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults occur to children aged 17 and under. Child sexual abuse is defined in Federal law by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (42 U.S.C. sec. 5106g(4)) as“…the employment, use, persuasion, inducement, enticement, or coercion of any child to engage in, or assist any other person to engage in, any sexually explicit conduct or simulation of such conduct for the purpose of producing a visual depiction of such conduct; or the rape, and in cases of caretaker or interfamilial relationships, statutory rape, molestation, prostitution, or other form of sexual exploitation of children, or incest with children.”

The problem with such a broad term is that not enough people know it, discuss it, or try to let the victims know that they’re there for them and are going to help.




Works Cited


Letters to the next president



Dear Next President,


I am Roosevelt Powell III of Flint Michigan, and I strongly suggest that gun laws need to be more strict with every citizen that purchases them. Though everyone has the right to bare arms. This right is protected by the constitution. Guns aren’t a bad thing, but the person using the gun  can do more harm than good. This letter will mainly revolve around the Las vegas shooting that took place October 1, 2017 at the route 91 harvest music festival. 58 people were dead and over 546 people were injured or hospitalized. The gunman was 64 year old Stephen Paddock. He  started firing at a crowd of 22,000 people from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay resort. The shooting last for at least 15 minutes. 23 firearms, and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found in his hotel room.


Paddock had guns like AR-15-style and AK-47-type rifles. These rifles are Military firearms. The majority of the guns that Paddock used in the shooting  were purchased from “The Sportsman Warehouse” a local gun store in Nevada Las vegas. This means anyone, Just like Stephen Paddock, can legally buy Military level ammunition with standard gun laws.  Paddock who was described by his family as an “average guy” has proven that citizens should not be able to buy firearms they aren’t qualified to obtain.The guns that Paddock possessed are protected by the rights to bare arms “the second amendment”. This tragedy shouldn’t of happened, but it can happened again because the second amendment allows it. Am I saying change the constitution? No, but we can change the standard gun laws. American concealed Gun laws usually have questions that ask: I certify that i have never been convicted of a felony, I certify that i have not been deemed mentally ill by the court of law , or I certify that am at least 21. These questions are important and every citizen that wants to obtain an american gun permit should qualify to these terms, but that shouldn’t end the list of qualifications.


After they legally have a permit for gun use, another permit should be filled to verify if your qualified to obtain a specific gun, for example: if you are going to buy a AR or M4 military gun, you should have military training, served in a branch of the military, or you’re an officers of the law. For regular non-automatic handguns like shotguns, pistols and hunting guns, should be permitted only for specific reasons. If said reasons aren’t aligned with the purpose of buying the gun, than the gun should not be permitted to you. Proper gun usage is important. There should be a limit of guns that you can have, even if you certify for specific guns. We don’t limit the amount of guns that a single citizen can have, than a shooting like Las vegas will happen. Guns can be used to protect yourself and your family or can be used as weapons to harm innocent people. Guns can be used to end someone’s life, so it’s  important that we use them properly. What’s more important than the gun is the person behind it. If some has a gun without the right qualifications than innocent people are at a high risk of losing their lives.That is a risk that any congressman should not be willing to take while passing regular gun laws.


As the president of the united stated u have the power to change that. As our commander and cheif you can apply more efficient gun laws that will make our country safe again, because one innocent life lost because of lazy gun laws is too many to count.

Sincerely, Roosevelt Powell III 

Homework is just basically stress…


Dear Future President,

Stress,depression,anxiety,fear, and anger, these things  start to retreat. For a student having this negativity lifted away is money in the bank. When someone is suffering they can’t create something new and amazing with the same old boring routine. Homework has been around longer than school. More and more students are being diagnosed with mental illnesses due to so much pressure to be the “perfect” student.


Homework is the main cause of stress for students in school. At Stanford they did a survey on the students about homework and here where the results: 56% of the students said homework was the primary source of stress, 43% viewed test as primary stressor, 33% put pressure to get good grades in the category, and less than 1% of the students said homework wasn’t a stressor. Stress can lead to high blood pressure,heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, low energy, headaches/migraines,insomnia, upset diarrhoea,constipation,nausea,aches,pain,tense muscles,etc. No one should have to go through all of that,especially not for some pieces of paper and “A” letter.


When students are overwhelmed with homework, they usually aren’t spending much time with their family members. Also teenagers tend to get really really annoyed when they are doing so much work and when their mom or dad comes into their room nagging them about chores, that’s usually the point where they snap or break down because they have so much built up frustration that they flip out at the littlest things, and they end up taking it out on their parents. This of course will cause a conflict in the household. Some teens may even start to become rebellious.

Lastly, having less homework causes students grades to actually increase. It may sound crazy but it’s actually true. A study by a group of Australian researchers found that the average scores of relating to students’ academic performances against the amount of homework dished out at the end of the school day, showed clearly that when more time was spent on homework students were getting lower grades. This is very interesting considering that homework is supposed to “help” us. Why waste time on homework when it isn’t doing anything but setting us up for failure!?!

To conclude, homework should just be banned in all. If it’s causing so many problems why not? Kids are being diagnosed with health problems that could actually kill them. Like all of the other problems we’ve had in the world we can actually do something to stop this madness. Let’s make education fun again.  


To the President; We Are Killing the Earth

Dear President,


The environment is literally the base of all life on Earth. It makes everything go round. But the problem is that the Earth is dying at an insanely fast rate. This is more of a problem than we are letting on.

There has been a high rate of natural disasters affecting the coast of the United States in Texas and Florida, and also all of Puerto Rico. All of these disasters happened within an extremely small time frame and we shouldn’t overlook it as some natural phenomena. A Puerto-Rican named Alejandro (@agarciapadilla on Twitter) tweeted a picture of surgeons conducting a surgery using a flashlight from a cellphone. The polar ice caps melting play a large role in the hurricanes, which sprouted from, you guessed it: global warming.

That is just touching on the topic of global warming. The earth has heated drastically since 1910. Daniel Glick mentioned in an article that Glacial Park has significantly just diminished. In 1910, there were 150 glaciers; now there are only a shrunken 30. Many people do not believe in global warming, but what else could have caused that?

That’s not our only focus in our environment. #SaveTheBees has become a more popular trend lately. All for a good reason. The simplest and harshest way to put it is; without the bees, everyone dies. Everyone knows that bees pollinate flowers. But bees also pollinate; plants, trees, and grass. Even beekeepers in the UK are finding it hard to sell their honey for a low price since it is so scarce, mentioned by Nabila Khouri, CNN.

It is our responsibility as a human race to save what we have left. To save the Earth, we must stop with deforestation. Things we can do is carpool to release less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. That alone would help us significantly. If we used solar energy, we would have no need for fossil fuels. We must protect what we have left before there is nothing left.



Alexandra Fairbrother

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Dear Leaders of America

Dear Leaders of America,

My name is KM and I am from Michigan. I am currently a student in university. I learned a lot from researching the charlottesville issue. The tragedy that took place this day with Heather Heyer will go down in history. Many people went out this day to protest multiple things that they believed in and it turned into a clash of violence and hate.

Growing up as a teenager in America I witnessed all types of different things. I grew up in a urban neighborhood, so i witnessed a lot of violence and poverty. America in my eyes was that either citizens were rich or poor and it always looked like it was rich versus the poor. Democrats versus republicans looked like poor versus the rich to me. I believe areas of poverty should be prioritized. There are more people living below the poverty line then there should be in America today. Something should be done about the quality of education at inner city schools, the quality of food in the inner city grocery stores, the run down streets and houses, and the air quality is worse than it is in suburban areas.

I would tell officials who ask for my advice that the schools in the urban areas and schools in suburban areas should swap principals and superintendents to try and bring the educational standards up in urban school. I believe it should be a gpa requirement to stay in all high schools so you can get rid of the students who don’t care about school and are bringing problems and other students down with them. This may cause slight chaos but then students an see how important an education is when they see their peers doing good and getting further in life. Inner city grocery stores need to have frequent health and quality checks implicated. Streets need to be repaved and abandon houses need to be torn down to makes areas safer for children and residents. Factories, warehouses, and dumps should not be allowed to do work in the city. They should be pushed out to the cities borders, away from neighborhoods and schools where it is polluting the air and residents lungs.  

I just want the future of America to be more centered toward equality all the way around with health care, education, jobs, and healthy groceries for all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, background, or finances.

With regards,


Human Trafficking Is The Focus!

Dear President Of The United States,


     I am a student , daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, and cousin. There’s a very important issue that is concerning the well being of many citizens who are residents of the United States. Human trafficking is a serious situation that we need to take notice of as residents ,law enforcers, and the president who is running our country. We no longer need to wait until another victim is taken. We must stop it now so no one else becomes a victim. Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial  acts or labor services against his or her will. With that being said human trafficking is action or practice illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Innocent people are being taken and being kept and held against their own ransom and some are never found or returned to their families. Some are sexually assaulted, beaten and killed. Some are even taken killed and their organs are taken. We need more policemen and security at all times to protect the citizens of the United States and stop human trafficking.


This topic is very important to me because there are kids younger and older than me being took families are looking for their children and some will never find their children. Even if the president never sees my letter I hope we as a nation are able to come together to stop these sick people who are making money off of us.


Yours Truly, Arriyana Banks


Dear Mr. Presidentabortion photo

Abortions are a problem , the number of abortions expand more than death rates. Abortions are going on everyday and the number of abortions need to be reduced. Some people are okay with abortions but there also other options instead of killing the baby and hurting the fetus. Sometimes abortions can leave pieces and parts of the baby body part because the doctor didn’t get all of it out .

Women who have abortions are most likely to have depression, people are out here that can’t  have kids ever and will take a kid in, in a heartbeat. Abortions are just plain murder to me and It’s an unsafe procedure. If someone decided to get an abortion I would simply just tell them to take the abortion pill. Mainly because I feel like It’s the easier and a better route to take. I just couldn’t imagine going through them stages. Each year millions of teenagers become pregnant and half of those pregnancies are unplanned and unintended.

I think One way to stop abortion is to start a Pregnancy Club. I believe every church or something should have a program like this and a consular just to talk to indecisive woman and there decision on to keep the baby. Because I believe every child should have a chance to Live no matter who they are.

  • Mykayla Foster.

Photo by lunar caustic

Shed a layer of Mental Illness

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

On average, one of every five adults in the United States and one of every five children in the United States, suffers from a mental illness of some sort in any given year. Though, despite this, only 25 percent of people with a physiological condition feel that others understand and feel compassion about the illness the person has. That includes people who have anywhere from just Generalized Anxiety, to Post Traumatic Stress and Schizophrenia, tied together as wrong or bad. It’s something we all know exist around us all, but the real question is: Why do we keep letting the numbers grow of people having such a negative impact throughout their lives that may drive them to do irreversible things? We should all be working on trying to make this not an issue to face, for the people close to you to everyone else who faces it alone.

Mental illness as a whole costs the United States 193.2 billion dollars in lost earnings every year. Which is a lot for the United States to handle losing for a lot of its population. As many people, mostly adolescence to younger adults have to face such issues, many issues come from that. For example, 70% of youth in state and local juvenile justice systems for a crime have a mental illness. Once they get there, they struggle to survive the harsh justice system. Then we get to the 3rd leading cause of death in the United states as a whole, Suicides.

90 percent of those suicides that happens, the person was dealing with a mental illness, with in mind only 60 percent of adults even get treatment and 50 percent for children. People expect others just to have this problem and just to be able to fix it themselves as they don’t see any actual evidence of it existing unless it gets to the point of cutting, which may already be too late for them.

What needs to be done is to help these people and not to act like it don’t exist. People are so willing to just put these stereotypes on these people who have problems that they can’t just fully take in their hands and people treating them like trash may just push more people over the edge. It may be hard since people can always place judgement right away to anyone, especially if they seem more odd to the naked eye, but it’s more of people trying to accept everyone and try to help out people around us so we can all our lives like it should be, being happy.


Macie Moore


Work cited:

“NAMI.” NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness,

“Mental health: Overcoming the stigma of mental illness.” Mayo Clinic, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 24 May 2017,

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Human Trafficking needs to be Stopped!

Dear Mr. President,


My name is Adam and I am a Highschool student in Michigan. There are many problems in this world that many of them get pushed to the side or overlooked, I am writing to you to bring up one that seems to get overlooked. The issue is human trafficking that is happening in this country and all over the world. Human trafficking is not anything new that have just started happening, the issue has grown over time that is only getting worse and it needs to be put to an end.


In california, they are the number one state of having the most amount of people being victims of human trafficking. With the number of over 200 victims that have been taken from their family and friends. There could be more victims that is reported differently and no one knows what really happened. A human trafficking ring operation was busted in California according to There were 13 victims that got rescued and was being sold for commercial sex. Two arrests were made and one more person of interest to be arrested. The victims were female and some came from broken homes or juveniles.


I hope you can take this issue in consideration and help put a end to this human trafficking in this country.



Adam T.

Dress Codes Are Geared Towards Women!

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sexism photoThe dress code in high schools need to change. The dress code is mainly geared to limit what females wear. Dress codes in high school are more lenient to males than females. I feel like the administration sexualizes body parts that aren’t sexual.


My school has some rules I find unfair to females. If a male wears a beater or racerback tee or the like an official won’t say anything, but since females have breasts were unable to wear them. Breasts shouldn’t be viewed as a sexual object, it is a part of the female body.  I Honestly feel like “shoulder-less’ shirts should not be a problem. If showing a shoulder is deemed “distracting” to others, then maybe the student needs to be talked to. A shoulder shouldn’t distract anyone. I think my school is also very contradicting we have a rule of “no wrist bands” but yet they’ll reward a student or give you a wristband for a pep assembly; “Why give out an item that’s supposedly banned”. They honestly pick and chose what dress code they want to go by. From a personal experience, when I ran Cross Country we were allowed to run in sports bras, within a few weeks we weren’t able to because it’s “inappropriate” and “distracting” to males. BUT if a football player walks around shirtless after practice nothing is said to them. Also, last year there was a rule of no thick headbands because they “LOOK” like earmuffs. I don’t see the point of this rule if the headband looks like something it’s not you can’t wear it. Although, I do make very valid points there are some rules I understand like, no gang related insignia/clothing, no bare midriff, thin tank tops and pajamas.


I honestly understand why school’s have dress code so kids won’t come to school wearing anything but the dress code is too strict and geared towards females

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Year Round Schooling is Too Much

Dear President,


Young kids or young adults have a say in their education, but have you thought traditional schools were enough than year round schools. To many people and myself traditional schools is enough in educational wise.

In the article, Year Round Schooling Explained, it said,“Year round schooling, in which a single summer break is swapped out for a series of shorter breaks throughout the year, has become increasingly common, both as an academic improvement strategy and as a solution to overcrowding.” Majority will disagree and a few will agree with that statement. Having many school days is too much for an school. 180 school days is enough and is effective to students. If you go over 180 school days, students will be tired, miserable, frustrated, angry, and more lazy. Plus it might be too much for that student to drop out early in school because it’s too much. Too many school days is too much for an student and it impacts not only them, but the whole school.


In the article, Research Spotlight on Year Round Education, it said,“The most popular form of year round education is the 45-15 plan, where students attend school for 45 days and then get three weeks (15 days) off.” I feel taking away a kid summer for this plan is ridiculous. A lot of schools get two weeks off and that’s about enough to recharge their body before the return to finish out the year. No big summer means students aren’t able to rest, look for jobs, go on vacations, and do summer camp activities. We need our summer breaks not only to get away from teachers and annoying children, but to recharge our bodies and to get ready for the next school year.


In the article, What Research says About…/Year Round Schooling, it said,“Students in year round schools do as well or slightly better in terms of academic achievement than students in traditional schools.” Traditional school students do as great as any other school. Traditional schools have top students with high grades and high academics. Every school around the world have intelligent students that makes the school look good and shows that the school is delivering a fine education. It wouldn’t matter if students go to year round schools because they still be doing the same stuff as before. A high honors student will still have good grades and a slacker student will still being whatever they do in school and have a easy laugh. No school education is different and more days in school won’t change nothing.


In conclusion, I hope you in recognition of not forcing schools into year round schools. Students wouldn’t change at all. Year round schools will need more money that the school couldn’t afford. Teachers might ask for more money in their contracts if frustrated with the circumstances. Many school days is not going to do anything for the student in making them better. It will make them tired.


Sincerely, Michael McClellan

Child Neglect Needs To Stop!

Dear Mr./Mrs.President,


I am writing to you about a serious issue that is rising in the USA, child neglect. A child needs a loving family to grow up healthy and happy. I think you should do something about this because a child is a precious, a child depends on a parent to take care of them, and a child deserves to have the chance to feel loved and wanted. Many kids don’t feel that and I want to be their voice.

My first reason is a child is precious. A child is a precious gift from God and if u feel it is okay for you to forget a child is their or focus more on you and not the child something is wrong. Many kids won’t speak up because they think it’s normal for that to happen. It’s not.

My second reason is a child depends on a parent to take care of them. A child doesn’t know the necessary things to take care of themselves. They can’t cook, clean, or dress themselves. They need a parent to help them with that and teach them.

My final point is a child deserves to feel loved and wanted. Many kids are depressed due to being alone and abandoned. Many kids feel loved by their parents, but there are many more who don’t feel loved or wanted by their parents due to being neglected. “Over 500,000 children are living in foster care and 60,000 report abuse. 900,000 confirmations of violence each year” states Kate Moulene in “America’s Abandoned Children.

Many kids need a home and a loving family to grow and to be happy. Every child deserves a chance at life that their parents don’t want to give them that. As an abandoned child myself this needs some attention.



Sevin Yoesting

We Need To Stand Up For The Ones Who Are Too Afraid

27th October 2017

Dear Future President,

We have many issues we face today in this world, but one thing in particular is very overlooked. That issue is sexual assault against young boys and older males. Some think that men are supposed to be strong,” be in control,” but that’s not always the case. In order for some to realize men can be raped they need to understand men can be vulnerable just as much as women.

”1 out of 10 rape victims are male.” That may not seem that much but it is. Sources say by the age of 18, 16% of men had experienced sexual abuse. The number of reported sexual assaults annually is 12,000. ”In reality that number is way higher, the actual amount a year is about 60,000.” The numbers show that this is a bigger issue than its lead on to be.

Men are afraid to come out to the world with their story. It’s not “normal” for men to be raped. Well at least that’s society’s view. We don’t allow ourselves to believe that this could happen to as many men as it does. People are so close-minded that men go through this and deal with it everyday by themselves cause they’re to afraid to tell their story to others.

This is a very big issue that needs to be handled. We should expect the unexpected. To realize most things that happen to females can also happen to men. Men should be able to know they are safe with coming out with their rape story and not be told they’re lying.


Sincerely, Amber Kavula


Hear Our Children Cry


Dear Mr. President,

Child abuse. What does that mean to you? Well to those who are concerned it is both mental and physical maltreatment that harms a child. Child abuse, in definition, is physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. But, according to what you say and the way you act towards a child can harm them mentally as well.

Did you know that 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection service agencies each year ? According to almost 60,000 of those kids are sexually abused. And that about 1,670 to 1740 children die each year due to abuse and neglect. Can these kids get help? These kids are our future. These kids will grow up to change the world, do we want what they went through to continue in our nation? We need to decrease the amount of kids that are being abused. Of course, I want it to be zero, but that’s a dream. So why not do what we can to just decrease the abuse. The united states has one of the worst records for child abuse among industrialized nations. How can we help them ? Where did it all start?

Some risks that can begin child abuse are social isolation from families, history of domestic abuse (most famous one), disabilities in children can increase burden upon the parent and/or guardians, and also community violence. All these can spark up child abuse.  And as these kids get older, some will continue these cycles of child abuse. They may grow to be hooked on drugs and alcohol. They will be violent. And their kids will feel their pain, and their kids, kids will feel their pain, and their kids, kids, kids will feel their pain. Let’s stop the child abuse cycle.

And maybe we can’t stop it from happening , but  we can most definitely help the situation. We can get people involved. Teach the facts of child abuse, minimize the opportunity of it, offer support,  talk to the kids and get them to open up about it, we can break the cycles.  I have a friend that went through similar abuse. Her mom boyfriend was molesting her, and her mom didn’t believe her. It made her feel ashamed and no good. She opened up about and now that man is in jail. She told her story and put a bad man away.  Now she graduated school and in college to be a social worker for kids. All because she had an ear. Someone for her to listen to her. Let’s do this for these kids. Let’s be their ear.

Mr. President help us spread the word about child abuse and decrease it in our nation. Help our kids, who are the future of our nation. We need to stop the maltreatment of these children. We need to find these people that are harming these kids and put them away. Our babies shouldn’t have to suffer no more. Mr. President be their ear and help us make a difference.




Briaja Smith

Juvenile Incarceration?

Dear president,


My name is Alazia wilson and i am a senior at Carman-Ainsworth High School,MI. One of the most pressing issues in the united states right now is juvenile incarceration.There are many flaws in the juvenile system such as, putting kids in juve because they have behavior issues or they tried to run away from home.


This affects me and the kids that are incarcerated because their are a numerous of youth that are nonviolent who haven’t received the proper education, so when they are released they wouldn’t have the acquired skills to function, because they spent almost their whole life in a cell. They should get the proper education, so when they go to school they wouldn’t have such a hard time and they won’t be so behind of their classes.


We should provide the youth with behavior counseling instead of throwing them in a cell for some years because of that. kids who are under 18 and are in there whole life because they have a behavior issue and that’s not okay because kids who are younger than 18 are in an unsafe environment.


The president should consider on making better choices when dealing with the youth that are incarcerated, such as giving them better education and better food choices for them such as healthy foods so they won’t get sick. And have kids that have behavior issues to go to a detention centers, encourage kids to make a better life for themselves. They should be provided with a safe and clean place to think and learn.




Alazia wilson


Photo by DonkeyHotey

Huck Finn-Freedom

In the Novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the quest to find freedom is a predominant theme. This is shown through the use of two characters; Huck Finn, and Jim. Although both seek freedom, they seek it for different reasons. Jim seeks freedom from slavery while Huck searches for freedom from society and his home life.

Huck wants freedom, he’s running away from from the boring social constructs civilization to find fun and adventure, he was running from his father, from Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas. “The Widow Douglas she took me for her son, and allowed she would sivilize me; but it was rough living in the house all the time, considering how dismal regular and decent the widow was in all her ways; and so when I couldn’t stand it no longer I lit out. I got into my old rags and my sugar-hogshead again, and was free and satisfied. But Tom Sawyer he hunted me up and said he was going to start a band of robbers, and I might join if I would go back to the widow and be respectable. So I went back.”(1)  Huck is oppressed by society, he doesn’t accept the lack of excitement and conformity of the “civilized” world, he wants adventure. Huck strives to free as he pleases, he doesn’t want a simple life of rules.

Jim is also running to freedom. He, However, is running from slavery and from being sold to another family (which would separate him from his family forever). “Jim talked out loud all the time while I was talking to myself. He was saying how the first thing he would do when he got to a free state he would go to saving up money and never spend a single cent, and when he got enough he would buy his wife which was owned on a farm close to where Miss Watson lived and then they would both work to buy the two children, and if their master wouldn’t sell them, they’d get an Ab’litionist to go and steal them.” (80). Jim wants his freedom so he can work to obtain the freedom of his family, he wants him and his family to be able to live a free and happy life.

Abolish the Federal Reserve

Dear President Trump,

Since 1913, America has become indebted to the point where we don’t own ourselves anymore. The Federal Reserve, created in that year, has allowed our government to live beyond its means. We would have been a much poorer country without it. Which is great and all, except that we don’t own any of our money. We borrow all of our money from the Federal Reserve with high interest rates and it’s worth very little because they just keep printing more and more whenever they want it. The Fed isn’t even a government agency, it’s just as federal as Federal Express. If we continue to use the Fed, we will be worth nothing. The United States Government will be owned, forever in debt. This is not the route we want to go.

JFK gave us a way to get rid of it and save ourselves. Executive order 11110 was put in place 5 months before he was assassinated. It gave Congress the power to print money from the government-owned United States Treasury, backed by real wealth. For the first time, a good president defied the Fed and started to do things right. But then LBJ became president and immediately stopped the printing of U.S. dollars. If we had continued to use it after JFK’s death, we would have our own money and a free market that manages itself. After all, why do we need a bunch of private bank owners around the world to set interest and inflation rates for the whole country?

A free market can manage itself. I’m sure that JFK’s death was a warning to all presidents about the danger of messing with the machine, but something needs to be done. A president with good intentions, business experience, and a mind for money can get it done without screwing America over. This needs to be dealt with before it gets any worse than it already is.


Connor Solomon

Interstate Commerce Clause

The Interstate Commerce Clause impacts the general public in many ways. Any product that traveled on the interstate to reach us is called commerce. Anything that is transported across a state line and going to be sold has a tax on it. Interstate commerce makes up much of the money the government uses to spend on our roads. But the government has been stretching their power with this clause regulating things that are not related to commerce, like forcing Americans to buy Obamacare or pay a fine because you are putting yourself and others at risk. People of the U.S. have been trying to put a limit on what the government can do with this clause, but it is hard to reword something that is written in the Constitution.

The Interstate Commerce Clause states that the government has the power “to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” If Congress can figure out how to relate something to commerce, they will put a tax or restriction on it if they need to, such as forcing Americans to either buy Obamacare or pay a fee. They relate this to the Commerce Clause because the health business is an interstate business such as there is constant flow of drugs, patients, doctors, donations, research money, health payments health reimbursements beyond state lines. Not only does Congress have the power to control just interstate transactions, it also manages the activities that influence the interstate industry.

We must reword this clause with a better definition that gives the people a better understanding of this clause and also sets a barrier on what this clause can actually do. Right now the Commerce Clause is really broad. It doesn’t really say what the government can do or what they can not do. The economic/non-economic line isn’t enough of a constraint on federal power. If the government can relate a product to interstate markets in some way, they will “combine” economic impact into it. That allows Congress an excessive amount of power.

The Commerce Clause is not just about commerce, it’s about Interstate Commerce. The Supreme Court could take a more prohibitive view of federal power than the existing common law reflects. But while the economic/non-economic line may not be enough of a limitation, it’s not accurate to say that it makes the Federal Government one of unlimited power. At this point in time, it’s important that we keep the Commerce Clause in place because our country wouldn’t operate correctly; however, even if it is going to be quite a challenge, we should still rein in some of the Commerce Clause’s power by amending the Constitution.


As a conservative young citizen of the United States of America, I believe that NATO needs to change. After researching evidence and articles from both sides of the NATO discussion, I stand strong on my belief that getting rid of  NATO would benefit the United States.  The U.S. spends too much money and resources on NATO.  We could build our military up and better our country.  There are no direct threats to the U.S. that constitute our involvement with the organization.  When looking into both sides thoroughly and taking into consideration the other side’s point of view, the reasoning to stay with NATO is not enough  to overshadow the reasons to end our connection with the alliance.

Some believe that NATO is still needed.  They say that the good outweighs the negative benefits even the financial cost to our country.  Bruce Fein, an American lawyer who focuses on international and constitutional law states the U.S. pays 75% of NATO’s budget which doesn’t include paying our U.S. NATO troops.

Nicholas Clairmont,  a fellow at The Atlantic, says that NATO is “the most successful alliance in human history.” This sounds believable until you start digging deeper, because you start to see all the money we are spending and countries we protect that mean nothing to the United States . NATO has put the U.S. in countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania that don’t mean anything to the United States and can’t offer anything to the U.S. The Baltic States are a buffer zone between Russia and other parts of the world but they provide nothing more than that.

The U.S. pays most of the budget and provides most of the troops to protect other countries assets.  The agreement for NATO is every country has a pay 2% of GDP and the U.S. pays 3.61% and the next closest ones are Greece, Britain, and Estonia, which are paying just over 2%. This shows that the U.S. is paying more in NATO than anyone else. We could spend the money else where, where we need it.

The U.S. is facing great threats since the Cold War due to the “perilous security environment in Europe.” said by Bruce Fein. This quote itself, points out that NATO has caused the U.S. to be involved in unnecessary issues across the globe.  For example the only conflict we have with Russia is threw Europe. This is why if we got out of NATO we wouldn’t have as much conflict with other countries.

We have “a strong alliance mainly because we have to defend ourselves.” pointed out by Ivo Daalder. The U.S. is not defending themselves when they send their troops overseas to protect smaller countries whose well being has little or no effect on the U.S. It is not worth our time anymore because its cause to much drama between countries, the U.S. doesn’t need to fix everything for other countries.

Nicholas Clairmont provides information regarding to who pays the NATO budget.  He states that the U.S. pays only 22%.  But, when investigating this information, The Economist shows charts that reflect the fact that the U.S., indeed, pays the majority of the NATO budget contributing  3.61% of the U.S. GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  Then Fein has a chart showing the U.S. pays 75%.  It appears that the U.S. is contributing more than our fair share into the NATO budget, So when the opposing side say we don’t pay enough in NATO they are wrong. The opposing doesn’t have the right facts to back up their argument.  

A writer from Boston Globe, Stephen Kinzer points out NATO was of help during the Cold War but it s not longer suited for the 21st century.  With the U.S. getting out of NATO it would help us put aside our conflict with Russia and help the U.S. but it’s self back up. If we were  to stay with NATO we need to change how much we pay in and change how we pay the U.S. soldiers.

Bernie Quigley asking the question why NATO still exists after 70 years.  Bandow talks about how protecting the Baltic States increases the risk of nuclear war. In addition, LoGiurato presents that Trump wants changes to be made to NATO or for the U.S. to withdraw all together. This really helps me point out that NATO is out of date and needs changes possibly even get out of NATO.

Withdrawing from NATO or making big changes would be in the best interest of the United States.  This would be beneficial because we could rebuild our military for ourselves.  Also, with not having the expense of paying the NATO budget, the U.S. would have more money to put toward our national debt.  


Climate Change

The topic of climate change has been in the headlines around the world. It continues to be a controversial issue with some supporting and some denying its existence. George W. Bush once stated, “Some of the scientists, I believe, haven’t they been changing their opinion a little bit on global warming? There’s a lot of differing opinions and before we react I think it’s best to have the full accounting, full understanding of what’s taking place.”  Bush is saying that before we decide if we support or deny the existence of climate change it’s best to gather all the viable information that we can.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Earth’s average temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees fahrenheit over the past century, and is projected to rise another 0.5 to 8.6 degrees fahrenheit over the next hundred years.” Rising global temperatures could have a horrible impact on our environment in more ways than one. Rising temperatures may also be accompanied by changes in weather and climate which could have contributed to one of the worst fire seasons on record. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “the majority of greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels to produce energy, although deforestation, industrial processes, and some agricultural practices also emit gases into the atmosphere.” If climate change can really have such a large impact on our environment, we need to stop or limit the burning of fossil fuels.

According to NASA, “97 percent or more of actively published climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.” That fact alone is convincing enough for many people to believe in climate change. The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely caused from humans and is warming faster than it has in the past 1,300 years. Ice cores were recently drawn from Greenland, Antarctica, and tropical mountain glaciers, from the information they gathered they confirmed that Earth’s climate responds to changes in greenhouse gas levels.

The idea that Earth is sensitive to greenhouse gases is confirmed by many lines of scientific evidence. Climate change is a growing problem.  If these claims and evidence are true the possibility of climate change existing is something to strongly consider. Everyone should make it their duty to make an informed decision with regards to climate change. If we don’t do something to stop the progression of climate change our world could end as we know it.

Conversion Therapy

In a country based on freedom and liberty, citizens should be able to craft, and accept their own identities and be who they truly really are. So why does most of our country, including the vice president, attack the LGBT community?

Mike Pence is our current Vice President and he has spoken against LGBT issues in the past, like same-sex marriage, and anti-discrimination laws, both of which he opposed. He also explained on his website, “Congress should support the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act only after completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” HIV is commonly paired with the LGBT community, so it seems like an attack towards that group. The comment “those seeking to change their sexual behavior” is referring to conversion therapy.

I am a gay man who has many LGBT friends and family, and I want conversion therapy banned. It takes an exponential amount of emotion and energy to come out, and you have the fear of being rejected and you have the possibility of people loving and accepting you. I was lucky enough to be accepted by my loved ones. With the rejection, sometimes worse things happen. Sometimes you are thrown out of your house or you are forced into conversion therapy just to live at home afterwards. It is wrong to hurt people because of who they love. Conversion therapy should be banned because it has never worked, and only hurts the person physically and mentally.

Conversion therapy was first started in 1913, by Abraham Bill, he wrote a book about homosexuality, and developed techniques to “cure” homosexuality such as bladder washing, rectal massage, and castration, along with hypnosis, but referred approvingly to Freud and Sadger’s use of psychoanalysis to cure homosexuality. But it didn’t work, it can’t help people change, and there are no actual cases of people with changed sexuality. As stated by Brothers Road, a conversion therapy, “Heterosexuality alone can never guarantee happiness.” This is a quote from a conversion therapy organization. They would rather you be happy than straight. This should be a rule to live by. The U.S. Declaration of Independence includes “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as our “unalienable rights” that each human being has received from their creator. Conversion therapy takes away our happiness. If only some people have the right to happiness what makes us different from other countries?

Those who want to help individuals in the LGBT community should want you to be someone who is happy with yourself, not someone who is self loathing. Most conversion therapies teach you to hate yourself because you are “unclean.” This isn’t right in the world today, we should be teaching love, not hate. LGBT people are 8 times more likely to attempt suicide, 6 times as likely to report high levels of depression, more than 3 times as likely to use illegal drugs, and more than 3 times as likely to be at high risk for HIV and STDs. Suicide, depression, drug use, and increased STDs, these all can change if people become informed and are more accepting of LGBT people. Every major health, and mental health organization has released statements oppose conversion therapy and reparative therapy, including the American Psychological Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association, the American Medical Association,  the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and a lot of others. That should mean something to even the most bigoted person. Don’t be a part of the problem.



Hudson Hall

Ranching on Public Lands


Dear Editor:

I was raised in a little rural Montana town. I have had a large amount of exposure to agriculture, and I have seen how much it can affect people; whether that be a good rain year where hay prices are not through the roof or cattle prices make an extreme drop and families hardly make enough to rub two pennies together. Even though most here have quite a good understanding about ranching,  I have come across many who do not. This worries me because in a roundabout way livestock impacts most everyone. I believe that the public needs to become more informed about public land grazing so that they can make educated decisions when they consider making changes.

Many Americans enjoy eating a hamburger or a big juicy steak. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans are among the very highest per capita consumers of meat on the planet, eating on average 71 pounds of red meat (beef, pork, and lamb) a year. However, they seldom ever wonder where that came from. Have you? Moreover, no, I am not asking whether they know that beef burgers and steaks come from cows. I am asking if they have ever thought about the families that raised that beef and all the work that was put into raising it. Some might know someone who owns or raises cattle and know how much work does go into it. However, how many citizens know the process?

Ranchers across the country are leasing public lands to graze their livestock on, our small Stillwater County community included. These lands are very much relied on for ranchers to graze their cattle on. Most own land that surrounds these state land section so leasing them is convenient and helpful in keeping their ranches in one large piece. Many taxpayers are trying to get ranchers to pay more for their leases (AUM) on these lands, but I would just like to point out that ranchers pay for many things to keep this land in good condition; weed control and invasive species, maintain fences, water sources and help maintain or boost wildlife populations.

I believe they need to continue to be allowed this privilege and at a reasonable price. Many citizens are uneducated or misinformed on how public land grazing works. They also believe that it is destroying the ecosystems. If done incorrectly, then yes it can be damaging. However, ranchers are trying to do their best so that this does not happen. George Work, a Monterey County rancher states in an article titled “Ranchers lead efforts to protect rangeland,” “Our family uses a holistic decision-making process that aims for outcomes that are ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable.” In other words, it just means that they are trying to take into consideration everything including the environment and people affected by public grazing, just like many other ranchers.

In conclusion, I would just like the American people to be aware of the challenges that ranchers face when they are asked to pay a higher rate for lease contracts. To take away this land would be crippling to the agriculture community and the history that our great country was built on would be just that, history. No longer here to remind us of all the hard work it took to make us what we are now. In the end, farming and ranching is much more than just a business; it is many people’s livelihoods. In a letter to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will, in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”  This I find to be completely true, and I hope that others will one day too.


Skyler Ketola

Photo by USDAgov

Climate Change

Growing up on my family’s ranch in south-central Montana, I have experienced the issues drought can cause to our ranch and the many other ranches nearby. I’m no liberal. But not having not having enough pasture for the amount of cattle we run, not being able to put up any hay to feed in the winter, or simply having to haul water to pasture that isn’t able to produce enough because of drought makes me wonder what can be done to try to make a difference. Drought is one of the problems that is worsened by the effects of climate change. So maybe if we take a look at what can be done about climate change, it will help the agriculture issues that many ranches deal with.

The impact of climate change can be lowered with just a little bit of help from everyday citizens. It’s truly the little things that you can do to help. It would be nice for government officials to hear it as well, but it isn’t the highest political priority for them, so chances of them caring about climate change is rather low. This is kind of frustrating since without the government support, many won’t believe we should worry about it.  Making those who are unaware of this issue just a little bit more aware of what they can do will start to make a difference.

Davis, Landler, and Davenport stated President Obama’s side while Ebell states president Trump’s side. Obama says “what makes climate change difficult is that it is not an instantaneous catastrophic event, it’s a slow-moving issue that, on a day-to-day basis, people don’t experience and don’t see.”  I would agree with Obama because he knows it is a problem and without doing anything about it now, there will be consequences to come. It sounds like Trump doesn’t care about it at all and just because he believes it’s a hoax, but others may think differently. Trump has decided, “The Unites States will switch course on climate change and pull out of a global pact to cut emissions.” We went from Obama who was working towards this climate agreement and now Trump who took us out of it.  It might become difficult to do things about this when the president thinks it’s a waste of time and money, but with enough support and evidence we could find a way to do something about it without his approval.

Greenhouse gas emissions have shown temperature increases in the past decades. The cause behind these greenhouse gas emissions is the burning of fossil fuels. The amount of carbon dioxide is too much for our atmosphere to handle on it’s own. Lowering the amount of pollution in the air will help make a slight change in years to come. This issue could easily be lowered by setting regulations and enforcing the public to follow these regulations.

Justin Gillis writes an article for The New York Times, and in this article he states “Earth reached its highest temperature on record in 2016, trouncing a record set only a year earlier, which beat one set in 2014. It is the first time in the modern era of global warming data that temperatures have blown past the previous record three years in a row.” Data has been consistent for these past years, showing an increase and now we will just have to wait to see if the record is reached once again this year.

Starting to think about what you can do now to help will be better than sitting back and doing nothing. It is not a change that you are going to notice from day to day, but more so year to year. Some things you can do are reduce driving amounts if possible, better fuel mileage vehicles, these are just minor things that will reduce pollution and lead to changes.

Stem Cell Controversy

Churches and religious groups across America have opposed stem cell research for decades,  even when this technology first came out and showed promise to save the lives of the people opposed it, saying it was morally and ethically wrong.  The reason for their opposition is because of embryonic stem cells and how scientists once obtained them.  

Today though, there is new technology that will stop the death of a fetus when extracting embryonic stem cells.  Robert Lanza, a medical director of the biotechnology firm of Advanced Cell Technology in Massachusetts, said, “We’re showing for the first time that it’s possible to create stem cells without destroying the embryo and . . . without destroying its potential for life.”  This means there are no moral or ethical problems with using stem cells for the treatment of degenerative diseases if there is no death of an embryo.  During this study, they found no defects or issues that would affect the embryo and its potential for life.  Ronald M. Green, the director of the Ethics Institute at Dartmouth College, even says, “I do believe it solves the ethical problems.”  If there are no more ethical problems with embryonic stem cell research then why would religious groups still oppose it?  Now that we have solved and addressed the ethical problem with stem cell research, now we can perfect the application process and create treatments.  Even with the limited amount of stem cells scientists are provided, they have already made tremendous strides towards making treatments.  

In a study by the University of California at Irvine, several departments came together to test how embryonic stem cells transplanted in mice can restore active locomotion after a spinal cord injury.  In this experiment, stem cells were injected into mice with spinal cord injuries and then they tracked how the cells interacted with the body and if the motor functions of the mice improved.  It was found that just after seven days of the treatment that the cells were still alive and helping the mice become more active, restoring motor functions.  These results help scientists come to the conclusion that stem cells will be able to help in treatments for multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and various other diseases that cause the loss of motor function or loss of control of the body and mind.  For these treatments to be finalized and usable for people suffering from these diseases, we need to expand research and funding so that scientists can create treatments for everyone.  Right now they are limited, but with new funding and stem cell lines they can create treatments for any degenerative disease and save billions of lives of the years to come.  If we can save lives of people that are suffering from these awful diseases, then why don’t we?

Stem cell research has shown great potential in many other areas also.  It has been shown that stem cells can cure Alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes, and various other diseases that plague people and trouble their everyday life.  Treatments can help people suffering from these diseases and studies have found proof that stem cells work and are efficient.

Religious groups want to help people, and this is their chance to help by supporting this research.  This is everyone’s chance as well by coming forth and supporting stem cell research.  With various churches from around the country supporting this research, Congress will also see that there is no moral or ethical problems with using stem cells for the treatment of degenerative disease, and that we should increase funding to save lives for generations to come.  So please support this research and help be a part of the new medical and scientific advancements doctors and scientists are making every day.  You could just be saving your life, or the lives of ones you love.

Letter to the President

The state of our environment is appalling. Many of the regulations that are currently in place are not making enough of a change for what they are worth. As it stands, the current head of the EPA, that you appointed, denies climate change. Water sources in underprivileged areas are polluted and they can’t afford to change sources. There are marches to keep science in politics and to argue that scientific fact is true. Factories dump waste into rivers that are main sources of drinking water in poor areas. There is a widespread drought across much of the South and even rich landowners are being affected. Despite how much money they have, they cannot control the climate. Is this the “Great America” that many of your supporters envisioned when voting for you?

Regardless of your answer, a change is necessary-it needs to happen soon. Whether it is through the repealing of an ineffective regulation or the addition of new regulations, there must be a change. According to executive order 12291, enacted by Ronald Reagan, “there must be regulatory oversight and it is the president’s job to oversee them.” This requires the president to be well-versed in the current regulations that are in place and to be fully educated on all of them. If you truly believe that you are fully educated, you should plainly see the problems that we have with the current system that is in place.

In a Forbes article written by Tom Pyle, President of American Energy Alliance, on the topic of the EPA Clean Power Plan, he states that the cost of environmental protection is not worth it. This is derived from the high regulatory costs of environmental laws and the current decisions that are being made about our environment. The American Energy Alliance has dedicated itself to informing the public about the risks that are overlooked while looking into environmental protection. This article brings up the problems that we face as a human society and where we need to go from here and even the people that fight for keeping the current regulations in place know that there are definite problems.

Looking from a general economic standpoint, if the regulation can make profit and make a viable change, then it is good. Peter Sale, a marine ecologist and award-winning author, states in his book, Our Dying Planet, that “anybody who thinks we can go through a mass extinction and be perfectly fine is just deluding themselves.” This is an accurate representation of what is happening currently.

As we’ve seen, marine life biodiversity has been on a decline since 1995. This is a result of the constant nitrogen pollution killing off entire species of fish enough that only the strongest survive. According to a study done by Richard Black of BBC in 2011, “we will have used up 27 Earths worth of resources by 2050 if we continue to abuse nature.” This should be an alarming report but there are still people that think global warming was made up by the Chinese so they don’t believe in reports and statistics.

I am seventeen years old and live in a small town in Montana. In the next four years, I hope to see you succeed in everything that will help the country. I can’t see you doing this however, with the current state of the environment. It’s quite hard to protect the country when the land that it’s on is falling apart. Between the widespread drought, the constant illegal emissions from big factories, and denial of scientific fact, the country is on a decline. As it stands, you are replacing the wrong regulations.

So, Mr. President, do you truly believe that everything is perfectly fine in the world? If so, maybe you should take a walk in some underprivileged areas and look around. If you do, you will see the absolutely deplorable conditions many of us are forced to live in. You’re a smart man; smart enough to become president. There is no way you haven’t seen anything that’s been going on recently. Many of the current regulations in place cost too much and must be replaced with more cost-effective options. Don’t let our planet die.


NE OH Takes on the Women’s March on Washington (updated with videos I shot that day)

Hi, Youth Voices! My name is Abby Henry, and I am a Senior at Jackson High School in Massillon, Ohio (1 hour South of Cleveland). I went to the Women’s March on Washington and I would like to share about my experience.

I worked on the Hillary Clinton Campaign for the Ohio Democratic Party for about 11 months. Everything you could imagine a campaign doing, I did it! I phone banked (calling supporters to get them to vote/volunteer and calling undecided voters to share why I was supporting Hillary), I canvassed (going door to door to supporter and undecided voters’ homes to make sure they voted), I registered thousands of voters, I organized a fellow team of students in my area, I housed a Regional Organizer of the Campaign (who became like my brother), and I worked on social media outreach. I tirelessly dedicated hours upon hours to the campaign, so naturally, it was devastating when we didn’t win the electoral college. Being a woman (sex-wise), a girl (gender-wise), an animal rights advocate, an environmentalist, and an ally for those of different sexualities, nationalities, races, and religious backgrounds I knew I had to continue being heard. About a week after the election, I participated in a local #NotMyPresident March and felt empowered. Thus, when I heard about the women’s March I jumped on the opportunity.

On January 20, 2017, my Mom, Andi (my middle sister), Isaac, Ted, Tumas (my best friends), and I crammed ourselves into our car and road tripped 7 hours to Washington DC. After a quite uncomfortable car ride, being squished in the back seat with all of the luggage, we arrived in DC around 11 pm. We stayed with a student at the Catholic University of America, Meghan, who had taken a semester off of her studies to be an organizer for the Ohio Campaign. She lived with my Grandmother, and we worked endless hours together so we got pretty close. For the march the next day we all took the metro to Union Station, which was packed with clever signs and pink hats. My group attempted to meet up with the organizer of the campaign who lived with me but had no such luck. Still feeling inspired in the face of our defeat, we listened to speakers before the march. If you watch the videos below, you can tell that in the earlier videos we were farther away but we were able to keep creeping up closer to the stage. There were big names like Gloria Steinem, American Ferrera, Scarlett Johanson, Katy Perry, Michael Moore, etc. There were also many organizers speaking. My favorite was Ashley Judd’s powerful poem:

My favorite was Ashley Judd’s powerful poem:

and Sophie Cruz.

The speakers went a little longer than intended, so people were getting a little tired of standing and not marching. We personally stood for the speakers from 9 am ET to 2 pm ET, and we didn’t even hear all of them. At around 2 pm, we pushed out of the standing crowd to get to the marching crowd. The streets of DC were completely closed and filled with marchers, it was a truly amazing sight to see. My favorite chants were “this is what democracy looks like,” “this is what a feminist looks like,” and “welcome to your first day, we will not go away.” I was amazed at how peaceful the whole march was and a number of people that showed up, from everywhere. In addition to the DC March, there was at least 1 march in every US state and around 100 marches outside of the US. The world was united under one cause, I have never been more proud to be a part of something.

For those who don’t know, the pink hats you see are pussy hats. They are pink hats with cat ears on the top. The aim was to unite everyone, even if they couldn’t make it to the march and to send a message that rape culture will not be accepted.

I was personally marching because I did not agree with the rhetoric normalized by Donald Trump in the 2016 Election. My main motives were reproductive rights and equality for all people.

One thing about the march that I didn’t particularly enjoy was the lack of organization. A lot of the speakers felt repetitive and ineffective. During a lot of speeches, the people on the ground felt talked at and not with. A lot of the speakers were reiterating the same issues in society, but that’s precisely why we all showed up. Sometimes we felt belittled by the speakers. I feel as though when the march became massive, it almost became too commercialized. That’s not necessarily something the march organizers could have helped, but it was a bit frustrating.

Despite the negative of the march, it was a great cause and it mobilized so many people. My favorite thing about the march was how inclusionary it was, the march wasn’t just for women. Men were also showing up for their support of women’s rights. Additionally, the march wasn’t just for liberals or solely anti-trump people either. I was reading stories about people that voted for Trump showing up for the march. They liked Trump’s policies but wanted to let him know that his rhetoric wasn’t appreciated. The inclusion and acceptance were amazing.

March on!

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  2. Pink Hats on the Metro
  3. Gloria Steinem
  4. Michael Moore
  5. Scarlett Johanson
  6. Alicia Keys
  7. Janelle Monae
  8. This is what a Feminist looks like
  9. In front of the White House barricades
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Why Do I Need To Hide

Love between two women
Or love between two men
Or between a man and woman
Will still remain love
Nothing changes

Why should I be judged
And punished
For feeling such a wonderful thing
Gender is none existent
When it comes to feelings
Love is about what’s inside
Not about your anatomy

Society labels us all
And we shall meet expectations
A girl belongs to a boy
And a boy belongs to girl
But what if the boy
inside is truly a girl
And the girl
Wants to belong to another girl

Why do I need to hide?
Why do I have to feel guilty
Of how I feel
Of who I am
I’m not ashamed
When I say I love someone
Who is the same sex as me
Because I’ve found the one thing
That everyone looks for

Photo by missbutterflies

Donald Trump: The worst man for us

Donald Trump is a joke. He makes fun of everyone, and I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s the best because he’s not, DID YOU KNOW: HE IS GOING TO COURT FOR RAPING A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL?How mean is that, and all you people still voted for him? Wow! Whoever voted for him will regret it because your life depends on it. And he thinks that being president isn’t that big of a deal but it is. When you are president, you are in charge of the entire country and it is your job to keep everyone SAFE!!

He is also going to court for fraud!!! Why are you guys voting for him??? He’s terrible!! He is an immature, racist, sexist human being who should not be given the honor of being the republican candidate in the presidential election. He thinks that the Mexicans are gonna pay for the wall!! There is no way that they are going to do that!!!


Immigration Unfairness

Dear Future President of the United States,

An important issue that I care about is immigration. Immigration is a major issue in our country. I believe that immigration is a big deal in our country. In the United States today, immigration is a big deal and it’s unfair. Recently in our country immigration has been cruel and unfair to everyone especially the Hispanics.

According to an article in scholastic news from October 3rd, Donald Trump said that he wants to build a wall around the Mexican border. I think it’s unjust that Donald Trump is cruel to Mexicans. I need help understanding why Donald Trump hates Mexicans so much. Mexicans are humans too!

We need a president who will be a leader and stand for everyone’s rights.


Photo by bud ellison – from the street

Letter to Donald Trump


Dear Donald Trump,

Please consider to not getting carried away with your negative speeches because I see some people can be offended by what you say. I’m saying this because I saw some people not voting for you that much anymore.

One example is violating girls by calling them ‘pigs.’ Another one I heard that people say that you will deport undocumented immigrant back to their country which why people also stopped voting for you. They came here to start a new life and to survive more if their real land is full of disaster. They probably came here for a job or for food and water to survive. Mostly the immigrants come from lands that have not much water, food, or land so they come to the U.S. or other countries.

That is mostly why people stopped voting for you. Also you were being offensive and racist toward African-Americans.


Photo by Mike Licht Creative Commons

Respect people of color

Dear Future President of the United States,

I would like to congratulate you for being the new president of the united states. I expect that you would tell us if something bad is going on in our country. In this letter, I am going to say what I expect you to do as president and what I think.

I expect you to tell us if something bad like terrorist attacks happened and if good stuff happens. I don’t think that you should criticize people and respect diversity because it is a really big thing to do. For example one way to respect diversity is to make sure police treat people fairly no matter their skin color. This is an issue because many innocent people get shot by the police.

Photo by jbouie

More gun control doesn’t mean less violence

Dear President,

I write to you today to discuss an issue that many speak blindly about. Of course, there are many issues that this happens with, but the one I am talking about is the issue of gun control. Anytime something bad happens due to violence people always want to ban guns or they ask for harsher enforcement towards them. People make assumptions that creating more laws that pretty much make it impossible for the average person to get a gun will be the answer to reducing violence; however, no one stops to really think about it. If guns do become outlawed or have hardcore restrictions, what makes people think that criminals won’t still be able to get their hands on it?

People assume that outlawing something erases it from existence, but they don’t realize that guns would still be around even if they’re illegal and people will find loopholes and other means of getting them; I mean drugs are illegal, but people (especially criminals) are still able to manufacture, sell, and buy them so why won’t they be able to do the same with guns? These are the questions nobody, especially politicians ever thinks about.

In the article More gun laws won’t work; gun opponents’ true aim is confiscation it talks about how “Americans own over 300 million guns. Gun confiscation means taking away a huge number of guns from a huge number of gun owners. We tried something like that with Prohibition, and it didn’t work out so well. And then, of course, there’s that inconvenient Second Amendment that would need to be repealed.”

Taya Kyle the wife of the famous NAVY SEAL sniper Chris Kyle quoted in a CNN interview ‘American Sniper’ widow: Gun control won’t protect us saying “If you put an assault rifle in my hands or yours, I am not going to murder anyone, and I am guessing you won’t either. But what makes gun control advocates think that someone who decides to kill will not use any means necessary to do so?” Being the widow of Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history who was shot to death by an ex-soldier,she talked about her husband’s murderer and was quoted saying “ Simply having a weapon did not make him a murderer. His life choices did.” Taya Kyle is right and proves my point because guns don’t kill people, they don’t have minds of their own; people kill people because they make the life choices that lead them to do so.

People always argue that the Second Amendment should be repealed because at the time it was drafted it was during a revolution against the British Army, so it is reasonable for why it was written the way it was. While laws should adjust with the time, I still think that people should have the right to own guns because they’re tools just like a hammer or a hatchet, guns are just tools and just like how hammers don’t strike themselves against nails or hatchets against wood, guns are the same way in that they will only work if someone makes them and anytime they’re used for harm is more about the person’s life choice rather than their ability to buy the gun to do so. Those that intend harm will use any means necessary so there is no point in taking away a given right that many people love.


Dear Future President,

Should we allow euthanasia? In short, euthanasia is an act of putting an individual who is in severe pain and suffering to rest. However, there are different types of euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is defined as the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment(s). This would be like “pulling the plug” on a patient. Active euthanasia is an instance where lethal substances are used to end one’s life. This should not be confused with assisted suicide: the act of someone encouraging or directly helping another take his or her life. Active euthanasia is the patient’s own decision, which leads us to voluntary euthanasia: the patient’s own decision to end their life. Non-voluntary euthanasia is an instance where a patient is unable to make the decision so, similar to passive euthanasia, a family member may make the decision for them. Finally, there is involuntary euthanasia, where a person is killed despite his or her own wishes. This would be classified as murder.

This leads to a vital point: is euthanasia murder? If consent is given is it OK to take one’s life in a medical situation?

There are two main opinions revolving around the topic of euthanasia. Some “Individuals are torn by religious, moral, ethical and compassionate arguments surrounding the issue.” Many see euthanasia as a struggle between good and bad which, in turn, becomes a philosophical topic. “The English medical word ‘euthanasia’ comes from the Greek word eu meaning ‘good,’ and the Greek word thanatos meaning “death” (Nordqvist 1). Is good keeping someone alive for the sake of living, or, is good ending suffering at the cost of one’s life?

We already do this with our beloved pets when they are in suffering. No one wants to see any other living thing suffer. Quality of life is valuable.

Euthanasia is a topic that should be talked about more because of its life-changing aspects. The Karen Ann Quinlan Case (1970’s) is a U.S., revolving around Quinlan being in a vegetative state but, despite her and her families wishes, was not able to have the plug pulled. The family filed a lawsuit, and “Quinlan’s case paved the way for legal protection of voluntary passive euthanasia” (Nordqvist 2). Euthanasia revolves around one’s quality of life. Because of this case, many people’s lives have been changed dramatically, and perhaps even for the better.

Yours truly,

Asha Huff and Taylor Quillinan

Works Cited

Nordqvist, Christian. “Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.” Medical News Today. MediLexicon International, 8 Apr. 2016. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.

“Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide – NHS Choices.” NHS Choices. Department of Health, n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.


We Need You The Most

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

My name is Collyn Richardson. I am a 17-year-old African-American boy from Lansing, Michigan. I want you to notice that hyphen I used to describe my ethnicity, this is something that you should take into account. If you are not caucasian in America, I’m afraid that you’ll be referred to as just a hyphen. There must be action taken to end racial inequality.

I know you have heard there have been multiple cases of police officers killing “black” people. I do realize that not all police officers are bad, however, we need to be able to live comfortably without people having to worry about being killed by police. There is an apparent issue when my parents tell me “sometimes calling the police isn’t the best option, as they might come for you as a target.” Things like my dad telling me to be careful when I got my license because I am “DWB” or driving while black.

As a young African-American male, I can honestly say that I do not feel comfortable if I was to be stopped by a police officer, even for a routine traffic stop. It is also extremely mind-wrecking that every time I drive past someone and they are stopped by a police officer they are Black.

Now there is some statistics that do make me feel a little better but not completely safe. These stats include Independent Journal Review’s 2012 study of people killed during police arrests. 52% of the race that was killed were White.

Police and law enforcement are supposed to make us feel safe and feel comfortable that if something happens that they will be there in a heartbeat to help. Unfortunately, I do not feel that way about police, as many others do not as well.

Dr. Martin Luther King, only wanted peace between the races, as I also share this same vision. However, the fact that one day (at this rate) I will have to explain to my children the same thing my parents told me that “you must do everything that the officer says because I want you to make it home tonight” is a very emotional task.

America is so labeled. Everything has to be labeled and categorized, from sports to hashtags, everything is under some sort of umbrella. I believe that is where the issue begins, I think instead of labeling everything we should return to the vision of freedom, a cultural melting pot, with a thriving economy and a low poverty and unemployment rates.

It has to start with you, you are the most powerful voice that everyone is going to look to when times are tough. Police must be trained differently, and be trained not to fear people. This is the most important reform in racial inequality; this would change the perception of how they are receiving people of different ethnicity and that they aren’t just “a hyphen.” You are the make or break in efforts to return America to freedom. Help us Mr./Mrs. President, we need you the most.

Collyn Richardson

“Black Power Fist Image.” Black Power Fist Image. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2016.

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Animals Are People Too!

Letter to the Next President:

Hello, Ms. or Mr. President. Congrats to taking charge of our country! An important issue that I care about is Animal Rights. One part of this issue is Zoos. I believe that animals need more freedom! It does not matter if it is during the day or during the night but they need it. Animals are not meant to be your 6th-grade science project or something for you to get popcorn and stare at, they are meant to be in the Jungle or Desert or somewhere where they get to be with friends and family. We need a president that can be a leader and take charge of such an unjust issue that is happening in our community, country, WORLD right now.

Another part of this issue is circuses because they are dressing up animals just to get money. Why don’t you just watch grass while you’re at it! Some cirques are nice but it is still cruel to animals. Others are so cruel, you just want to cry. They whip slap so hard, sometimes(rarely) animals die! If you ever read this and show this to the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches, please tell them to make this a law: No animal cruelty: Fine:1,000 dollars and 5 years Jail time! (maybe (= )

Photo by dirkjanranzijn

Letters to The Next President : Pollution & Animal Welfare


Rape Culture is Unacceptable

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Climbing College Costs

Dear Future President,

High school students are stressed enough about actually getting accepted into a college, so the price of college shouldn’t be on their minds as well. Choosing colleges shouldn’t be about how much a person can afford. One shouldn’t have to limit their education simply because of money. After working hard for four years in high school, we normally have another four more years of schooling followed by a lifetime of paying off student loans to look forward to. Recently, a college degree has become necessary to get a decent paying job. It’s practically impossible to make a living wage without a BA-requiring job, so a degree is a necessity. College is right around the corner, and the system needs to change.

A while ago, if someone got a low paying job and went to college, they would have been able to pay for it just fine or have a very small amount of loans. But the cost of college is rising faster than inflation. The graph below shows the average amount of debt accumulated with each graduating class over a 21 year span (Izzo). One can clearly see that the amount of student debt is about to surpass inflation, which is making it very hard for students to pay off their growing amount of debt. In 1931, one would pay an average of $19,000 in today’s money for a full year (Rothman). But today the average cost for college is roughly $24,000 (“What’s the Price Tag”).  Even though it’s only a couple thousand dollar increase, it’s important to keep in mind that college wasn’t required in 1931, it was only for the elite.

Colleges are aware of the money problems students are having, and most colleges offer several different types of scholarships. In the 2007-2008 school year, the average amount an undergrad received in scholarships was $2,523.31 (Kantrowitz). However, the average cost for tuition then was $11,049 (Tuition), which means students were still paying roughly $8,500. Most people don’t have $8,500 lying around, so student loans would have to be taken out, with interest. The current interest rate on undergraduate degrees is 3.67% for every year that someone doesn’t pay it off. And most students are normally at school for four years (“Interest Rates and Fees.”). If someone were able to pay everything off after one year, it would equal $46,500. It’s also important to note that not everyone gets a high-paying job right after college, so it isn’t realistic to pay off all student loans after one year. People are drowning in student debt and there are several ways to fix it.

One solution would be to make taxes cover college tuition, or at least more of it. And that doesn’t necessarily mean taxes have to be raised drastically. There are several different areas that receive too much money from taxes, for example the military. Another way to get the money would be to make taxes increase with the income, so the richer one is, the more taxes they pay. This way, we would have a larger sum of money to support college students. There are different ways to correct the errors with college tuitions, but someone of power needs to actually do something.


Jordan Olson and Kait Buckwalter

Okemos High School


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The Future of Us is Controlled by Us

Dear Future President,

When you passing the street, seeing the trees near you, have you ever think about how important the trees for us. The importance of forests cannot be underestimated. We depend on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to the wood we use. Besides providing habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also offer watershed protection, prevent soil erosion and mitigate climate change. Yet, despite our dependence on forests, we are still allowing them to disappear.

I believe that you have way more data to examine than I do. But I still want to point out few things. Over 2 billion people rely forests for shelter, livelihoods, water, food and fuel security. 300 million people are living in forests, including 60 million indigenous people. As for the President of American,  you should do something to protect the forest and preserve our environment.

In order to protect the forest, trees, print less is important! You can push for double side printing just as much as you are pushing gun control. Encouraged all worker in the White House, Legislative and all government to decreasing the printing of documents that are not necessary. Also stop cutting trees also important. About 3 billion to 6 billion trees have been cut in U.S. each year. We can’t even count how many animals lost their homes because of it, and how it destroyed the ecosystem.

The future of us is controlled by us. Please do not wait until the earth has been shaved bald.

Photo by VenusPetrov

Do we matter in this world?

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Hi my name is Kathleen and, first I would  like to  congratulate you on winning! Second I want to talk about major issues in our world I would like for you to fix. An important issue in our  country is that Black lives matter movement!

I believe  U.S.A is for everyone in every culture to be here to be safe and to have fun and live life.

In the U.S.A, today Black people are not living lives. They are not having fun and they can consider saying that they are not safe here. Recently a white police officer shot a Black person thinking he was going to kill him. But he was not and so she shot the Black man. According to www.hillaryclinton.comDonald Trump doesn’t care about Black lives.

Third I want to say that we have to save children! We keep getting kidnapped and no one is caring for that. Police officers need to be on the search for more time and more into this problem. Last time I checked, kids make this world unique and fun! I want children to live life. I want children to have as much fun as all grown ups wanted, but even more fun. I want children to be safe! Don’t you?

Last but not least, I want to say help our world! Our world can be fixed our world will be fixed with no world harm no loss of children and Black Lives Matter, and I am sure that lots and lots of people want this to stop. Once again I want to congratulate you on winning and I  hope you can make these things happen!



Photo by Johnny Silvercloud

Black Lives Matter

Dear Next President of the United States,

An issue that I care about is Black Lives Matter is a major issue in our country. I believe that they do matter because the cops are just making it worse they kill Black people for no reason they think all black people are bad and they are not all bad like they say they are.In the United States today, they kill a lot of Black people because they thought they had guns or something in their cars to kill people. Recently, I saw in the news that they killd a guy just because he was Black and he need help with his car. According to the ABC 10 News, there’s a lot of violence in the country.

I think it is unjust that police are killing Black people just because they think they’re bad. They should not assume just because they’re black that they are all bad. We need to make our world a better place by stopping the violence. We need a president who will be a leader, take care of our country and make this world a better place by knowing what is right and what is wrong. The government needs to make a law to stop this violence. When you are president, please consider having a law that stops the negativity to people. If you do this, it will make the world a little better.

Photo by xddorox

Creativity In The Classroom


Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,
When the thought of bettering our nation comes to mind one thing sticks out the most, and this one thing impacts so many people around us everyday. I am referring to poverty, and the terrible effect it is having on the people and families of our nation. Poverty in these highly populated large cities is taking place because of the high cost of living, and the low amount of pay that jobs in these cities offer. This is a problem that has to be addressed and fixed now, or it will continue to get worse.
One of the key factors of the poverty going on is the low paying jobs. When a population increases so does the unemployment. The amount of people that are in need of a job in order to support their cost of living is allowing businesses and corporations to under pay or minimize the amount they pay their workers. According to the article “Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?” there are many people that are earning minimum wage or lower; “2,561,000 workers (or 3.3% of the hourly paid working population) earn the federal minimum wage or below.” The current minimum wage sits at $7.25 per hour. This is not nearly enough money for a family to live on, and that is why it would be beneficial to increase the minimum wage. So that these working class people can make enough to actually support their families.
The cost of living is also having a big impact on the people that live near and around these cities. The high cost is making it so that these working people are taking home less money. In the article “How Differences in the Cost of Living Affect Low-Income Families” by Lewis Warne and Marcelo Ostria, they talk about how the cost of living is taking away income from these already low-income families living in the big cities. “Living in New York City costs more than 2.25 times the national average; hence, an income of $23,550 would only buy $10,439 worth of goods in New York City.” This is truly a big problem because a low-income family can not afford to lose $13,111 because of overpriced necessities. In the same article it compared the price of living in New York to the price of living in Fort Wayne, Texas. “If a family moved from New York City to Fort Worth, Texas, the same $23,550 would buy $25,765 worth of goods.” Something has to be done about this cost of living because in highly populated cities it is taking away much needed money from the people that live there.
There are many things that are having a negative impact and causing more poverty, but there are a few things that are making a positive difference. The number of full time workers has increased over the last year and is definitely having a positive impact on the poverty levels. “The real median earnings of men and women who worked full time, year round between 2014 and 2015 increased by 1.5 percent and 2.7 percent respectively” (Income and Poverty in the United States). This just shows that we are heading in the right direction because in the same article by Bernadette D. Proctor, Jessica L. Semega, and Melissa A. Kollar, it talks about the change in the poverty levels in the past year. “The official poverty rate in 2015 was 13.5 percent, down 1.2 percentage points from 14.8 percent in 2014.” These facts show that an increase in the number of full time jobs is leading to a decrease in the number of individuals in poverty.
The United States is heading down the right path, but we need to continue working on these things so that we may have a positive effect on the future. We need to work on making more full time jobs available so people can go out and work to make their lives better. At the same time we need to work on lowering the cost of living so that no amount of annual income will go to waste. If we can do all these things our country will see a great, and positive impact on the poverty levels of out nation.

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Why Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised

Dear Future President,

Recently there has been a massive push across the nation to increase the minimum wage, which usually applies to fast food workers, to 15$ an hour. That is a bad idea. Raising the minimum wage to 15$/ hour is not only detrimental to the economy and its consumers, but also just is not fair.

According to The United States Army Official page, an entry level soldier makes approximately $18,800 per year. The average work week for salaried Americans is 49 hours (Washington Post), assuming a solder worked 48 weeks a year with a salary of 18,800, their hourly page would equate to about 8$/ hour. This naturally does not include the other benefits on top of base pay, but the message is clear; American men and women would be risking their life everyday for less money than what fast food workers are demanding to flip burgers and punch in orders.

A main argument used by fast food workers is that raising the minimum wage is the morally right thing to do, that these suffering people hovering around the poverty line deserve some relief, they are absolutely right. Problem is though that raising the minimum wage would hurt much more than it helps. In 2015, according to there was 3.7 million Americans in the fast food workforce. Of that 3.7 million 30% are teens therefore not even dependent on their wages since their parents are still their main providers. There are 28 million small businesses in the country (, which obviously consists of a much larger portion of the workforce than fast food. Forcing those small business employers to pay their workers more siphons away precious cash that they could be using to grow their business. To compensate these businesses would be forced to lay off employees to keep their head above water. The employees not fired would benefit from a slight increase in living standards, but at the same time their former coworkers would now be facing poverty as well as unemployment. Yes, raising the minimum wage would help some Americans, but at the same time it would hurt millions more.

Daniel Flaming, a writer for Economic Roundtable and a supporter of the minimum wage being raised states, “Businesses will benefit from having a higher-paid labor force that is more stably housed, reducing employee turnover and the associated costs for recruiting and training new employees. It costs an estimated 30 percent of a worker’s annual salary to replace that worker, so reducing the frequency of worker turnover results in significant cost savings for employers.” This suggests that raising the minimum wage would not have the supposed negative effect on small businesses as predicted. Question is though, if it truly would be so beneficial for businesses, then why do companies choose not to get on the higher wages bandwagon? There is no law saying companies currently cannot pay their employees 15$ an hour. Business owners are stereotyped to be greedy money hogs, so if raising wages was truly profitable, as Daniel Flaming claims, then every business in America would be paying their workers more. The reality is though no matter how much it is spun to help businesses, businesses realize that raising wages would hurt them more than it would help.

America is one of the few countries where you can go from rags to riches with hard work and a brilliant idea. Hindering these individuals striving to reach the top by forcing them to pay ridiculous wages to minimum skill workers completely undermines the American Dream. Paying these minimum skill workers more than we pay our armed service members is just straight up unconstitutional and immoral. Fast food workers mindset should not be demanding more money for completing the same unremarkable task, but rather using it as a stepping stone to achieve greater things.

Photo by Fibonacci Blue

The Refugee Crisis

Dear Future President,

“We hold these Truths to be self evident that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” (Declaration of Independence). All Americans should know these resounding words. Written into history by a founding population of people who came to this land looking for opportunity, freedom, and salvation. Our very country was shaped and inspired by the message that no man was born to be oppressed, and everyone deserves a chance for a better life. America is not entirely white and not entirely native. We are united in the fact that most of our ancestors came to this country in order to pursue those inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

Today, our country faces a very real breakdown and confrontation of these values. The refugee crisis has drastically affected the world around us as well as being an important point of debate and controversy in our nation. Migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and other war torn countries are fleeing their countries in thousands to seek asylum. In fact, worldwide over 21 million people have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge abroad (8 Ways to Solve the Refugee Crisis). They run away from war and loss, in Syria alone over a quarter of a million people have already been killed in the brutal Civil War and conflicts with the extremist group ISIS (What’s Happening in Syria). These people are not only leaving everything they know behind, but also risking their lives and their family’s lives in a desperate attempt to reach safety. According to the National Organization for Migration, over 3,770 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean sea in 2015 alone (Migrant Crisis: Migration to Europe Explained in Seven Charts). While we sit by and do nothing hundreds more men, women, and children die a month.

Knowing these facts, it saddens and worries me to see the growing opposition against the acceptance of these people in need. As of recently, the Obama administration had raised the number of refugees America will take in, for the next year, to 110,000 (Arbieter). Sadly, many Congressmen and other groups are vocally against this, wishing instead to bar all immigration into the United States. They defend their words with the fear of terrorism and retaliation a massive influx of middle east immigrants brings, saying we may be letting terrorists and extremists infiltrate our country. Against their words however is the evidence. Since 2001, over 800,000 refugees have found the U.S. as their home yet none of them have been found to have committed any act of domestic terrorism (Arbieter).

Refugees are people the same as you and me. They are people fleeing horrible situations in order to rightfully obtain Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Turning them away goes against the fundamental ideas our country was based upon, and condemns them to even more suffering. Instead of banning migrants, we need to accept them and open our doors wider. We need to help open up safe routes to save the lives of so many dying on torturous journey’s, and establish resettlement programs to help torture survivors, those in need of medical aid, and those who have unseen scars of horrors we cannot imagine. As the next President, it’s your responsibility to put these plans into action. Do not let extremist groups such as ISIS control us out of fear, but instead let their actions inspire generosity and kindness.  Do not turn your back on a population of people who have lost everything and have no where to go, but instead show them our true american values.


Carmen Flores


Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

When the thought of bettering our nation comes to mind one thing sticks out the most, and this one thing impacts so many people around us everyday. I am referring to poverty, and the terrible effect it is having on the people and families of our nation. Poverty in these highly populated large cities is taking place because of the high cost of living, and the low amount of pay that jobs in these cities offer. This is a problem that has to be addressed and fixed now, or it will continue to get worse.  

One of the key factors of the poverty going on is the low paying jobs. When a population increases so does the unemployment. The amount of people that are in need of a job in order to support their cost of living is allowing businesses and corporations to under pay or minimize the amount they pay their workers. According to the article “Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?” there are many people that are earning minimum wage or lower; “2,561,000 workers (or 3.3% of the hourly paid working population) earn the federal minimum wage or below.”  The current minimum wage sits at $7.25 per hour. This is not nearly enough money for a family to live on, and that is why it would be beneficial to increase the minimum wage. So that these working class people can make enough to actually support their families.

The cost of living is also having a big impact on the people that live near and around these cities. The high cost is making it so that these working people are taking home less money. In the article “How Differences in the Cost of Living Affect Low-Income Families”  by Lewis Warne and Marcelo Ostria, they talk about how the cost of living is taking away income from these already low-income families living in the big cities. “Living in New York City costs more than 2.25 times the national average; hence, an income of $23,550 would only buy $10,439 worth of goods in New York City.” This is truly a big problem because a low-income family can not afford to lose $13,111 because of overpriced necessities. In the same article it compared the price of living in New York to the price of living in Fort Wayne, Texas. “If a family moved from New York City to Fort Worth, Texas, the same $23,550 would buy $25,765 worth of goods.” Something has to be done about this cost of living because in highly populated cities it is taking away much needed money from the people that live there.

There are many things that are having a negative impact and causing more poverty, but there are a few things that are making a positive difference. The number of full time workers has increased over the last year and is definitely having a positive impact on the poverty levels.  “The real median earnings of men and women who worked full time, year round between 2014 and 2015 increased by 1.5 percent and 2.7 percent respectively” (Income and Poverty in the United States).  This just shows that we are heading in the right direction because in the same article by Bernadette D. Proctor, Jessica L. Semega, and Melissa A. Kollar, it talks about the change in the poverty levels in the past year. “The official poverty rate in 2015 was 13.5 percent, down 1.2 percentage points from 14.8 percent in 2014.” These facts show that an increase in the number of full time jobs is leading to a decrease in the number of individuals in poverty.

The United States is heading down the right path, but we need to continue working on these things so that we may have a positive effect on the future. We need to work on making more full time jobs available so people can go out and work to make their lives better. At the same time we need to work on lowering the cost of living so that no amount of annual income  will go to waste. If we can do all these things our country will see a great, and positive impact on the poverty levels of out nation.

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Police Brutality

Dear Future President,

In our country, Police Brutality has been one of our biggest problems that we need to address. New cases of police brutality and civilians being killed pop up on the news every day. Due to the fact that most of the victims were African American or minorities, police brutality has been linked to racism. This has angered many citizens and has resulted in protests that lead to more violence. This caused a national “crisis,” fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement in which their goal is to get justice for those who have been harmed by police brutality.

There have been numerous articles that give detailed reports about police brutality throughout the country, many in which show the need to fix the issues in which terrorize our society. 

For example, this article talks about how a 16-year-old Hispanic boy, Daniel Perez, who was fatally shot in Los Angeles. This and many other cases caused national debate about the use of lethal force from police officers. 

The reason why all of these incidents happen is because Police officers are using their firearms against innocent civilians. 

Another article talks about yet another shooting of an African-American by the police officers of Charlotte N.C. This has led to several days of protests and has even led to the death of one protester.

As you can see Mr./Mrs. President, this is no longer just about getting justice for the victims’ families but it’s about keeping everyone else safe from the riots and protests that can get people hurt or killed. 

If you could do something to fix this problem, our nation would become more united and more people could then live life knowing that they won’t be killed for no apparent reason.

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This work can be found on Letter 2 Next President. Worked on by Thomas Cho, Tuan Hoang, and Onyu Pak.

Dear Next President, Have You Thought About Our Debt?

Dear Next President,

Congratulations for your success in becoming the next president. We understand as president; there are many responsibilities and problems that will occur during your term, and it will be impossible to solve all of them. However, if you look into the issues and concerns of the people, most of them are related to the economy, specifically inflation. The only way to stop this problem is to increase to limit the circulation of cash and its production. This proposal will lead to deflation, lowering the prices of goods and services while increasing the value of the USD on the world scale. This would stimulate the economy by increasing more investment towards American trade, more exports, more investment in our stocks, and increase our currency. By this increase, we would be able to pay our debts with less money, so our debt would decrease.

Limiting the circulation of cash and the production of money will cause deflation. At a mere glance, people might panic, however, as you know it will be a catalyst to boosting our economy. Limiting the amount of money in society means that there would be an increased value of the dollar due to its scarcity. This wouldn’t affect the working place due to labor union contracts, so the employed will face a salary cut. Also, this means that the government can give out less money as welfare because there is less money to go around. Prices will drop for goods and services as there is less money stream in society, causing more people to spend. This would help many businesses and boost many of them, stimulating the economy.

Creating deflation would increase the value of our currency. This causes many benefits for the U.S economy, and one is that it limits our debt. Restricting the amount of money in the form of cash will decrease the interest rate of debt, and it lowers the value of the debt. As countries pay off their debt from other countries, the money gets converted to the other country’s currency. If deflation can overcome our inflation and strike it down so that the dollar is worth more than the Yen or Euro, then we would be able to pay off our debts to other countries and public sectors much more rapidly.

Limiting the circulation of the dollar also causes an economic boom in foreign trade. At first, traders and speculators may recognize this as a threat to the economy, because of increasing the exchange. However, as the currency stabilizes into a high-value currency, foreign speculators would rely on this currency and invest in businesses and stocks based in the US. This speculation towards American companies would cause more revenue, which would lead to manufacturing more of the product or more performance of the service. These companies would need more people to perform these tasks, so more jobs would be needed in order to build upon the corporation, which would decrease the unemployment rate. There are downsides to limiting the amount of money in circulation. There is a chance that consumers may hold onto their money and spend less on non-essential items. Deflation also increases the real value of debt, making it harder to pay off. Just as real debt rises, so do real interest rates. Real wages rise during times of deflation and could raise the level of unemployment.

Before you attempt to initiate any reforms, dear president, think about the current issues that implicate many predicaments which ultimately harm our American government and society, which is inflation. Using your executive power, you can start an amelioration to improve this nation by enhancing the value of the dollar. Other dominant sectors of society and the government cannot perform this task. Through this, not only will you attain a name left that will be remembered, but you will save the people and this nation from falling into an economic crisis.


Joseph and Tyler 

Let’s Start from the Beginning: The Environment

Dear Mr./Mrs.President,

While there are plenty of other issues that need to be solved such as college tuition, gun control, and abortion rights, we feel that it is important to start from the beginning. The environment. Since global warming is one of the most dangerous things that affect us in our everyday lives, we need to act now. If the United States actively works towards becoming a much greener and sustainable country with the conversion of energy to more renewable sources, then the world will take a giant step forward to combatting global warming and saving the environment.

Since there are five different types of renewable energy, there are lots of options to improve our current environmental state. According to scientists, we have already surpassed 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, meaning we cannot wait on climate change any longer. We need to act now. There is no economic excuse for not actively reaching to become a greener nation. Our country has been industrialized since the mid-1800s, yet we still follow the status quo of how we get energy. The Unit of Concerned Scientists predicted a huge influx of new jobs that could be created as corporations and factories transition into utilizing more sustainable energy. Major coal companies are already in bankruptcy, and as the world begins to transition, many more could follow suit if they do not participate. As a matter of fact, the solar industry is already employing many Americans without being as large as major corporations. The good impacts of renewable energy are almost limitless.

However, the solutions to the issue we have created over time also have negative impacts. For example, the excess of river flowing caused by hydropower can ultimately lead to flooding. Each of the five energy sources is able to cause harm to wildlife habitats and may alter our climate. However, is it worse than what we are already doing to our beloved planet? Until we can find an alternate source of energy that does not have any bad effects on the environment, we must settle with what is present.

Global warming can easily be solved as soon as people realize how much we are dependent on the planet that we are wrecking. While we embark on making the planet much more sustainable, we are also working to decrease unemployment. As corporations make the switch, more and more jobs will be readily available. The negatives of our solutions are outweighed by the positive things that renewable energy offers. So why are we not making the big strides that we should be making while we still have time?


Griffen Rohr-Clark and Tala Abolibdeh

Why Climate Change Could Be the Elephant in the Room at Tonight’s Presidential Debate


Time To Make A Change

Dear Future President,

Hi! My name is Layla and I am 10 years old. First, I want to say congratulations on winning the election! There are some things happening in the world, so I thought that I could bring them to your attention.

One issue that I think is important is poverty. I think that you have been doing good, taking care of the U.S, and making sure the people of the U.S are getting fair treatment, but you could fix poverty by giving people the money that they need, or at least lower the taxes for them. 1 in 5 kids in the U.S is living in poverty. I think that if they don’t get the money, or the time that they need, then their lives could be at stake by maybe not getting enough money for food, or even ending up homeless. I think you should really do something about it.

Another issue that I think is important is treating people equally because it isn’t fair that one person has to suffer and another person won’t. I know that you can punish people for being bad, but you can’t do it to the innocent. I don’t like how no one is stopping police brutality, and how police are not being fair to people of a different race. I bet if a police officer was black and wasn’t treated fairly, then he wouldn’t want to be in that situation. I thought that policemen were supposed to help the world, not terrorize it.

To be honest, I think you are doing a really great job with the U.S., but you and everyone else could do a little better at taking care of the world,and the people.


Our Life is at RISK!!!

Dear Future President of the United States,

I want to talk about an important issue that I care about, and maybe you can do something about it. I am worried about our environment and I think we need to do something about it.

In the United States today there are many trees and plants that are getting cut down.I think we need to plant more because if we keep cutting down trees, soon all the forests will be gone and animals need the forests. This can also kill them. We also need trees so maybe once we cut down the tree we should plant another one.

Please do something about this it is really important to me.

Photo by maf04

Clowns and other dilemmas

Dear Next President of the United States:

I want to just say thanks for all the things that you’ve done for our country, and for all the things you’ve done to keeps us safe. I want to bring up a few flaws in your excellent work.

First and foremost, the thing that we’ve all been questioning:the clowns. I know they don’t seem like a threat and I’m pretty sure they’re not that harmful. The thing that worries me is the way people are using social media to make clown videos. This misuse of social media has scared plenty of people.

Another issue I want to bring up on an unrelated note is poverty and a no-money system. I know Mr/Mrs.President you get thousands of these complaints every day but I’m not only going to state some flaws I’m going to also say a solution. This idea may seem radical, but I think we should abolish money altogether and just do trades. And if there is any conflict it should just got to the courts.

I know what you’re thinking, “What should replace money? What would people work for?” Well, people should work for all their needs. For example, if you work for four hours, that would be like your electric bill. The catch is certain jobs get a certain amount of needs. For example, a brain surgeon should get more that somebody that works at a fast food restaurant. 

Just hear me out, Mr/Mrs.President.

Benicio Laredo

We Need Your Help To Keep The Human Race Going!

Dear Future President,

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on becoming the next president, it’s not a very easy thing to do.  I wanted to address some very important issues that we are having in the world right now.  

One important issue I really care about is abortion because I think that technically speaking women can make their own choices, but aborting a child is killing another life and that’s not right. That child will never get the chance to see the world and that’s one less human being in the world.  

I personally don’t agree with abortions and I know many people would agree with me that abortions should not be allowed, and if they are allowed that you have to have a good reason to abort the child. 

I believe there’s never really a good reason to kill another human being in the first place, so I think you should do something about this as soon as you can.  I hope you understand and will take my proposal into consideration.  Thank you for your time Mr/Mrs president.  

Photo by Swaity

Stop Police Brutality

Dear Future president,

First I want to tell you congratulate on being the next president and i just wanted to bring up something that was horrible wrong was the topic about police brutality. We need a president who will be a leader and stop the police from shooting for no reason and to stop them from being raised because according to the news a black man got shoot for doing nothing wrong. I think this is unfair to the different race and and they don’t get the freedom they need to get. I believe that police should be trained better of when to take out a gun and when to use something less violent because the people can at least explain themselves and what really happened. When you are the next president I want you to consider that police that shoot should be in jail unless they had to because it was seriously necessary.  

Photo by Elvert Barnes

Stop Killing Animals

Dear Future President of the United States,

An important issue that I care about is animals getting treated fairly.  Why do people kill animals by getting food?. Why do people kill animals for clothes? I believe animals should get  a home with space and that is safe. We need a president who will be a leader to make to laws and to not kill animals. If you do this then animals will be safe.


Milly Pineda

Is Minimum Wage Fair in the USA?

Dear Future President of The United States:

When you are president, please consider a higher minimum wage in Rhode Islan not fair that people in other states get paid 16 dollars an hour when we only get paid 9.60 dollars an hour

And their salary in Rhode Island is 28,032. But one thing that I think is unfair is in Washington the minimum wage is 15 dollars and their salary is 43,800. I think that’s not fair because in other states the minimum wage is lower than 9.60. 

I think everyone’s minimum wage should be 11.50 so that everyone can afford the same things and we all pay the same taxes not higher taxes because you make more than others and they want to raise your taxes higher. 

I think everyone should have the same amount because in other parts of the world some people only get 0.03 as minimum wage per hour. 

Another thing is that a lot of families aren’t able to pay rent or taxes just because of their job.

Immigration Freedom

Dear Future President of the United States,

An important issue that I care about is immigration. It is a major issue in our country and I know a lot of people are worried about it.

I believe that we all are supposed to be treated equally as Americans and have the same rights as Americans.I think it’s unjust that Latin Americans should be kicked out of the United States. If this cause happens, it will affect families by separating them. Latinos come to the United States to have a better life, such as education.

If you don´t kick out Latinos I promise you that this country will be a great country. A country of freedom.

Please consider not kicking out Latinos.  


Women’s Rights

Dear Future President of The United States of America,

Congrats on becoming president! I hope you consider these things that are happening right now let me explain!

In the United States, there hasn’t been much of a problem with women’s right like there was before but women still don’t have as many rights as men have.

Our world still needs women to be able to do what they want. I feel like women aren’t able to do as much as they want to do. Recently two women joined the military. They are the first women to be able to go to war.

Please take these requests into consideration. Thank you!

Stop Deporting Innocent Immigrants!

Dear Future President of the United States,

First off, congratulations on becoming the new president of the U.S. I would like to talk to you about something. Immigration and deportation is a major issue in our country. I believe that immigration should be allowed in the U.S. Recently people have been leaving U.S. because they don’t have legal documents. I think this is unjust because after that after suffering the walk all the way to here, the U.S, then they have to go back, after all, that. Isn’t that messed up? 

Our country needs to accept immigrants because they won’t harm the U.S. They only come here for a better life than their home country. We need a president who will be a leader and accept immigrants because they only want to be happy. When you are president, please consider allowing immigrants in the U.S. because I’m pretty sure if you suffered to achieve something, and then after all of that nothing happened, you wouldn’t like that.

Photo by Elvert Barnes

Should Toy Guns Be Illegal?

Dear Future President,

An important issue that I care about is toy guns. I care about this issue because kids are buying a lot of toy guns these days and they are getting used to having guns. This might make them want to buy a real gun. Also now companies of toy guns are making more realistic toy guns that look,feel,and fire like a real one. Some examples of realistic toy guns are bb, airsoft, and another type that has foam darts.

In my experience, I have known some people who have gotten really hurt using airsoft and even Nerf guns. I personally used to have a huge collection of toy guns, most of them were Nerf. I broke them all because one day I let a good friend of mine play with a bb gun and he shot a pallet to a wall and the pallet bounced off the wall and injured his eye. He had to go to the hospital because of that, and today, he is blind in his left eye. I hope, Mr. President you can take control of this situation.


Photo by predatortactical

Tell Police To Stop Shooting

To the Next President of The United States Of America:

One issue is that a lot of policemen or policewomen are killing black people who are not going to hurt the police. Last month a man named Alton Sterling  got shot and killed in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The person who was killed was not doing anything to anyone.Black people who are also listening to the police they do something wrong and they get shot or get killed.

Another problem is that the police who kill people don’t get their job taken away the police just get suspended for a few days. When the police come back from their suspension the policemen or policewomen do it again until they get fired.

The Problem with Mandatory Minimums

Dear Next President,

For the first time in over 20 years, the president of the United States granted clemency to 46 first time nonviolent drug offenders. These 46 people were released from their mandatory minimum sentences. Mandatory minimums were established in the 1980s when the war on drugs was at its highest. But why do we still have them, and why are these people still locked up? Prisons are being over overcrowded, people’s lives are being ruined, families are ripped apart, and more heinous criminals are getting sentences with significantly less time.

Mandatory minimums are the driving force in prison overpopulation which poses a whole other problem for our country. Since the 80’s the amount of people incarcerated has grown exponentially. In fact, Washington Post estimates that 1 in every 100 adults is locked up (Badger and Bump). A lot of these people being put behind bars all don’t deserve to be there. Many of these so called criminal are first time and nonviolent offenders. A heartbreaking example of this is Weldon Angelos. Angelos had a wife and two sons when he was arrested at age 24 for a nonviolent first offence. He was sold marijuana to an undercover agent, and he was given a 55 year sentence. This man won’t get out of jail until he’s almost 80 for selling a drug that is legal in four states and used for medical purposes in 24 others (Jaffe and Horwitz). When Angelos went to his sentencing hearing he was assigned judge Paul G. Cassell. Even Cassell didn’t agree with the law that was put in place that required him to put this man away for the rest of his life. The worst part for Cassell was that he had sentenced people with worse crimes for less time. “If he [Angelos] had been an aircraft hijacker, he would’ve gotten 24 years in prison. If he had been a terrorist, he would have gotten 20 years in prison. If he was a child rapist, he would’ve gotten 11 years in prison. And now I’m supposed to give him a 55 year sentence? I mean that’s just not right” (Pitts, Jesko and Effron). Judge Cassell is not the only person in a federal position who disagrees with mandatory minimum laws. There are people who voted to pass the law who have changed their minds after seeing the effects it has on families in America

Kevin Ring was a lobbyer for mandatory minimums during his time in the Senate. In 2014 he was sentenced to 15 months of jail time for 15 tax fraud. During his time behind bars, Ring met many people whose lives were torn apart because they got excessive sentences for small time drug offences. After being released from jail he began to petition to repeal as many mandatory minimums as possible (Ex-Prisoner Reform).

Mandatory minimums were put in place to keep our streets safe. The question is: from who? African Americans and Hispanics? These laws have a racial bias, and the USSC published the “Empirical Analysis of Mandatory Minimums.” This study found that about 74% of people sentenced under mandatory minimum laws were black or Hispanic. And out of the other 36% who weren’t, 15% were given a less harsh sentence. Take Sharanda Jones for example. She was arrested and sentenced for a small role in a drug deal while some of the white participants almost walked free (Horwitz and Khan). At the time of her incarceration, her daughter was only 8 years old. Jones’s dream was to be out in time to see her daughter walk across the stage at her graduation ten years later. Sadly, she never did (Horwitz and Khan).

While many states are coming to their senses and repealing mandatory minimums, the government is still not being retroactive and working to get people out. Many of those who were sentenced under mandatory minimums are still in jail. However, if sentenced today, they would’ve already served their time. People like Angelos, Jones and many more were not part of Obama’s 46. These prisoners should be allowed to apply for reduced time and even an early release.

We have too many Mass Shootings

Dear Next President,

Mass shootings are far too common in the United States. There are so many that most people oftentimes don’t even hear about most of them. 77% of all mass killings are done with guns (BEHIND THE BLOODSHED). Gun control is not a matter that can be ignored until later (we don’t even have a fully accepted definition of a mass shooting), for the lack of action is only exasperating the problem. An FBI study has revealed that the 6.4 mass shootings per year in the early 2000s has jumped up to 16.4 (Ehrenfreund, Max), but due to poor reporting by police to the FBI, their database is given a 57% accuracy rate (BEHIND THE BLOODSHED). Also, six of the twelve worst mass shootings here in the U.S. have happened in the last nine years (Ehrenfreund, Max). No matter if you are politically affiliated more with the left or the right, you must see that something has to be done to stop, or at the very least lessen the number of mass shootings in our country and soon.

There are various reasons why I believe an increase in gun control laws will be beneficial in this endeavor. A major one is that during a study in 2013, 31% of adults in the U.S. said they had a gun in their household (Ehrenfreund, Max), with that amount of people having easy access to a gun, it is virtually guaranteed that some of them don’t have good intentions, or at least are not careful with their gun. 53% of mass shootings are family related and 25% of victims are family members (BEHIND THE BLOODSHED), so if less of them had guns in their house, it would be harder to do rash, spur of the moment actions. Some may say that they want gun control laws to be weakened so more people can have a gun to combat the people who illegally obtain guns for the purpose of committing a mass shooting, are only aggravating the problem since 78% of mass shootings are done with legally obtained handguns (Berkowitz, Lazaro Gamio). Also, it is proven that states with more gun control have drastically fewer deaths via gun relative to their population (Ehrenfreund, Max), whereas the same cannot be said for states with less gun control than average.

While some in the U.S. see the occasional mass shooting as a fact of life and normal, it is far from normal for a developed country. In a study, it was found that in developing countries, the fewer guns available, the less homicide occurs in that country (Hemenway, David). There is not a single developed nation that comes anywhere close to the U.S. in the number of mass shootings (Herring, Keely, and Louis). Here in the U.S., we had 332 mass shootings in 2015 and 277 in 2014 (Herring, Keely, and Louis). Compare this to the combined total of nine mass shootings in Australia, Canada, China, and Finland from 2000-2014(Herring, Keely, and Louis). A big difference between us and these other countries is they have significantly more gun control laws.

In order to end this senseless loss of life, we have to increase gun control. We can see that it works, both in states and countries that have tried it. Also, the most common argument against it, in actuality make mass shootings more likely. It is up to you, Mr/Mrs. President to end the terrible slaughter that is happening to the citizens of this country for decades and will keep happening until you stop it.

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The Reason for Being Pro-Life

Dear Mr/Mrs. President of the United States,

The fact that roughly 3/10 pregnancies end in abortions (source: quote from Senator Wendy Davis, 2016) is staggering, and definitely a fact worth noting. What is something that you will do about this fact? Nobody enjoys abortion, and it is an incredibly dark subject. I humbly request you do something about this. Fifty percent of pregnancies are undesired in general (source: Guttmacher Institute,, which definitely is an issue that needs resolution. Perhaps pregnancy prevention has reached its pique, but perhaps not. As POTUS, will you look into this issue? Too many undesired pregnancies occur, and if a way around it could be discovered, that would be optimal.

Returning to the subject of abortion, there is no question that life is life. The mistake of an individual that results in procreating should not lead to the punishment of the unborn. This includes rape or incest: abortion is abortion, and deserves an end to be brought to it. One tends to argue that an unborn child is just a clump of cells to a certain point due to a lack of brain development. However, this would also disqualify microcephalus people as being living due to their nonexistent brain, yet nobody would deny that they’re human (source: If the child is undesired, then it may be put up for adoption. That would save a life, and give a light in the world a chance to shine. At the very least, please pass legislation to prevent violent abortions from occurring. Fetuses may be small and underdeveloped, but if you’re going to do something on par with murder (as is evidenced by the legislation in which the murder of a pregnant woman counts as double murder (source: Unborn Victims of Violence Act, 2004)), then it should be in a much more humane manner than that of which doctors currently do: tear the fetus to pieces in a D&E operation (source:

Please, Mr. or Mrs. President, look into these issues and find a resolution for them.


A concerned U.S. resident

Opportunities for All

Dear Future President,

I just want to let you know that I am excited to know your interests and what you are going to do to make our country a better place. 

I just want you not to discriminate against people and to be someone who will not draw us into war with other countries. Help immigrants to get some type of paper to have permission to be in the United States. Help people that really want to go to college and get a degree. Help Latinos move forward and have better resources and give them an opportunity to have better jobs by giving Latinos permit work card.

Lilian Mancia

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STOP the child abuse!

Dear Future President of the United States,

Hello, New President. Congratulations on being the new president of the country. I am writing this letter to YOU because there is an important issue around the country that is really bothering me.

An important issue that I care about is people around the world should be treated they want to be treated. For example, like child abuse, I really think it should not be something  that people should do because I know there are people out there who gets abuse by their mother or father. I believe that it shouldn’t be a thing and if someone (mom or dad ) does hit their children, then it’s a problem because those kids should be able to speak up for them by calling the cops and telling the truth. 

In the United State today, I could tell someone out there is getting hurt by their parents, like right now. I find it really upsetting for me because I just hate the fact that kids or children are getting hurt, bruises, marks, and maybe they are bleeding from all the stuff they suffer through right now. 

Our communities need help from all this suffering everyone is having. I BELIEVE that we should have a president who will be a leader and help us from child abuse. From all the suffering, that kids are having. I don’t care how old these people are. I just believe that people should be happy with themselves and not be suffering what they are suffering. The government needs to help people be safe from all this abuse people are suffering. I think it’s not fair people are be treated like this.

When you are president, please consider helping people out there who are suffering from child abuse or being sexually abused or anything. I believe people should be treated how they want to be treated.

If you are reading this and you abused someone, would you want to be treated like this?




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We Matter Too

Dear Mrs. or Mr. President:

Congratulations, you are now President of the United States. We all hope to be a safer country under God we trust.

There are some problems in the world that need to be fixed and not be handled by the police. We all deserves rights, especially women. We have rights and should be treated equally. We should have the right to be as equal as men.

Women won their present status through struggle and sacrifices rather than through men’s kindness. Women and their supporters have fought and in some places continue to fight for the same rights as men. Laws were made to replace local customs which denigrated and suppressed women’s rights. Women have gained higher positions in the world at all levels: political, economic and social.

Yet, despite many successes in empowering women, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic. For example, women often work more than men, yet are paid less gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime; and women and girls are often are the ones that suffer the most poverty.

Something we can do to stop the unfair treatment is to let women have equal pay as man and just because we are different doesn’t mean we are not the same we matter too.

Gracefully ,

Black Lives Do Matter!

Dear Future President of the United States

An important issue that I care about is Black Lives Matter. This is a major issue in our country. I believe this because cops shouldn’t think that someone is doing something bad and shoot people just because they are Black. 

In the United States today, there are still a lot of racist people who are possibly killing Black people. Our country needs a world without racism because Black people are humans just like everyone else. 

We need a president who will be a leader and will do what they and everyone else thinks is right. When you are president, please don’t encourage racism, and this is to anyone that becomes president of the United States. If you are a good president and will do what is right, then everyone will respect you because you are doing right things.

We all hope that you will try and stop racism. I hope that Hillary Clinton is the next president and that she will try to stop racism.




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Calling for Respect and Equal Treatment

Dear Future President of the United States,

I believe that Black lives matter in our world because we are all the same on the inside. Just because people look different on the outside, that doesn’t mean that White people should get more respect than Black people. 

Black people are getting shot by policemen just because they are Black. You can make a big change if you make a law that everyone gets treated equally maybe your supporters will respect you more. I think that the life of every person in this world matters because without them you would not be elected president.

You should also respect Black people because if you were Black, you would want people to respect you. I think that the color of your skin doesn’t matter. What matters is how kind you are. That is why I think that you should make a law that everyone gets treated equally in our world.



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Why is the U.S so unfair these days?

Dear Future President of the United States,

Congrats on being the new U.S president. Was it hard to get to this place for you? Well, I have two important issues that are happening right now that need to be solved.

An important issue that I care about is police brutality. This is a major issue in our country. In the United States today has a very strong police department, recently a lot of African-American people are receiving a lot of violence towards them without those people doing anything against U.S laws. I think it is unjust that the police department thinks that they have enough power to go around and start killing black people.

According to an article in News ELA about a young juvenile he was playing with a toy gun and White man saw him and he thought that it was a real gun. The first thought that popped into my mind was how would a young boy can have access to a real gun and not have his parents know that he has access to that particular gun. A few moments after the misunderstanding policemen came and out of nowhere the police shot the young boy.

When you are a president, please consider police brutality because a lot of unfair justice is happening in our country and it is not fair that the police believe that they have so much power to go around and kill without a reason.I just don’t have enough words to say how brutal police departments are treating black people I just ask myself how about if that juvenile was a White boy would they have treated this scenario.

Another important issue in our country is how kids use social media. If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of kids get bullied in schools and through social media. In my opinion, I think kids at some point their parents should check what they post or they follow. I have social media but older or even younger kid take the advantage of that privilege and take to use it for who knows what.

A lot of kids younger than 15 years old commits suicide because of those posts or comments. A lot of them get bullied because of their physical size, their skin color and a lot of people nowadays don’t feel comfortable with their bodies. That is all those social media bullies want for you not want to live anymore.

In my opinion, I think that the social media bullies don’t realize the physical or the mentally abuse they do to their victims. It is not fair for innocent people to be bullied for something that they didn’t do or that it’s not their fault. It’s not fair for an average teenager to live a life that most teenagers do especially being in a world that is all through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. This social media violence needs to be stopped.

Sincerely, Mariane

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Dear Future President of the United States,

Congratulations on being the new president. An important issue that I care about is immigration. Immigration is a major issue in our country. I think this because they are lots of people that are immigrants, and lots of them want to stay in this country. 

Lots of the immigrants come to this country to have a better life. To have a better future. I think you should make a law that says that all undocumented people that come to the United States without papers. 

I think lots of the people have the right to stay in this country. I think most parts of the United States are made up of immigrants I am not only talking about Mexicans, Guatemalans. I am also talking about people who are coming from Syria. They are coming to this country because there is a war where they live and they need to escape before something bad happens to their family.

Everybody in this country has the right to stay in this country. My parents are immigrants who came to this country. They came to this country to have a better life/future. I hope you make a good decision for immigrants.

Yours truly,



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From the voice of a young black woman

Dear Future President of the United States Of  America,

Congratulations on being the new President of The United  States. We are thankful, and we hope that this country will be a better place again. Recently there has been some destruction, and I‘m hoping that you can fix it.

One issue that is going on is police brutality. It has been happening in lots of places, especially in the U.S.A.  It is hurting me more and more  to know that black people are getting mistreated consistently by police. As a black young lady, it hurts a lot because I wonder how kids feel to see their parents get mistreated and thrown around like dirt. It is not fair. 

They  are especially mistreated because of drugs, alcohol, and  fake gun toys. Even little kids are dying because of police brutality. According to News ELA, President Barack Obama has said that “In 2014, there were two well-known cases of African -American men killed by police. Eric Garner was in New York City. A white  police officer grabs him  around the neck  and he  died afterward. Michael Brown was in Ferguson, Missouri. A  white police officer shot him even though he did not have a gun or weapon. Neither did Garner. The deaths of Garner and Brown caused frustration around the world.”

Wait a minute what did they do? Nothing. Exactly. The were killed because the color of their skin which is racist and hurtful .

The second issue is Black Lives Matter. It happened in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s death. There have been kids and adults dying over their  protesting. 

We need  to stop this and make life the U.S.A. the way it was.  We need to make it justice. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream for this country and now his dream is breaking apart bit by bit, but that is why I can count on you to make the world  the way it was.

     Sincerely, Jamillie a student at The Learning Community

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STOP IT! Our Lives Are At Risk Too!

Dear Future President of the United States,

In the United States today, lots of animals are being endangered just because of money and,  because of accessories.

I think that’s really unjust because lots of animal lives have been lost: babies, mothers, fathers. For many animals, they lost their family. Think about your family being killed that would be very sad. The same thing is happening a lot to animals.

I was wanting to bring this to your attention because I thought it was a really important and big issue in the world, also I don’t think anyone can watch an animal dying without crying. Please take care of this issue and also, please do something about.

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Treat people from all races fairly

Dear Future President of the United States,

Black lives is an issue in our country. I think this because the people who are not getting treated fairly, people that are getting shot. That is Black lives. They are getting shot and mistreated by police officers. Most people in jail are blaming Black people. I think you should take a stand because you are the one that can stop and sign a law so that we could make a change in our country.

I think we should be all in a community that is fair and safe to any color. I hope you make a change in The United States of America. A country that is fair, safe and loyal.  

I think we all need to suggest a law about Black lives. They are not getting that much of fair treatment. They should be treated like White people get treated. Let’s have a fair country. I mean isn’t America supposed to be open to Black people, people that are Spanish or other languages? Because Black people can think differently from White people so they could elect you for president.


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Each Day There Is Unfairness In Our Country

Dear Future President of the United States,

I would like to congratulate you on being the President of the United States Of America. An important issue that I care about is equality is a major issue in our country. 

The first issue is that people aren’t getting the same equality as everyone else. Black people aren’t getting the same rights as white people because white policemen are taking the advantage that they have more power than black people because men that are police know that the court will believe everything they say and that black people don’t have proved  to what they are saying.

Another issue is that Hispanic people don’t have the same rights as white people because white people don’t get judged by what some Hispanic people do if it is the same crime that Hispanic and white people. 

For example, some people say that all Mexicans are rapists and they like to steal from people. But the crimes that white people do isn’t important because this is their country even though if they do the same crime as they did. 

Just because we Latinos come to this country as immigrants to look for a better opportunity for our families. And others say that we Latinos can’t have the same rights. That is unfairness and inequality. 

Theses  are my the big issues that I think that are happening to our family. Each day there is more and more unfairness in our country.          

Photo by Zanini H.

Stop Racism and Enter Freedom!

Dear Future President of the United States,

There are so many issues in my community, and country. For example, crimes are being committed by the police and they are supposed to protect and help our community. They have been shooting and killing many innocent black people, and have not yet been punished for their actions. I worry soon my friends and family members will be the next victim.

I think it’s already unfair that in the past Back people had very little money or even homeless! Black kids couldn’t go to the same school as Whites, and even more dumb, they couldn’t go to the same bathroom, drink of the same water fountains, and eat out of the same stores! They had little freedom and I don’t want this to happen again.

I hope that soon police officers and other people understand that Black lives do matter! Thank you Next President, and good luck!



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Why Police Should Stop Police Brutality

Dear next President of The United States of America, 

First of all new President congratulations on becoming the next President of America.

We have a problem in America and that is Police Brutality. I thought that Black people could do whatever we wanted without getting unfairly killed. I thought that until this year when there were multiple White Policeman killing people of color (not White).

In the Summer I went on a ride with my Dad to my cousin’s house. Until we got pulled over, by a White Cop. Since my dad and I are black I was scared I was trying to stay still, but I just  couldn’t. Turns out my Dad’s lights weren’t working and he just got a ticket. There was a time I wouldn’t get afraid like that, but that just proves we’re not safe anymore. While a White Cop kills an innocent man he is dead, but the cop just gets suspended off the Police Force.

One way I suggest fixing this problem is to talk to your men on the Police Force to not pull out your gun when you see a person of color. Instead only pull out your gun if they have a weapon. I have seen a Cop take down a drunk Black guy with a sharp bottle without pulling out a gun. That is what police should do help us not harm us, not to mention the Cop was white.

Please, New President of America do us all a favor and please try to solve this situation.


Photo by Elvert Barnes

Make Our Community A Better Place

Dear Future President,

I would like to congratulate to for being the next president. I would like to talk to you about an important issues in the United States.

The issue I am about to address is all of the police brutality that is happening to people of color. I think that is unfair to harm someone just because they aren’t white. People of color should be treated the same way as white people. I think that color doesn’t define us. Things that define us are are personality. Color is just a part of us it doesn’t mean we should be treated differently.

I have a feeling police are just taking advantage of their jobs and harming people for being innocent. Think about it like this, your family member is walking down the street and they are harmed because they are of color. I bet you will probably be devastated because they didn’t even cause harm or trouble.

Another issue I have is the problem about immigration. I think that immigrants decided to leave their country for a certain reason. You think that all immigrants are bad, but they are not they just want to get away from their troubles back at home. Yes some people do cause harm, but for the most part they just really want a better life. I think you should just give them a chance. I feel really strongly about this because last year my cousins immigrated from Colombia. Their reason was only so that they could be with their family. I know you think they are taking jobs, but really they are not. Like I have been saying they just want a better life.

If you would just make these changes this world could be so much better.




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We Need You

Dear Future President of the United States,

Before I say anything else, I would like to congratulate you for becoming the new president. I have a couple important issues from our country I would like to talk about with you.

The first issue I would like to discuss with you is about immigration. Not everyone that immigrates to America is a bad person. We all have our own reasons why we decided to immigrate to America, such as our home country was treating us badly or they were going through hard times. Even if they just like America, that’s a reason. Immigrants are just as important as American citizens.

The second issue I would like to discuss with you is about protecting our country. Our community needs to be safe. We don’t want terrorists, we don’t want bombs, we don’t want to feel unprotected, we don’t want to live in a community where we can’t feel safe. So many of our friends and family died because of terrorism. We need a president who will be a great leader and protect us, protect us from anymore family and friends losing their life.

I will promise you, that if you do these things to help our community, SO many people will respect you, much more than already do. Please help our country, we need a great leader, and I hope that’s you.




Please Help This World!

Dear Future President,

Congratulation for being the new President of the United States. Let’s get into business.

An important issue that I care about is about Black Lives Matter. I feel mad when people don’t change something that is important in people’s lives. How would you feel if somebody was going to kill you just because you are black? I would if I was president would make a change about that is happening. Let us try to see if they’re doing something that’s illegal you should arrest them, but don’t kill them. I think if you listen to this the effect will be less including with violence.

I think that another major issue is giving the homeless no place to sleep, eat, and have anybody for company.

I think we should let homeless people have a job because they need to earn money to see their family take care of pets and to let them have a good life. Let us try, to find extra jobs that people quit and let them have that job. We should pay to the homeless people 20.00 per hour because they really need it more than us or we could pay them 15.00. I think if this happens then they don’t need to ask people for money.


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Dear Future President to the United States,

Recently, people said that the United States should not allow any more immigrants to come into the U.S., which is a big problem. 

This is a big problem because people are coming to have a better life from their country that is fighting a war and people are right in the middle of it. 

All over the world countries are going to war and people don’t want to be in the middle of it so people are trying to make a new life. This is a serious problem for people that want to start a new life in the U.S.A like people from Mexico, and Africa.

There are 324,875,854 people who live in the United States so you should allow 200,000 immigrants to come into the United States



Dear Mrs. Clinton

Well first, if you become president, it’s gonna be lit! Girls run this world.I’m writing this letter because of the problems we are facing. They are very serious. They need to be stopped immediately.

Gentrification is a real problem happening in the urban community. I’ve seen it day in, day out that families are getting pushed out there homes and are having to go someplace else. This problem should be one of the top priorities, especially as it affects people all around the world. A solution that can possibly solve this is making sure that when rent is raised people’s benefits are raised as well. This way they can make ends meet as well.

Another problem that needs to be fixed is discrimination in the justice system. The whole world has watched so many people getting a slap on the wrist while being on trial for serious crimes. But if the tables were turned, it’ll be a whole didn’t kind of “slap on the wrist.” I feel as if the justice system is so corrupt and so many people try to make a change in that situation, but there is barely anyone that’ll have the ability to make a change that’ll be effective. A solution would be that there will be a judge with eyes for both sides, or just having people in power that’ll be FAIR to all, not just one specific group.

Civilian Drone Use

Drones should not be used by civilians because the technology is not regulated enough at this time to be safe for the general population.


Drones are already viewed negatively by the public.  As stated on the website, Phil for Humanity, “Civilian opinions about drones are typically negative, since they are viewed as an invasive force.” Civilians have heard about negative incidents that have occurred by private drone owners.  In one incident, a man shot down a drone that was flying over his daughters while they sunbathed.  Another negative incident with a drone was this summer in Montana.  Someone was flew a drone over a forest fire.  They had to shut down the fly zone, and the helicopters couldn’t fly over the fire to dump water on it.  These are examples of incidents caused by irresponsible drone pilots.  These incidents could have been avoided by implementing stricter regulations for civilian owned drones.


Irresponsible drone operators can make dangerous situations for manned aircraft.  The ease of operation allows the Average Joe to potentially cause a lot of damage with small drone.  The US and some European countries receive many reports each month of drones flying into commercial airspace.  If a drone were to hit the engine of an airplane, it would cause catastrophic failure.  Once again, irresponsible drone operators causing a potentially deadly hazard.  These kind of incidents are becoming all too common and they are a serious problem.


The current regulations on drones aren’t strict enough to keep people safe.  According to the LA Times, the only rules in effect are: “Don’t fly within five miles of an airport or in no-flight areas; don’t interfere with manned aircraft; and keep the drone in sight. Those who break the rules or hurt people face criminal and civil penalties.” Even with these regulations, it is too easy for people to put their drones in dangerous situations.  If they break these rules, it would be hard to enforce them because it’s difficult to locate the operator, especially if their drone is not registered.
Drones should not be available to the general public because there have already been too many cases of negligence with drones and we cannot afford any more potentially dangerous mistakes by unqualified drone operators. 


-Jace Aumueller

We Need Changes in Poverty, Income Inequality, and Health Care

Dear Next President:

I am a high school student that goes to Fremont High in Oakland California named Gabriel Cuevas, and I am 17 years old.  

Some of the problems that the United States has are poverty, low income, and how health care is restricted to some people. 

One way that we can start changing poverty is by having poor people live in communities that are made for them. We can rebuild old communities and tell the poor to get with people that they are confident that they want to live with in them. They can have running water they can have food that they can cook and they can start looking for a job then when they have enough money they can move out and let someone else into the house.

Another way we can change low income is if we raise the minimum wage higher and people will start to make more money and people will have money to pay bills rent and  not end up on the street looking for a little money so they can eat or let their family eat and they would not have to sleep on the cold floor.

The last way we can change in the United States is we can make health care for everyone not justify the ones that have money to pay or have health care from work. Some people don’t work cause they got laid off and they get sick in the time looking for a job that they want. Also people that are poor don’t have health care always get sick and do not want to go to the hospital and they end up dead and people don’t care because they only care about them self.

So if we do these changes to the United States we will make the United States a better place and people that live in would live better without poverty and low income and health care for everyone.


Gabriel Cuevas-Gomez


Photo by m.a.r.c.

We Can Save Ourselves

Look at the world now. Cars zipping past, many hundreds at a time, all chugging down on the gasoline we feed them. Power plants coughing up a concoction of gases that choke the air up to fill our extreme demands. Now expand the scales – a city, a town, a state, a country, a world. We use so much fossil fuels to power our lives that it is going to cause problems in the very near future.

But there is a way we might be able to fix this, if only we continue to support it and expand its reaches. Renewable energy. And we can start improving what we have here already. The US Department of Energy has already stated in an article that wind energy has now become the fastest growing source of power in the US, with supplying 43% of the energy generation capacity in 2012, and many states are depending on a sizable amount of their energy from wind. 

In the Today In Energy article by the US Energy Information Administration, they have shown that CO2 emissions that are energy related has been the lowest in the first 6 months of 2016 since 1991. The means that we are using less fossil fuels such as coal. Meaning less carbon emissions and a growing use of renewable energy sources. Even with the temporary spike in petroleum use, energy from hydroelectric and wind plants are on the rise and are supposed to be a larger part of the energy producers in 2016.

Look at this. Look at what we have, what we have done, and what we can do in the future. With such a significant rise in such clean energy here in the US, we can help promote this worldwide. We don’t need to keep using products that will run out soon and at the same time hurt us. We can help push for the change. We can save this place, if we can only work together. If only we can understand how big this is to us and saving the planet. My home. Your home. Our world.


This Kind of Discrimination Is Okay?


Millions of people travel through U.S. international airports each year for tourism, visiting relatives, business, and other reasons.  Yet, when traveling, many of these people experience trouble or hostility when entering America.  A high percentage of these people are foreigners — some of them tourists, others immigrants.  Foreigners are often treated differently and with suspicion when going through airport customs and immigration.  This issue is called Discriminatory Immigration, and many people, such as those interviewed in this article, have come forward to share their experience. I have a unique, personal perspective on this because one of my parents is a U.S. citizen, but the other is a legal resident (green card holder).  My experience through customs and immigration varies tremendously depending on which parent I go through immigration with (I have the option to go through either line because I currently have dual citizenship).  But why should this be the case?

Image Citation: Wikimedia Commons

At customs, there are two lines: one for U.S. citizens, and another for aliens, or those who do not have American citizenship.  At the head of the “alien” line is a cold, demeaning officer.  The official often asks harsh questions, assumes that everyone can speak English fluently, and never smiles.  But at the head of the American line, the officer will most likely address you with a ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir’, ask how you are doing, and let you pass without any trouble.  The officers for those lines are not  necessarily warm, but they are certainly more friendly than the officers for the “alien” line.  Those entering or re-entering without American citizenship are more likely to be held up for extra questioning or inspection as well.   Of course, sometimes there are safety and security reasons why officials legitimately stop people to check them over more thoroughly, but there is also the assumption that foreigners pose a threat to America, as cited in this article.  I realize that all countries probably show more respect to their own citizens than to non-citizens, but the difference should not be as drastic as I have experienced it to be.

They Are People Too

This political season has been very nerve-wracking in terms of candidates and their policies. While watching the news I always see the debates on tv between politicians about LGBT+ rights. There are some politicians who believe they are worth fighting for and some believe they aren’t like one person in particular mentioned in this article.  I wonder to myself about why is this an issue. After all they are humans with feelings the government should respect. The only differences are their gender identity and  sexual orientation. Why should that be of anyones concern? They should be able to marry, stay, and have children with anyone they choose. Everyone is different, no one person is the same. That is what makes the United States unique.

There is so much hate towards the LGBT+ community because they are “different”. They aren’t “normal”. Those two words are the reasons why there are hate crimes on the rise. LGBT+ community members just want to live a normal life like the rest of us but they can’t. They listen to abuse and they take bullets just because they are “different”. Why can’t this change? Why can’t people live together accepting everyones right to be happy? According to this article these are these are the changes we need in order to help the the LGBT+ society. The constitution does not state that being bisexual, gay, or transgender is wrong or a crime. The first amendment does state however, the freedom of press, petition, speech, assembly, religion offered to all citizens. These rights should aren’t denied to them based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  People can express themselves however they choose under the constitution. The government is meant to protect the people not be against the people. They should find ways to help the LGBT+ community live safe and happy lives.

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The importance of Healthcare

     During seventh grade, I was in and out of the hospital with  a MRSA infection in my ankle. I know from first hand that there needs to be a cure for MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). I care about this political topic because I lost my foot to this and have used a prosthesis to walk ever since my foot was amputated. Having a prosthesis has for sure been a learning experience, but I try to make the best out of it. In the article, “Experimental antibiotic treats deadly MRSA infection,” by Robin Lally is finding an antibiotic (TXA709) that destroys the protein, FtsZ. Rutgers University is trying to kill this protein because it helps the bacteria in MRSA to stay alive. A MRSA infection makes more bacteria inside a host cell, and eventually invades other cells in the body. In another article, “New antibiotic to fight MRSA developed,” by Oklahoma University shows how they have developed another antibiotic to attack the bacteria that is found in MRSA. Finding a cure for MRSA would be a huge medical breakthrough in science.

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Political Parties: What should we do?

In George Washington’s presidential farewell address, he asked of the American people what seemed to be a rather simple task: do not form political parties. Now we find ourselves in the midst of a heated election, driven by a bipartisan system. This has been one of the messiest if not the messiest election cycle ever. The two main parties, Democratic and Republican, each are falling apart in different ways. The Republicans have nominated a candidate who half of their own party despises. Meanwhile, the Democrats have had leaked emails exposing corruption within the party. Recent polls have shown that approximately twenty-six percent of the nation identify as democrats and twenty-nine percent as republican. Over forty percent identify as independents. There is no question that the dual party system is failing. The question is whether we should let the parties die, or even hurry it along.

One can argue either way. On one hand, the parties act as a basis of support and funding for a candidate. The party also allows for a network of similar minded people working together for general common goals they set forth during their respective conventions. This gives citizens a general idea of each candidate. However, this can also lead to people voting based on party, not the qualifications or individual ideas of candidates. Each party’s’ nominee does not necessarily line up exactly with the overall goals of the party. They may differ drastically on certain issues important to voters.

A major issue with our current system in the U.S. is how little recognition third parties receive. A variety of voices and opinions are an essential aspect of any democracy. The number of undecided voters in this election is unusually high. The problem is that many don’t realize there are other options because the bipartisan system has suppressed other voices. The Commission on Presidential Debates is often considered to be a non-partisan group. This is not true. They are a bi-partisan group. The requirements for being in a presidential debate include polling at fifteen percent. This criterion is almost impossible for third-parties to reach, even with two main party candidates as hated as these. Third parties are not getting an equal say and therefore democracy is being hindered.

There are both pros and cons to political parties. I accept and recognize that. However, I struggle to see any advantage to a bi-partisan system where any other voices are rarely heard. In the future, we as a country need to move away from that system and towards one where a variety of ideas are shared equally. So, what can we do? What should we do?

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Trash Talking from our Candidates

There is a huge, monumental issue with our candidates for the presidential election this year. All opinions on issues, political topics, or ideas aside, we are dealing with complete and total jerks. Neither of them can stay focused on a real issue long enough to let us know how they feel without jumping on the other candidate and going straight for the neck as described in this article by Eliza Collins.

But possibly the worst thing to come out of this is the fact that Trump, when accused of something, starts to throw personal insults at his accusers, this article by Jose A. DelReal and Sean Sullivan goes further in depth into this.  This is not the way a President can behave and is not a sign of good leadership. This is a problem that definitely needs to be addressed if one of these people is going to become the leader of the free world, or we’re surely doomed.

Another problem with this year’s candidates is their background, they have both done so many questionable things before running for election and the presidency that it will cause many bumps in the road for them in coming weeks and months. With Trump’s comments and recordings that are coming out, Hillary’s email scandal and prior office-bungles, this will cause a huge sense of distrust between voters and the candidates.

Our political system here in the United States needs a reworking. It is not representative of the voters wants and needs and is solely for pushing agendas. We need a change quick, as this is not the world I want to inherit when I’m old enough.




The Transgender/Bathroom Debate

Last weekend I attended a wedding, and one of the brides made an announcement that drew my attention. She said that the guests were free to use either bathroom, based on which one they were comfortable with. And what struck me even more was she said, “And if you’re uncomfortable, deal with it, because transgender people are uncomfortable facing this issue every day.” As a non-transgender person, she’s right: I never have to think about that when I walk into a bathroom, but for the thousands of transgender people out there, they do.

The article, “Transgender people should use bathroom of gender they identify as, US urges” says, “A person who identifies as a man should be permitted to use men’s bathrooms, and a person who identifies as a woman should be permitted to use women’s restrooms.” I completely agree. In my opinion, this topic should simply be common sense. Everyone deserves to live freely without discrimination. Why do we deserve the authority to restrict people from being comfortable living as the gender they choose?

On the other hand the article, “The imaginary predator in America’s transgender bathroom war” quotes those on the opposing side who say: “Male perverts and pedophiles disguised as women (faux transgender people) will troll women’s bathrooms and sexually assault our wives and daughters.” Frankly, I find this thought to be absurd. If someone is actually a pervert, they’re not going to let those tiny bathroom signs determine if they’re going to be a pervert or not. Transgender people aren’t entering bathrooms in an attempt to assault people, they’re entering bathrooms to use the bathroom as the gender they’re comfortable with. If you still disagree with me and find it uncomfortable to share bathrooms with transgender people, then the only advice I have for you is to just maybe not use public restrooms.

Cost of College Exceeding Realistic Prices

As I am approaching the next chapter of my life, which in my case is college, I have become more aware of the extreme financial expense to attend a university. I am lucky enough to be in a situation where I can afford to continue my schooling through loans and savings, but I know of other people who will miss out on this opportunity simply because they can not afford it. This seems unfair to me. Every person should have the chance to go to college if they please. Due to the high costs, college is becoming harder and harder to afford for most people. I believe that in order for this issue to be solved, new legislature must be passed setting a price limitation on some universities. The legislature would also increase taxes in order to cover some of the cost of college for people who are not able to pay on their own. This issue has recently been discussed in the upcoming election by both the democratic and republican nominees, but was more heavily focused on by Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders gives us insight into his idea for reform and how to pay for it in his article “How Bernie pays for his proposals” on his website. In an article called “The Affordability of College,” by Assemblyman Will Barclay, Barclay writes about the growing debt of college students as a result to the increase in college costs. These two articles help to showcase the fact that college prices are only going to continue to grow if something is not done soon to stop it.

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It’s a lie

Dear Future President, 

I am currently a student at Fremont High School in Oakland, California.  

I am a senior here and I’m not yet old enough to vote. I am hoping you can change that so that future seniors can vote as well nationwide. 

Well first I would like to congratulate you for your success on being the next president of the United States of America and I hope you will hear out all the people of the nation and not be biased to race we are all over that. We the people are who make America we have the power to turn this whole thing around and kick you out of the White House. 

Also remember we people of color don’t like racism and will not tolerate any of that so keep that in mind we will stand together. Also, make some major changes that will benefit all of us Americans like help out schools.

I mean look at my high school. I always thought high school was going to be one of those high schools that appear in white movies, but that’s all a lie to us in this.

Please help improve schools and offer work during school for upperclassmen and after graduation and for those who drop out help them start a job or have them go through a program that will help them out.

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CPS is not Enough!

Dear Next President of the United States of America:

While there are many things that I think are important to work on nationally, I’m going to ask you to consider the following two topics to really focus on.

The first topic I am going to write about is the health care and general well-being of LGBT people. There are many cases of LGBT youth being abused physically, mentally, and emotionally by unaccepting parents, and CPS can not or will not do anything to help these children.  

There are many cases of LGBT youth being abused physically, mentally, and emotionally by unaccepting parents, and CPS Insurance Services can not or will not do anything to help these children.  

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Hillary and My Hope

Dear Hillary Clinton, the nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election:

My name is San Ly, a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland.  I have been in the US for three years. I’m hoping for you to be the next president leading the United States when I get to the point becoming US citizen. 

You’re the best confirmation to prove that not only males could be a part of the US’s government. You have been spent your whole life working in politics. No one can deny the succeed that you have achieved by receiving the most votes in 2016 Democratic primaries.

You favor allowing pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, planning to raise income, expanding and protecting LGBT and women’s rights, which are helpful and willing to help people who are struggling with their problems.

Wish the best things for you.

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Why did the Zadroga Act take 14 years?

Dear Future President,  

In my life, I have found that there is a lot of evil in this world. It’s easy to get wrapped up in it if you forget to look for the good too. On September 11, 2001, one of the worst tragedies in America took place. This attack was devastating beyond words, but when catastrophes happen, we must still move on. The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act came out of this horrible event and brought hope to America. We are a nation that is united, and we should do everything we can to help the people who protect that.

Now I realize that this was mostly in Congress’ power, but having your voice in these bills, can make a difference. I have no doubt that tragedy will strike again in America. What you do afterwards matters. Yes, you can a make uniting speech to America to show you care, but your words mean nothing without action. This bill, while good, took too long to pass and be fully effective.  According to Forbes, the bill took fourteen years to pass for permanent health care and compensation for the 9/11 responders (Sola).

Over 72,000 responders and their families will receive what they are due because of this bill. They should have had this relief much sooner. In conclusion, America is going through many struggles. I challenge you to challenge congress. Solutions need to come faster if we want to progress in America. As president, you are given the power to make a change; use it. Focus on the  good you can do for this world, and make it happen.