Author: Tala

Leaving The Nest

Child, if you leave me, you should know that the world is cruel.

You will come back running to your mama just like before.

Come back to me before I am nevermore.

Stay by my side and abide by my rule.

After all, you will always be my crowning jewel.

If you leave, I may not be here anymore.

Please do not fight and make this a chore.

You may think you are all grown, but you only finished high school.


The world is calling to me, mama I must go.

I want to make a difference and there is a lot to do.

There is a lot out there that I would like to know

And you may not believe me, but I grew.

Mama, I know that it’s not always safe but I cannot always follow.

It is about time that I left the nest and flew.