Child, if you leave me, you should know that the world is cruel.

You will come back running to your mama just like before.

Come back to me before I am nevermore.

Stay by my side and abide by my rule.

After all, you will always be my crowning jewel.

If you leave, I may not be here anymore.

Please do not fight and make this a chore.

You may think you are all grown, but you only finished high school.


The world is calling to me, mama I must go.

I want to make a difference and there is a lot to do.

There is a lot out there that I would like to know

And you may not believe me, but I grew.

Mama, I know that it’s not always safe but I cannot always follow.

It is about time that I left the nest and flew.

  1. Kendra 3 years ago

    Dear Tala
    I am loving your poem about leaving the nest because I relate. I have been in the same situation that you have and feel the same exact way.

  2. Muhammad 3 years ago

    Dear Tala,
    You did a good job.

  3. Kendall 3 years ago


    Thank you for posting this poem here. I was wondering if this was an In the Style Of poem? If so, who inspired this writing? A source would be much appreciated. I enjoyed this piece of writing!

  4. Nia 3 years ago

    Dear Tala,

    I truly loved you poem. You story describes a mother point of view . This reminds me of my mother and how she chatters on and on to me. As college approaches I feel as if I am grown but this poem helped me realizes that my mother is trying to help me as much as he can .

  5. john 3 years ago

    Dear Tala
    I enjoyed your poem. This poem, I think everyone can agree including me, can relate. People suffer from the smothering and love their mothers give. Their so used to taking care of our every need it gets hard, for them to hear that you don’t.

  6. Deshone 3 years ago

    Dear Tala:

    I am very interested by your Leaving The Nest Article. I am interested in it because it describes a mother and child’s experience when a child leaves the nest. One sentence that stands out to me is “If you leave, I may not be here anymore.” this sentence stood out to me because its basically saying when the child leaves the mother will feel empty inside. Another sentence that stood out to me is “You may think you are all grown, but you only finished high school.” this sentence stands out to me because just cause a child graduates high school does not mean they are grown. Your article reminds me of situations with my mom and her letting me grown up. My mom was very excited when i got my first job, but didnt want me to stop needing her. She also didnt want me to be on my own and make unresponsible decisions. She end up getting over here fear of letting me go and accepted the fact that i was growing up. Thanks for your writing. i look forward to seeing what you write next time time because i look forward to reading about more similar life like events. I can relate to this article so i will be coming back for more articles i can relate to.

  7. jasminerasul 3 years ago

    Dear talla,
    i am very touched by your poem leaving the nest because i can relate. I was a very busy child and wanted venture in to the world and expierience things. One Sentence that stands out to me is , ” I want to make a difference there is a lot to do”. I like this stanza because it reminds me of myself. Another sentence that stood out for me is , “its about time i left the nest and flew” because i like how they used a different way of saying growing up and going out on your own. Your poem reminds me of the younger me. Thanks for your writing. i look forward to seeing what you write next, because i think you have a true gift.

  8. Jimmy 3 years ago

    Tala, I really enjoyed your piece of writing and thank you for sharing it with the world. This piece really speaks to me as our parents who have been watching over us these past 18 years are slowly fading out of our lives. We are approaching the end of high school and the beginning of our individualism. To truly discover ourselves we must learn to let go but not forget the impact our parents had on us. For now we must better mold our minds and open barriers we may have once had under our own guidance.

  9. Vail 3 years ago

    Great poem! Very relatable being a senior in high school. I’m excited to have more freedom but I understand that at the same time I have to be safe, smart, and responsible.

  10. April 3 years ago

    Dear Tala
    I am very touched by your poem because I feel like the only thing kids want these days is to grow up, and be able to set their own rules. However little do they know that with this comes great responsibility. One thing you said that stands out for me is “If you leave, I may not be here anymore” The reason this quotes stands out for me is because once you move out of your parents house everything from food, rent to expenses is up to you. Also, there’s nothing more comforting than coming home to your parents. Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I would love to read more touching poems!

  11. Marcus 3 years ago

    Heeeeeey Tala,

    This one is my favorite poem from you haha! I think we are all in the same situation with our parents, because hey, college is right across the road for us , seniors, and we all know how painful and difficult for our parents is to let their kid go out and explore the world.

    WIsh you the best.

    xoxo 😀

  12. Rylan 3 years ago

    Hey Tala,
    Nice post! This really puts things into perspective as the seniors (myself included) are getting ready to head off to college or whatever they plan on doing next.

    Rylan Rawson

  13. Autumn 3 years ago

    Hi Tala,
    I loved your poem and how you rhymed at the end of each line in different patterns. I also loved your theme, it really relates to me as I am preparing to go off to college and my mother sounds just like the mom in this poem. She still wants me to be her little girl and I keep telling her it’s time to let me go out and experience things on my own.

  14. MacKenzie 3 years ago

    Hello Tala
    I loved reading your poem. I really can relate to the younger person talking to there mother. I think this is a conversation that my mother and I have had countless times. I think that as college grows closer and closer some parents try to hold on more and more. Parents are conflicted on weather to let there child go and become an adult or hold on and keep the young for as long as possible. Parents worry that there child is going to get hurt. I feel like any mom or dad will try to protect them from getting hurt in the really world. No matter old how we are, even when we have are own kids, our parents will still see us as that five year old that ran after the ice cream truck or the teenager crying after there first heartbreak. We will forever be there child.

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