Fast food restaurants are known for their unhealthy, greasy, tasty food and because so fast and cheap everyone seems to love it.  Yet people are reaching out to certain chains for a change in the food because of the unhealthy proportions and options.  The director of Mc Donald’s Cindy Goody is “responsible for providing accurate and timely nutrition information to McDonald’s customers.”  She has been interviewed and claimed that over the past few years Mc Donald’s has been working towards integrating more healthy options for the costumes.

People still are concerned about the food they are be served.   Fast food chains may claim it’s creating more healthy options but how does anyone truly know.  “Adding healthy options may make people feel better about eating at McDonald’s, but those “healthy” options could still have a lot of sugar, sodium and fat. ”  It is clearly important to push for a healthy lifestyle which would involve avoiding fast food chains as often as possible.




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  1. Kenzie 2 years ago

    I definitely do agree with you on how it is questionable on how healthy fast food restaurants are really becoming but hopefully in the future a wider variety of actually healthy options will be available.

  2. Autumn 2 years ago

    Hello Skylar,
    I find it interesting that McDonald’s, as well as other popular fast food places are starting to make healthier options. I have to agree with you though, on how do we know if they are truly making things all that much healthier. I personally almost never go to a fast food restaurant, as I always feel gross after eating at them. I really hope they truly start to make healthier options because I would definitely go to them for fast healthy food.

  3. Naomi 2 years ago

    Hi Skylar!

    Its promising that popular fast food chains are trying to integrate “healthier” options, but did you know that these items can be higher in calories than a burger or Chicken McNuggets? I researched a similar topic recently, and realized that these “healthy” foods are really quite misleading. If your interested, you should read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, it was really helpful and opened my eyes to what many of us are really eating.


  4. Rylan 2 years ago

    I wonder how much the cost of healthier food plays into the equation. The reason I am curious about this is because I want to know if it is the cost of the food that deters chains from selling healthier food options or if the healthier food options simply do not sell very much.

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