Posted by Abraham on February 25, 2017

Drugs affecting children and parents

Abraham Paez

Period 4





Imagine a child’s safety in danger because of their parents using an illicit amount of drugs.

This is important because the children will be in danger all the time since their parents will not have control over their body and actions. Their parents won’t be able to control their movements since they are going to be permanently damaged by drugs. Therefore, drugs are being abused by parents and this is affecting their children.

Firstly, it is clear that parents are abusing drugs and hurting their children physically. This matters because the children are in danger of being hurt or even being killed. Children should not be experiencing physical abuse by their parents because if they get traumatized they will most likely grow up to be like their parents and hurt their children. This can be stopped if the parents get help but the parents would most likely not get help because they will do whatever they want.

Secondly, parents who use drugs also can hurt their children emotionally if they make them feel not worthy when on drugs. In an article called “How Does Parental drug Abuse Affect Children” it explains, “Parents who abuse substances often experience severe mood swings leaving children to be unsure as to how mom or dad will be feeling/reacting on any given day”. This matters because it is not good that parents treat their children disrespectfully. If parents are aware that they have mood swings every time they consume drugs. This is also important because children will be influenced badly and will not be educated when they grow up.

In conclusion, children don’t have to be abused for the mistakes the parents make. Parent’s should be more mature and they should think before they act. If children are being abused they should talk to an adult they know will help them and treat them with respect.