The connection that I can see in the book and in my world today is that its chaotic in both. For me there is a lot of things that play into me viewing the worlds chaos but i’m just going to focus on one, TRUMP. He ties into the book because in the book the government uses coercion to keep the people in that society ignorant by burning books that aren’t approved(which are only a few)..also they consented but that’s irrelevant to what i’m trying to address: that Trump and his cabinet is trying to do the same exact thing! Trump and his cabinet is trying to take funding out of public schools and put it into charter, private, and religious schools. And when they say religious they mean Catholic/Christian, not a Muslim or Jewish school or any other religions. Anyways Trump and his cabinet is trying to put even more systems in place to keep people of minorities down because lets be honest the majority(*not all) of people in private schools are not minorities..their are a lot more minorities in charter schools and catholic schools in the US than in private schools. But regardless they are trying to take away the most powerful thing people of minorities can use to their advantage to lift them up KNOWLEDGE/EDUCATION. Instead of lifting the playing field and making things more equal they want to make a bigger gap and a bigger division.


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  1. Nina 4 years ago

    Dear Mica,

    Thank you for your very energized post. I could feel your emotions as I read and your opinions about our current state. I really agreed with you around the importance of education and how our current government is really using coercion to disempower large ground of people in this country. One thing however that took away from your argument was some of your capitalization errors, especially with “I” Thank you again and I look forward to reading what you write next.

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