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Nice to see you guys again. In this article, I will be connecting a novel I have recently read, “Fahrenheit 451” By Ray Bradbury, to 2017. “Fahrenheit 451” is a novel that explains how the citizens in their world fear books. They say that “A book is as dangerous as a loaded gun”, which sounds pretty strange if you ask me. In the book, there have been a whole lot of examples of hegemony. “Whats hegemony?”, you ask? Well hegemony is when political, ideological, or cultural power is influenced by a dominant group over other groups. Some specific tools of hegemony that I found in “Fahrenheit 451” were Coercion and Consent. I hope you enjoy my post.

To start off, on Page 24, Captain Beatty, Guy Montag’s boss/manager, talked about a new gadget the government made. The name of the gadget was called “The Hound”. He said, “What, The Hound? It doesn’t like or dislike. It just functions. It’s like a lesson of ballistics. It has a trajectory we decide on for it. It’s only copper-wire, batteries, and electricity”(24). This quote connects to Coercion because, just like all the other civilians, it does what the government tells it to do. The people should do something about their lives because now that the government is starting to use technology as their way of enforcing laws, those who want to feel liberated will have more of a harder time reaching their goal. Police Brutality is a good connection to this quote because the police officers who have killed innocent people are like “The Hound”, they do what they’re told to do and nothing else.

Moving on, when Captain Beatty was talking to Guy and Mildred, he said, “Ask yourself,what do we want in this country, above all?”(56). This quote instantly caught my attention because this is where the change starts. The quote was good and everything, but what if each person wants a different thing. This can lead to an argument. 2017 connects to this quote because there are some  groups of people who are coming together to try to make change. 

In conclusion, “Fahrenheit 451” By Ray Bradbury connects to 2017 they both experience hegemony.

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  1. Nina 3 years ago

    Dear Gerardo

    I really enjoyed your post “The Book and The Real World.” A line that really stood out to me was when you questioned the society’s ideological beliefs: “A book is as dangerous as a loaded gun.” Why do you think in the book, books are considered this dangerous. In our society today so you think there is something that is as dangerous as a loaded gun that our government or the people in power would like to burn and eradicate? I would love to hear more about your thoughts on this.

    Keep Writing!

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