To begin, the novel “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld connects to 2o17 because  they both involve with separation. In the book, they are separate by “pretties,” people who are 16 and older and has gotten their plastic surgery, or “uglies,” people who are about to turn 16 or younger and has not have their plastic surgery yet. The “pretties” has more freedom such as staying up late at night and going to parties unlike the “uglies” who has to sleep at a certain time and can’t go to parties. There is another group which are the “runaways,” people who escape the town and go somewhere because they think that having plastic surgery isn’t nessasary. All of these group connects to people who came here, the United States, to live here for a better place. The “pretties” are the people who has born here in the United States, the “uglies” are the people of color and are illgeal to be here in the United States, and lastly we have the “runways” who are the people of color who has move to the United States to live in a better place. Now they both have people who are separating people by who they are, “uglies” and “pretties” are being separated by the Special Circumstance and us people by races, we are being separated by Donald Trump. In conclusion, it is clear, the two societies are similar.

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  1. Nina 3 years ago

    Dear Julissa,

    Thank you so much for your comment and clear connection between 2017 and your novel. I really like how you broke down three sections of separation, and did not just talk about the Uglies and the Pretties because I agree that the Runaways are a group of people too. They are the people who live in the shadows and are often ignored, but are important too. In many ways they can be the “heros” and liberators by causing change from outside, which does begin to happen in your book.

    Look forward to reading what you write next. Have you thought about reading the sequel?

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